27 January 2007


"Easy, easy." The frigate slowly crept out from behind the rock that had been hiding us, the much larger cruiser had not seen us. Yet.

"Weapons! Fire as instructed!"
"Weapons away, running autistic." All sixteen missiles in the port launcher puffed gently away from our hull.

"Maneuvering, give me 20m NOW!" The main drive announced our presence as we accelerated to a bit more than two G. Tell-tales starting lighting on the damage board as the cruiser's lasers started cutting into the ablative foam over our all too thin armor.

The captain of the cruiser had obviously noticed that we were facing the opposite direction from his vector and we were going to be able to escape if he didn't maneuver. With his main drive dark and full streams from his maneuvering jets the big ship started to flip over end.

"Weapons, now!"
"Yessir!" A command is transmitted to the inert missiles. In a ripple, their motors light and they kamikaze into the side of the cruiser.
"No point defense fire, sir." Good, I think, they had their lasers columnated for shooting at us.

"Weapons, detonate and stand by, interceptor" I needn't have bothered, at least three of our weapons detonated from inside the enemy vessel, their small nuclear warheads ripping it almost in half. Normally concussion is not much of a factor, but with the ship's own atmosphere...

Two lessons; One, don't mess with the guy who builds your weapons, he knows more about what they can do than you do; Two never, ever get into a fight to the death with someone who's 135, if nothing else you know he's a survivor.

"Navigation, give us a plot to near Io, go light on the reaction mass. I'm going to my cabin for a bit, you have the con"
"Aye sir."

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