17 May 2007


I've been reading about the Presidential "Debates".

After reviewing the positions of the candidates from both sides; I WANT A "NONE OF THE ABOVE" OPTION!

I don't want any of them. I especially don't want to choose between New Yorkers. If ever there was a place irrelevant to my life, New York City would be it. It wouldn't be so bad if the place realized it was irrelevant. But New York acts as if they are the center of the universe and are the ONLY relevant place in the universe.

My life is irrelevant to a New York, I can accept that. I am not trying to shove it down their throats like they are trying to shove their crap down mine. I chose to live in Iowa and then Florida, in no small measure, because they were not New York.

You want to live in a place just like New York? You're in luck! There's a place, called New York, that's just like New York! Same for people who want to live in Los Angeles!

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