11 December 2012

15 Questions For Atheists

If you really want to see them and responses, hit up Bing or Google.

I'm an atheist because I can't find the divine in anything I see.  Sorry.  I could accept that God made the world exactly as it appears, age and everything, via some miracle; but the scriptures I've read contraindicate that.

However no single agent made me doubt Christianity more than Boak Desmond (not sure how to spell his name).

He confronted our satan worship weekly at the ISU Memorial Union for almost a year.  We were playing table-top role playing games like Twilight 2000 and Traveller.  But to him they were all Dungeons and Dragons and therefore satan.

What he became was an object of ridicule for us in his fervent attempts to save our souls from damnation via six sided dice.

One confrontation is vivid.  We were doing our normal thing when he started and FuzzyGeff announces to the room that he'd recently discovered Faith too!  Desmond was overjoyed!

The joy was short lived as Geff led him down several points where their faiths agreed and the joy was destroyed when Geff exclaims, "Isn't it wonderful to be held to the bosom of Odin?"

"Odin?" Boak says?

"Yes!  May he strike us dead with lightning if I am lying!"

Geff delivered that line with such conviction that Boak actually glanced at the ceiling and looked nervous.

We also never saw him again.


  1. Yep, my problem with religion is that if divinity exists, its nature is by definition beyond our comprehension, even if it "lives" within us. I believe in divinity, essentially because I can't seem to NOT believe in it, but I don't flatter myself that I can understand it.

    Then again, as I was once told by a "devout" Christian, maybe my faith is a result of a bad case of indigestion, since I refuse to try to defend it with "known Truth." (His Truth, of course. Nobody else's was even allowed on the table.)

  2. Damn, all I ever did at the Memorial Union was bowl, play pinball and buy books. Never knew there were cool meetings to attend.


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