29 March 2011

100 Years Since...

It has been 100 years since the M1911 was adopted by the US Army.

That was an impressive run.  But the M1911 didn't really last very long; just 13 years.  Most of the M1911's storied history is really with the M1911A1 which ran from 1924 to (officially) 1985.  Still, 74 years as the official issue side arm is pretty good.

Just 22 years to go before another Browning design has been in service for 100 years, the Ma Deuce (78 and counting).


Picture showing the big changes for those who don't already know them: (Credit to M1911.org)


  1. What's the advantage between the 1911 and the 1911A1? As far as I could ever tell, the changes were cosmetic.

  2. The trigger length and mainspring housing changes are ergonomic.


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