13 August 2007

2008 Corvette Things That Mess With Me

1. No door locks, per se. The door is opened when a stepper motor retracts the latch when signaled by a button. If the car is "locked" the buttons don't work.

2. Two gas tanks, one filler. This is actually familiar to me from the M1 Abrams, which uses almost exactly the same method of balancing the fuel in the rear cell.

3. Outside mirror is autodimming. Something I have been wishing for.

4. No keys to unlock the doors and no ignition key. Buttons! Buttons everywhere! The "key" fob has a teeny little transmitter that the car listens for. Once you are within a certain distance it shuts off the alarm and enables the door buttons. Once you are in the seat it enables the ignition button.

5. Memory power seat on the driver's side. Again, tied to the fob, the car senses which of the fobs is nearing the driver's door and adjusts the seat to one of two pre-set positions, it also adjusts the telescopic column.

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