07 December 2012

Fired Off A Missive To ATF

Sebastian posted about it and encouraged us to write.  So I stole someone named J's comment and added some text of my own.  Walla!

With regards to the ATF Question of the month posted here:http://www.atf.gov/firearms/industry/
I completely disagree with the inclusion of any new language pertaining to the restriction of any type of ammunition commonly used for sporting purposes. The regulations in question are onerous enough as is.
The law in question was never intended to be applied to rifle ammunition that is adapted to "handgun" use later.
Further, said ammunition is not a problem in the real world with regards to officer safety; this is a purely speculative move on the presumption that someone, somewhere, someday MIGHT use such ammunition unlawfully.
Literally attempting to fix something that is not broken by breaking it. 
Signed,Angus McThag

Bet it has zero effect on what they do, but we have to try. 

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