16 October 2007

Let Us All Welcome The New Hotness

Thanks Mom. :(

16th-Oct-2007 05:17 pm (local)
16th-Oct-2007 05:23 pm (local)
Its my work desktop background. I work for a car company anyway. :)
17th-Oct-2007 09:09 am (local)
The finest compliment so far!
16th-Oct-2007 05:50 pm (local)
Ve-ry nice. How fast does it go?
17th-Oct-2007 09:08 am (local)
It goes to plaid.
17th-Oct-2007 12:01 am (local) - pool
Also, how many times did you get pulled over on the way home?
17th-Oct-2007 09:09 am (local) - Re: pool

I know! It's amazing!
17th-Oct-2007 06:37 pm (local) - Re: pool
No pull overs, insurance is bad enough without tickets. Oh wait, I'm the one that gets the tickets. Gotta love me.


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