17 December 2012

Damage On The Nines

GURPS is kinda granular about damage...

Here's a listing of 9mm damages to illustrate.

.357 Magnum; 3d pi. (2d+2 pi in a snubby)  Avg. 10 (9)
.38 Super; 3d-1 pi.  Avg. 9
.357 SIG; 3d-1 pi.  Avg. 9
9x19mm; 2d+2 pi.  Avg. 9
9mm Browning Long; 2d+1 pi.  Avg. 8
9x18mm Makarov; 2d pi.  Avg. 7
.38 Special; 2d pi. (2d-1 pi in a snubby)  Avg. 7 (6)
.380 ACP; 2d-1 pi.  Avg. 6
.38 S&W; 2d-1 pi.  Avg 6

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