31 March 2011

Iran? I have readers in Iran?


Hello you six readers and or bots in Iran!

Having readers from the middle east is a bit odd.

Just to put it out there, I have nothing against the people of Iran.  Not fond of the leaders there; should there be a revolution that supplants the ayatollahs I hope our nations could be friends again.

My principle worry about Iran has more to with a kind of Islam that doesn't want to leave me be in peace.  I take that first amendment serious; freedom of all religions.  Even no religion and the freedom to change religion.


  1. I used to know some Iranians. They were really nice people.

  2. I knew a couple who were in the computer department at ISU. Great guys.

    I know a couple of Christian Iranians here too. Again, nice people.

    I really doubt that it's anyone I know reading from Iran.


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