16 May 2011

The Cops, Again.

I tell you, one might start thinking I am opposed to law and order.

I am not.

I strongly and deeply believe in the rule of law over the rule of man.

The recent Indiana State Supreme Court Ruling is not rule of law, it's rule of man, specifically rule of cop.

They say that a cop can unlawfully enter a house and the legal resident cannot resist.

What the fuck happened to the gorram fourth amendment?  I know where we lost this fight; when we allowed the cops to enter under the limited circumstances of "probable cause" without a warrant.  Look how that limited exception to getting a warrant has turned out.

Used to be the police needed a warrant to enter without the resident's permission.  No warrant, no entry, period.

I will put it here, again.  If you are a police officer, come to the door, ring and/or knock, wait a reasonable amount of time for me to register that there's someone at the door for the hour you're knocking, when I answer; tell me you are the police, with a warrant, I will call 911 and ask them your name, if it matches, I unlock and open the door and you get to waste time on a fruitless search for whatever it is you think is here.

And nobody gets shot or punched!

Knock that door down and I will shoot any son of a bitch coming through it, warrant or not.  I'll die in the responding fusillade, but I doubt I will be alone because the go-to gun is capable of punching most body armor.  Just remember, it doesn't have to be that way, KNOCK.

Along this same line of thought is a video about a cop who had to shoot the perp attempting to beat him up and take his gun.  Good shoot officer! clearly in this case.  What I object to in this case is the commentator introducing the spot applauds the officer's "warrior spirit".  If there is one group of people who should not have a "warrior spirit" it is law enforcement.  The mentality of a warrior or soldier is distinct and different from that of a policeman; blurring that line or eliminating it will not end well; nor is it playing out well.

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