09 December 2016

Gluten Free

I discovered, reading the cans of beans and tomatoes that they are gluten free.

No shit, Sherlock.

There's no wheat or close relative thereof in beans or tomatoes.

Nor in the hamburger or the sausage.  Although gluten may have been used in the production of the beef and pork.

Nor in the peppers or the onions.

I really think we only need to brag about the lack of gluten in products that you wouldn't readily suspect it to be there.  Like fake meat.

But to label things that don't have and have never had gluten in them is virtue signaling to me.


Chili has beans.  Those who say otherwise suck cock by choice.  NTTAWWT


Webcomics live on getting clicks and hoping those clicks turn to purchases of physical goods like shirts, mugs, compilation books... etc.

Because they live on those clicks, the authors should avoid making political statements in their little blogs they have at the bottom of the page that have nothing to do with the comic.

It turns (some) readers off.

Having been turned off by a couple three comics, I noticed something.

I don't need to read them.  My not reading a comic has no measurable detriment to my life.

My not reading a comic, however, does have a small, but measurable, effect on the comic.  If I don't share that comic with friends, they might not discover it, denying it clicks and future business.  If my friends are also offended by the political posturing, they too will stop clicking.

In short, a business needs customers, don't drive them away.

The More Complicated You Make It The Easier It Is To Gum Up

The Precious was giving me the security light on the dash.

This is a singularly uninformative indicator.

To quote page 2-18 of the owner's manual:

Theft-Deterrent System
Your vehicle is equipped with a theft-deterrent alarm system. 
With this system, the security light will flash when the door is open and locked with the with the power door lock switch. 
If this light is on continuously while the engine is running, your car needs service.
"Car needs service" is GM Owner's Manual code for "take it to someone with a Tech2 Scanner.

The only other mention of the light is on page 3-47:

Security Light 
For information regarding this light and the vehicle’s security system, see Theft-Deterrent System on page 2-18
Th th the th theah that's all folks!

Mine was coming on solid when I entered the car and when I shut off the car.  If it was on while I was in the car, the doors wouldn't open.  But a restart and shutdown would free the doors and shut off the light.

Turns out, this is a harbinger that the battery in the keyless-entry is going dim.  Could Chevy be troubled to suggest checking the battery in the fob?  Heck no, they couldn't even be bothered to describe the activity of the light I was observing.

08 December 2016

Damn You 2016

John Glenn has left earth for the last time.

Unlike all the other Mercury 7, I got to see Mr Glenn launch.  In the shuttle (STS-95), I watched the launch from the parking lot at work, with everyone else.

We'll just ignore his career as a senator for form's sake.

Iron Sighted Muskets

Top to Bottom, clones of:  Early M16, Mid M16A1, M16A2.  The slings show a progression too, from Garand type cotton M1 to the "seatbelt" nylon M1 to the black nylon M1.  It's amusing to an extent that they are ALL "Sling, M1" but though the materials change, the part number doesn't.  They're a use until expended and replace with whatever supply sends.

These are the USGI issued M16's with iron sights.  I tend not to count the M16A3 because it's a selector difference from the M16A2.  The M16A4 is the flat-top and thus ended the iron-sight era in the US Marine Corpse Corps.  Now that America can be great again, I must learn to say Corps like core again.

They are an interesting progression of vintage content as well.  Charlotte, the M16 is nearly entirely vintage with the exception of the lower receiver and fire control group.  Tabitha, the M16A1 has vintage furniture, upper receiver and flash-hider.  Andrea, the M16A2 is entirely new construction.

100% Gun From An 80% Lower

Got my lower back from Freedom Finishing today!

Next time I do one of these I have to remember to have it sand-blasted.  That'd make the finish more matte.

And with the rest of the parts to make it a real firearm instead of just a legal one.

Now I need to stencil A23 on the buttstock to complete the cloning of "my" rifle.

Facts And Theory

Facts and Theory

Your correspondent, Mr. Porter, asks what is the difference between a Fact and a Theory. This was not a question much asked in the 19th century, when the difference was clear, but the certitude with which many Theories have been repeated in the Late Modern Age give them many of the appearances of Facts, so the question does now need some clarification.
Basically, there is a three-layer cake in science: Facts, Laws describing regularities in the Facts, and Theories that provide a narrative explanation from which the Laws may be deduced and the Facts predicted. (Especially, New Facts.) 

1. Facts.
Mr. Heinlein once said that Facts are “self-demonstrating; but this isn’t true. Fact comes fromfactum est, “that which has the property of having been accomplished,” “something done”; cognate with feat. This is clear in German: Tatsache, “deed-matter.” Down to Jane Austen’s time, the expressions “in fact” and “indeed” were used interchangeably.
In modern terms, a Fact is a product produced by a measurement process and in general two distinct processes will produce two distinct sets of results. For example, there are at least two ASTM-approved methods for measuring the coefficient of friction of packaging materials. One uses an inclined plane and translates the tangent of the angle at which the package begins to slide into its CoF; the other employs a dynanometer to pull the package and translates the Force at which the package begins to slide horizontally into the CoF. The same package, tested by each of the two methods, will in general return two different values. In other words, there is no such thing as the coefficient of friction. There is only the result of applying a specified method of measurement.
I recollect a situation, lo, these many years ago, when we discovered that the thickness of an aluminum can depended on the technician who measured it. Tech B consistently obtained thinner sidewall measurements, even when measuring the same can. The reason, as it turned out, was that she thought the micrometer was a C-clamp and screwed the barrel as tight as she could. But unlike steel, aluminum is compressible; so….
Dictionary definitions are often of little help in the practical problem of actually producing the measurement; and whether a measurement meets a requirement or not may depend on how that measurement has been defined operationally. In another case, a dimension on a beverage can lid was measured differently by ourselves and by our customer. Both gauges gave the same result on the gage block, but different results on the lids. The customer’s gauge was hand-held and the part dangled vertically from the pin. Our gauge was mounted vertically on a granite block and the part sat in a “nest” holding it at a certain angle. We were not actually measuring the same dimension, and the difference was enough to put one set of measurements out of specification and the other set in.
Even so simple a problem as determining the diameter of a pipe is fraught with questions. A pipe has infinitely many diameters, so in practice we can only take a sample of them. So how many diameters will we measure? At which locations on the pipe? Shall we use a pair of calipers or some other instrument? Will we report the mean of these diameters? The median? The extremal average? Far too many folks show a touching faith in the reliability of measurements. Hence the straight-faced reporting of political opinion polls and who has gained or lost ground since yesterday. What does the GNP mean when it includes not only the tons of steel poured but also the gallons of martinis poured? It’s not that combining these figures means nothing, John Lukacs once wrote, but that it might not mean what you think it does. Can we legitimately add values for manufacturing and for service? What about popular vote totals for States with different rules for eligibility? Or temperatures for Anchorage and New Orleans?
Now throw in questions of accuracy, precision, linearity, reproducibility, and stability of the measurement process. 

2. Laws.
Regularities in the Facts are called Laws, preferably stated in the privileged language of mathematics — Euclidean geometry in the case of Newton, or differential equations in the case of Maxwell. For example: that a body moving under uniform acceleration will cover the same distance as a body moving at the mean velocity during the same time was demonstrated by Nicholas Oresme using Euclidean geometry in the 14th century. But the thing to remember is that Laws are descriptive, not causative. Objects do not fall because of the Law of Gravity; rather the Law of Gravity simply describes how they fall. 

3. Theories.
A Theory finally is a story we tell ourselves so that the Facts and Laws “make sense.” From the story you can deduce the Laws and predict the Facts. More importantly, you can predict New Facts that were not used in developing the Theory in the first place. To the instrumentalists, that is all they need to do. They need not be True in any cosmic sense. In fact, any finite body of facts can support multiple theories that can account for them. There are today several theories that account for the facts of quantum mechanics: Copenhagen, standing wave, multiple worlds, transactional. (They are called “interpretations” for some reason.) This Duhem-Quine Theorem in Logic is what lies at the root of falsification mania. There is always more than one way to skin a cat, and more than one theory to explain a fact. Sometimes a new Fact can blow a well-established Theory clean out of the water. The Ptolemaic model explained the motions of the heavens tolerably well since the second century. (Motion around an epicycle around a deferent is mathematically equivalent to motion on an ellipse.) And the Aristotelian physics on which it was based had stood even longer. But when the phases of Venus were discovered by Lembo and others (all within the same month!) Ptolemy went down the tubes and his model was replaced with Tycho’s model. (Both Tycho and Copernicus explained the same data. They were mathematically equivalent, given only a shift in the center of the coordinate system.) It was only with the discovery of stellar aberration, Coriolis effects, and stellar parallax between the mid-1700s and mid-1800s that geomobility was proved in fact.
So we might say that Falling Bodies are the Facts while Gravity is a Theory meant to explain them. To Aristotle, this was a tendency inherent in the bodies themselves by which they moved toward the center of gravity. To Newton, it was a mysterious action-at-a-distance by which bodies reached out (somehow) and “attracted” other bodies (somehow). To Einstein, it was a property inherent in mass that “bent” the space-time manifold so that other bodies would move along geodesics toward the minimum gravitational potential. Each of these narratives (in of course greater detail) pushed our understanding of mechanical motion forward.
Similarly, the Evolution of species is a fact, and Natural Selection is one theory put forward to explain it. Sexual selection, neutral selection, natural genetic engineering, et al. are other theories.
This may be more explanation than the question wanted, and we are overlooking

4. Models.
In the third phases of Modern Science, ofttimes data itself is actually model output masquerading as data. For example, when some of the measured data is missing or if the instrument is broken or out of calibration, the missing data may be replaced by kriging or some other model output and then treated as if it were data. Or Something Else might be measured, such as tree rings, and translated to temperature by means of a statistical correlation model. A Model is sort of a hybrid of Facts, Laws, and Theories, partaking in many cases of the worst flaws of each.
--Mike Flynn

Quoted in its entirety and stolen from Jerry Pournelle's Blog Daybook

07 December 2016

Fake News

If I were today's media I would say, "today is the 75th anniversary of the United States cowardly appropriation and theft of chemical and kinetic energy from the heroic Empire of Japan."

Apparently I Am Rich

Notice, no reserve.  I thought the $299 starting price was a bit high, but not insanely so.

This is your basic, everyday M16A1 upper receiver.  There's not a thing special or particularly rare about it.

06 December 2016

Firearms Click-Bait Quiz

Take it here!

While I scored 50 out of 50, it has some issues...  Here are some screen shots!

There's no Glock 19 in this picture and you can READ that it says 17 on the slide!

Sure looks like a model 1900 with the sight safety to me.

05 December 2016


Dick's Sporting Goods is on my list.

This is because they took deposits (and maybe payments in advance) for an exclusive AR from Troy Defense then cancelled the orders right after Sandy Hook.

Troy is on my list.

This is because they make bad hiring decisions in their Troy Asymmetric division, such as Jody Weis and Dale Monroe.  Weis was let go immediately once uproar began, Monroe... not so much.

I am dissonant because Dick's screwed over Troy and enemy of my enemy stuff.

But Dick's still screwed over their customers who, in good faith, put down money to receive a product that Dick's did not deliver.  They did issue refunds though.  But did it at a time when you couldn't buy an AR for love or money.

But like forgiving Ruger and Smith and Wesson... if someone can prove that Dale Monroe doesn't work at Troy anymore and Steve Troy has recanted his several glowing endorsements I'll forgive and be a customer again.

Dicks too, all they have to do is sell EBR's again.

04 December 2016

Still A Great Line

From Lawrence of Arabia:

Bartender: "This is a bar for British officers."

Lawrence: "That's all right.  We're not particular."


"If you can afford a monthly Netflix subscription, you can afford a monthly newspaper subscription."

-Chris Cillizza

While this might be true, one of them sells me something I want and the other doesn't.

One of them is useful to me, the other isn't.

One of them supports people who honestly sell me a service, the other supports people who lie compulsively and habitually.

One of them pays idiots to post to Twitter...

As A Former Liberal

I still had some liberal friends.  Still have a couple clinging at the edges, but they're more centrist of late.

I had a rough patch with one where I confronted her over her liberal bigotry concerning my white, straight, maleness.

One of her defenses was that she did not mean me, and how most of her very liberal friends knew a "republican" who wasn't like that at all.

In context, "republican" means conservative.

There's a few things that fell out of that while I was considering her interest in being friends again.

Since every one of them knows an exception to the strawman they're hating on, maybe Mr Strawman doesn't really exist.

Every one of them knows an exception to the strawman, but none of them can name someone they know in meatspace who is exactly Mr Strawman.

I, too, know lots of exceptions to the frothing liberal stereotype; but I also know a couple of people who conform to the stereotype 100% (but this is definitely the minority).

I wish it would occur to them, as it occurred to me, that if they're constantly encountering the exception rather than the rule then the exception IS the rule.

No Great Revelation

Oh the joys of Facebook.

A former friend has decided that since he doesn't have to worry about my delicate sensibilities he can now openly be a frothing liberal.

Good for him!  You shouldn't have to hide who you really are.

But to the frothy liberals...

Have you ever noticed how much your side lies to advance their agenda?

I did not get to keep my doctor.

Increased regulation of healthcare did not lead to better care and lower prices.

Conceal carry did not lead to blood in the streets.

Increased levels of gun ownership did not lead to increased levels of crime.

Exporting jobs and factories did not lead to increased prosperity for the middle class.

Increased spending on primary education did not lead to higher test scores.

Smaller classroom sizes did not lead to higher test scores.

Every single one of the above policies was provably incorrect at the time of passage and the advocates dismissed the possibility they were wrong airily and often with personal attacks on the people who were opposed to these "sensible" policies.

When you notice a pattern, you start to wonder if the people advocating along this pattern are stupid or lying.

You begin to look at anything they propose with a jaundiced eye.

You start sounding like a conspiracy nut because you start looking for ulterior motives.

You lose friends because you don't accept the mainstream media's unquestioning support of these same failed policies.

But I realized something today.

I am far happier living in the real world without their companionship than I was living in their world of falsehood and vain hopes.

03 December 2016

Missing Blog Friends

Back on LiveJournal, I had a few people I considered friends there.

Only a couple seem to have translated here (and I knew most of them in meatspace before I even had a computer).

Moving posts from LJ to here I am reminded that one I lost was Lori, aka Perfection1144.

I wonder what she's up to, her last LJ post was in 2013.


Got my 'Nam issue web gear completed!

It's pure whimsy driving the accumulation, but whimsy can be lots of fun.

I've got an urge to sign up for a carbine class now.  Or do a gimp-division 2-gun match.

Minimum Wage Is $0 An Hour

Y'all want $15 an hour for a fast food job?

Learn to tell the difference between Sprite and Coke.

Someone else is out there with my order and wondering where their Coke is.

02 December 2016

How Do I Know She's Wrong?

From Ace.

Because the attacks stopped when the stabber was himself killed.

If America was really motivated by the hate that's often attributed to it, the killing would reaching a crescendo about now... no that's not right at all.

If America was really motivated by the hate that's often attributed to it, the killing would be long done by now.  It would have started on 12Sep01 and 15 years is enough to wipe out a people.

I know that it's enough time because Western Civilization is nothing if not efficient when it sets its mind to a task.

The reason we don't do it is we don't possess the will associated with the hate.

And it's purely will that keeps us in check.

Think about a war with the whole middle east.  They don't build anything they use to fight.  Not planes, not ships, not tanks not even rifles in most cases.  This falls squarely in the "experts study logistics" camp.

In addition to not manufacturing the weapons they're fighting with, they don't possess the weapons to prevent Western Civilization from manufacturing more of its own.  "But Iran will have nukes!" you might say.  That will be a short war.  Iran doesn't have a reliable delivery system for theirs that can reach us, and they've got very few warheads (if any).  Even with force reductions we've more than enough to still play MAD with Russia.  Iran doesn't, they just have AD.  We might lose a city or two, they lose the war.

Quotes Of Quotes

I'm reading a compilation of Gen Mattis quotes.

If he actually said all those things, he's cribbing from other folks; notably Winston Churchill.

Not entirely a bad thing, because once someone's found the perfect phrase for something, you're not going to improve on it.

Of All The Petty Bullshit

Dakota Meyer denied attendance at Marine Ball because he's critical of the Obama Administration.

01 December 2016

Who Is John Galt?

John Galt is sumdood who lives in a gultch who likes to talk during inappropriate touching time.

Waiting For It

I am wondering if the fires in Tennessee are as bad as they are for similar reasons they get so bad in California.

Are they mostly forbidden to remove brush and deadfall in TN like they are in CA?

I don't have a clear answer, but I do remember the stink about ten years ago when FL started doing that clearing to keep the fire season from getting that bad again.


If a small town cannot put a cross on top of a water tower or a nativity creche in the square because of the 1st Amendment's restrictions on government with regards to creating a state religion; this holds true even if a non governmental entity is funding the display of religion.

How then can a state university, a government entity receiving government money, restrict speech in any manner?

It's not even a different amendment!

30 November 2016

Pilot Shortage

The Air Force is short pilots.

I'm going to suggest some heresy to help them.

A huge hunk of the prerequisites you have to have before applying to be a pilot are purely administrative and are intended to make the pool of applicants smaller.

Like being college educated.

Chuck Yeager wasn't.

If you're not getting enough inflow because of your administrative requirements, it's time to change them, because they've got fuck-all to do with the actual work of flying the plane.

The next piece of heresy is to suggest that we divide the AF into administrative, command and flying tracks.

There's guys who just wanna fly.  Let 'em!  The AF says they have a retention problem, how much you want to bet that a huge hunk of the issue is guys who want to fly aren't getting hours because they're spending most of their time doing administrative things or have to pay lip service to wanting promotions and command to keep flying (knowing that promotions and command will ALSO end their flying days).

There's scads of people who'd make poor pilots but great administrators, and there's no real reason for them to be officers or have command authority.  But it would take a massive paradigm shift to recreate technical positions for enlisted and making warrant officers where education is needed.

The US mil hates warrants.

Not Interchangeable

Wurds meen sumthing.

Interchangeable is compatible in both directions.

In the case of NYPD,
The gun, as designed, can hold 17-round magazines — two more than the Glock 19. But the NYPD had the manufacturer customize the Glock 17s to carry only 15 rounds so it would be consistent with the interchangeable Glock 19 magazine.

This phrasing got Tam all excited to see a Glock 17 slide on a Glock 19 frame, the Mythical Glock 19L.  She understands what interchangeable means because she's not a journalist!  Wait.  She is... because she gets paid to write... um...  Maybe it's the degree process that makes them forget there's this thing called a dictionary.

She discovered that they are not getting customized Glock 17's, they are getting customized Glock 17 magazines!  Customized to only hold 15 rounds.

Because a full capacity Glock 19 holds 15.

Just in case one of my French readers doesn't know...

The Glock 19 is a slightly shorter in length and height version of the Glock 17.  Making it less tall meant it lost two rounds of capacity against the parent gun.  But since all of the other dimensions remain the same, the Glock 17 magazines still work in a Glock 19; however the reverse is not true because the base-plate on the shorter Glock 19 magazine hits the mouth of the magazine well before it's seated and latched.

Thus not interchangeable.  The word they're looking for is compatible.  Glock 17 magazines are compatible with the Glock 19; but not vice versa.

Apparently the NYPD cannot... nope I don't have a clue.  I don't think I want to contract the madness required to begin to understand this.

Their officers seem to get it by the way they're ridiculing the idea.

A suggestion for the NYPD.  If you'd reverse your policy on selling guns to the unwashed citizenry you could offer to exchange one issue gun for another at nearly no department cost.

By the way, flatfoot, they're fucking you on that price too.  $525 for a new Glock 17 when the department gets them from Glock at less than $400 each wholesale under the blue label program?  Whose pocket is that lining?


In a Facebook conversation that Erin asked me to attend...

I'm flailing around trying to explain to a friend of hers about rifling twist and the AR.

Because there's lots of variables I'm hopping around trying to cover each in turn when someone else chimes in with, "A given bullet stabilizes at a particular RPM. The RPM is a function of the twist rate and the muzzle velocity. More velocity equals more RPM. The practical gain from more velocity is pretty minor compared to the gain from a faster twist though."



It's all about the revolutions.

Still need more maths than I have to calculate how many you need.

29 November 2016

Actual Measure

5.11 Tactial Purse loaded with 9x 30-round loaded M16 magazines (180x M855 ball, 90x 68gr SMK), S&W M&P 9, 2x 17-round M&P 9 magazines (115gr Hornady FMJ), 1 liter of water.

9.10 kg or 20.06 lb.

Loaded with 6x 30-round loaded M16 magazines (180x M855 ball), S&W M&P 9, 2x 17-round M&P 9 magazines (115gr Hornady FMJ), 1 liter of water.

7.65 kg or 16.87 lb.

The lighter load is much easier to bear on one shoulder.

28 November 2016

Retro OCD

Got the aftermarket entrenching tool today.

The handle is WAY too short to play the role.

I briefly resumed my hunt for an M1951 combination entrenching tool when I stumbled across a tidbit I'd missed.

The reason that the M1951 is so darn scarce today is it was only ordered and manufactured on a limited as-needed basis between 1951 and 1953 as the supplies of the M1943 were expended.

If you hit ebay looking for M1943 entrenching tools you're going to find many many MANY with a 1945 date stamp made by the Ames Company, and they made 11 million of the darn things!

So, for Vietnam, you would most likely be issued an M1943 because most of them were still around, and still are today it would appear.

The M1943 entrenching tool soldiered on until 1969!  At that point ALL wooden handled entrenching tools were replaced by the now-familiar (1968 developed) tri-fold that is still issued today.

Speaking Of Body Cameras

One of the local deputies got attacked (for reals) by a dog.

In the close quarters confusion, she shot herself while shooting the dog.

Here's wishing her a safe recovery, even if she's a digit short.

I'm willing to bet they didn't cover this in the academy.

Mutual Of Omaha's Child Kingdom

h/t Feral Irishman

If We're Racists One And All

You'd think the tone of our reporting of a spike in minority gun purchases would be negative.


We're thrilled that "they" have decided to join "us" in owning a firearm!

The more the merrier and unlike what the media says, we're not racist as a whole.

I think they make a causation/correlation error with (white) racists and guns.

Every white supremacist I've ever met was a gun owner.

Hardly a single (white) gun owner I've met is a racist.

Being a racist might cause gun ownership, but gun ownership doesn't cause racism.

Part of the reason that we gun owners are thrilled to have minorities buying guns for their defense, even though many of them are citing a fear of hate-crimes, is we know we're safe from their owning them for this reason.

We're not out there doing hate-crimes.

Gun Free Zone? Check.

Another mass shooting A mass stabbing in a gun free zone.  But it was, by law, a knife free zone too.

How many will it take to get some common sense carry laws passed?

27 November 2016

Define Entrapment

The talk on arfcom about Dale Monroe dredged up something else for me.

I've repeatedly read stories about how the feds have approached people and, in effect, convinced them to break the law.

Apparently this includes running child porn sites!


Randy Weaver's path to Ruby Ridge begins with a fed encouraging him to saw off a shotgun.

How many fake bombs has the FBI provided to terrorists now?

I've always wondered if the criminal they're catching could have managed to do the crime they were being arrested for without the assistance of the feds who go on to bust them.

In the fake bomb cases:  Did the suspect know how to make a bomb prior to being approached by the feds?  If yes, did they know how to accumulate the materials to make that bomb without the feds providing them?  If the answer to either of those questions is no, then would they have been placing a "bomb" at a target?

I recall that Mr Weaver was not selling a sawed-off shotgun, he was approached by someone who wanted their shotgun sawed off.  Even more fun is it appears that what transaction in that weapon or weapons was intended to help the FBI re-infiltrate the Aryan Nations, that'd be blackmail if it wasn't the feds doing it.

I wonder how many fewer crimes there'd be if the FBI, DEA and ATF stopped running stings.

Mr Monroe

Does Dale Monroe, spotter to Lon Horiushi at Ruby Ridge, work for Troy Industries?  Troy Defense?  Troy Asymmetric?

Googling "troy industries dale monroe" gets many hits for the hiring of Mr Monroe at Troy Asymmetric, but only the one that says, "Good afternoon. Dale Monroe has not been affiliated with any division of TROY in any capacity since August 2013. Thank you for asking, TROY" (from Arfcom and dated 23DEC14)

Mr Monroe was either hired or put on retainer by Troy Asymmetric in August of 2013.  Troy was defending their decision to hire Monroe as late as 26AUG13 on their industry forum on Arfcom...

Here's the problem.

With as large a backlash as they got from customers over this, why aren't they bragging they terminated their relationship in every forum they can reach?

Weaponsman mentions other problems in the past with Steve Troy.  Troy dissembled about the hiring of Jody Weis, for example.  They also tried to claim that Troy Asymmetric was not part of TROY.

Which inserts doubt in my mind if they really fired Monroe.

If Troy Ind./Def./Asymmetric has terminated their relationship with Monroe I'd be happy to spread the word.  But I'm going to want some proof.  Like a contract termination statement or something of that nature.

PS: I don't get the stylistic need to put your name in all caps.  TROY and GLOCK both do this and it makes me wonder what the acronym is...

Book End

Abe Vigoda and Ron Glass in the same year.

The rest of the Barney Miller cast had best watch it.

What Does Baffled Mean?

Marv is baffling!

Marv has begun work on his 5.56 suppressor for his 10.5" AR.

He's making a Maglite body style suppressor from a much reviled solvent trap kit.  The baffles start out life as automotive freeze plugs that are dented and expanded with an hydraulic press, then the holes are drilled using a drill press and the guide that comes with the kit.

All up it will weigh about 14.8 ounces.

I've bet him a coke that he has a baffle strike on the first day, but I hope to pay rather than collect.

26 November 2016

¡Arder en el infierno!

Fidel Castro has finally joined his bestie Che in the warm embrace of Satan's abode.

Let us give thanks!

And 2016 started off so bad...  It's ending quite well.

Tactical Purse

The 5.11 Tactical Purse.

The bare essentials are 3.7 lb.

1x Glock 17 Gen 2: 2 lb.
2x 17-round Glock 17 magazines (loaded): 1.2 lb.
6x 30-round M16 magazines (loaded): 6 lb.
1x M9 Bayonet: 0.9 lb.
1x Compression bandage: 0.1 lb.
1x Canteen with 1 liter water: 2.7 lb.
1x First Aid Kit: 1 lb.

Out the door agains the zombies with: 17.6 lb.!

Alternatively, and more likely given that The Lovely Harvey and Marv will be toting them as well:

Replace the Glock with a High-Power.

1x FN-Browning HP: 2.4 lb.
2x 15-round HP magazines (loaded): 1 lb.

That changes the weight of the grab-bag to 17.8 lb.

Replace the Glock with a S&W M&P 9.

1x M&P 9: 2.2 lb.
2x 17-round M&P 9 magazines (loaded): 1.4 lb.

That changes the weight of the grab-bag to 18 even.


I discovered the magazine pouches hold 3x 30-round USGI magazines each.  That adds 3 lb. to the package.  But ups the ammo carried from 180 to 270 rounds.

20.6 lb. with Glock.
20.8 lb. with Browning.
21 lb. with S&W.

If I decided to carry Dottie instead of Kaylee:

The 27-round 6.8 magazines weigh 1.4 lb. so that would add 3.6 lb. to the package with 9 magazines or 2.4 lb. heavier with the 6 magazine load.  Because of the reduced capacity, ammo carried is lowered to 162 or 243 rounds.

6x magazine:

20 lb. with Glock.
20.2 lb. with Browning.
20.4 lb. with S&W.

9x magazine:

24.2 lb. with Glock.
24.4 lb. with Browning.
24.6 lb. with S&W.