27 June 2017

Tab A Into Slot A

Straight folks not into sex with trans folks.

It's a plumbing problem.


I'm surprised that it needs pointed out, but a straight man is looking for a vagina.  If their partner lacks a vagina, then the sex is not heterosexual, and that matters.

A straight woman is looking for a penis.  If their partner lacks a penis, then the sex is not heterosexual, and that matters.

I'm very open and accepting of LGBT issues, but like so many things championed by the liberals; there has to be an allowance for the "baseline" norms.

Demanding that straight people have gay sex because the person with the incompatible plumbing identifies as someone with compatible plumbing denies the straight person the right to choose their own sexual partners.

I remember when that was a core tenant of LGBT activism; the right to love whom you love and not be forced into relationships "unnaturally".

As an aside: even if the person depicted in that photo had compatible plumbing; they're still not sexually attractive to me.  Personal taste will always be part of the equation, and it needs to be accounted for.


Dear Media...

For President Trump's foreign policy to be that of Nazism, there'd be some mention of conquering territory for our own use.

Everything we're doing in Syria points to us handing it to the people who already live there when we go home.

If our policies were that of National Socialist Germany, Mexico and Canada would be taking the roles of Poland and France, respectively.

It Will Describe An Arc

26 June 2017

Indianapolis People

There's a B-17 in your hood this week!

Worth the coin for the ride if you've never.

Just sayin'!

Minimum Wage

In 1938 the Federal minimum wage was set at $0.25 an hour.

That's $4.34 in today's dollars.

In 1938 an ounce of gold was $35.

That's $607.49 in today's dollars.

Today the Federal minimum wage is $9.20.

That's $0.53 in 1938 dollars.

Today an ounce of gold is $1,241.60.

That's $71.53 in 1938 dollars.

In 1938 the fedmin was 0.71% an ounce of gold.  Today it's 0.74%.

0.71% of today's gold prices is $8.87 an hour.

See, the minimum wage has kept pace with inflation!


$15 an hour today is $0.86 an hour in 1938 dollars.

It's 1.21% an ounce of gold today, 2.46% an ounce of gold in 1938.

It's important to remember that an ounce of gold has about the same absolute buying power today as it did in 1938 for many key goods.  It's astonishing how steady its value has been, actually.

Double Down

During Jim Crow, although you couldn't get a Klansman to admit that racism was wrong, he'd at least acknowledge his position on the matter and tell you about the hows and whys.  They knew they were racists (though they did not use the term), were proud of it, and felt it was right.

Today's racists also do not admit that it's wrong.  The new part is they don't even admit their position.

They don't know that they're racists.  They sure think they're right and exhibit pride in it, but have become convinced that the racism they exhibit is no such thing.

And it's always so very refreshing to hear how my paycheck to paycheck household is oppressing a millionaire.

25 June 2017

Perhaps It's Time

I am thinking it's been entirely too long since I've had yellow curry or masamune.

I know of a place that's got them both that's very good.

I Should Amend My Support

Or rather rescind support.

No, actually it's no change in support.

I don't support you if you're living here and you hate America.

There's a whole world for you to flee to.  Go!

You want to burn the American flag in the name of LGBT rights, I'm not hating on you because you're gay.  I'm disliking you because you hate me and my country.

It's trite, but the list of nations where you can, with impunity and the protection of law, burn the national flag while professing openly you're LGBT is very, VERY short.

The list of nations where doing that will get you killed for one or the other is pretty long.

There's an old saying, "don't shit where you eat," ponder that.

No Two Gun Today

I didn't want to go alone and everyone else ended up busy.


Maybe next month!


What the internet needs is a subroutine for news sites that removes the BREAKING from the headline once the news is long broke.

Thinking Two Gun

The 25 yard indoor range we go to most often has a 2-gun tomorrow.

Bowling pins were fun!

Two gun has been fun for me before, but the place that I shot them at is a LONG ways away and I'm not very spry.

With the much smaller space to do the match in, it could be a lot more fun.

I'm thinking it'd be hilarious to run an M16A1 clone with an M1911A1.

Or my XM177E2 clone.

With my M1951 web gear.

I'd score style points, I'll bet.

24 June 2017

You Know You're A Car Guy When

The first thing you notice in this picture is the truck has a flat and is missing two lug nuts.

And the gas tank has been relocated...

Still Better Than A Mosin

The $100 Rifle has returned from the range again.

I confirmed that the ammo that Willard gave me in the Winchester box was definitely HOT.

The stuff in the Remington box was much easier on the shoulder, made much less flame and, most importantly, didn't swell the brass so the action was as hard as a dirty Mosin to open.  Hardly a sign of pressure on the primers either.

Marv just got an Apex Tactical forward reset trigger kit for his M&P 9.  It's very nice, mimics a 1911 trigger very well.

I doesn't make me shoot any better than the stock trigger in mine.

I'm trying to speed up my shooting a bit, so I did some Mozambique drills.  I'm still not quick, but I'm getting faster.

The shots aimed at the 1 in the target's left shoulder were done left handed.  My left eye has less correction on it and hardly any astigmatism compared to the right.  Seeing better helps, but I really REALLY had to focus on the fundamentals shooting sinister.

RISE Again

RISE replaced Marv's RA-140!

They explained that it was one of their earliest made units and obviously they had not yet mastered the heat-treating.

Marv is a happy customer, but has not yet installed it in anything.

Nobody Died

But gun-free zone strikes again.

Gun free zones are honey-pots of felonious activity where criminals know they can ply their trade with impunity.

23 June 2017

Lots Of Jet Fuel Into Noise

A normally loaded B-1B just barely out accelerates a max-takeoff-loaded Boeing 737 MAX 9.

Each of the four engines on the Bone only makes a bit more thrust in burner than each of the two engines on the Max 9.

Of course, the B-1B can outperform 737 in several other ways.  It just looks so sluggish taking off.

Poor People

I found a rather snobby "habits of poor people" on youtube.

I'll save you some time.

If you do anything BUT increase your material wealth, you have poor people habits.

Becoming rich to the exclusion of all else is the way to get rich!

I submit that they're missing a great deal of life while they amass their fortune.

22 June 2017

Bowling Pins With GURPS

My best run, round 4, was a whopping 6 seconds.

That's six turns in GURPS.

Let's look at the givens.

The range was 5 yards; -2 to hit.

They're smaller than a torso and skinny; let's say -7 to hit.

All-Out Attack (Determined); +1.

No risk to self; +1.

No risk to others; +1.

Moderately well lit indoor range; +3.

-3 to skill in the first round.

We add an additional +3 for later rounds because now the range and speed are known (determined by seeing what missed and what hit).

-0 to skill for rounds 2 through 4.

Of course, we have no idea what my Guns/TL8 (Pistol) is.

And we don't know if a hit that knocked a pin over, but left it on the table is a function of damage or a missed hit.  It could be represented as a miss by one, or it could be just a crappy damage roll.

Let's call knocked over a miss by one.

In round one I fired 9 shots, two misses and two missed by ones.  Five of the shots were slow enough that I should get the +2 for the pistol's Acc (first shot and last four).

Timer goes off and I aim for 1 second.
Shot 1: Skill -1, hit.
Shot 2: Skill -3, miss by 1.
Shot 3: Skill -3, miss.
Shot 4: Skill -3, miss by 1.
Shot 5: Skill -3, miss.
I slow down start aiming between shots.
Shot 6: Skill -1, hit.
Shot 7: Skill -1, hit.
Shot 8: Skill -1, hit.
Shot 9: Skill -1, hit.

In round 2 I fired 6 shots 8 seconds.

Again I aim before my first shot.
Shot 1: Skill +2, hit.
Shot 2: Skill +0, miss by one.
Shot 3: Skill +0, hit.
Shot 4: Skill +0, hit.
Shot 5: Skill +0, hit.
I pause to aim.
Shot 6: Skill +2, hit.

Rounds 3 and 4 are about identical.  5 shots, 6 seconds.

I aim before my first shot.
Shot 1: Skill +2, hit.
Shot 2: Skill +0, hit.
Shot 3: Skill +0, hit.
Shot 4: Skill +0, hit.
Shot 5: Skill +0, hit.

What are the probabilities and statistics?  Hey, FuzzyGeff!  You're good with stats!

I have 25 shots fired.  No misses at from 4 at +2 to hit.  One miss by one and 11 hits at +0 to hit.  5 hits at -1 to hit and two misses by 1 and two misses with a -3 to hit.

21 June 2017

Champions Of Free Speech That They Are

I think it helps to keep a long memory of petty offenses.

Do you remember way back when?  When Tipper Gore was in charge of the Parental Music Resource Center (PMRC)?

Remember who chaired the hearings?

It was Mr Ozone himself, Al Gore!

The actual effect of the warning labels the PMRC managed to get attached "voluntarily" to music with "objectionable" content DID have a censoring effect on the music, how many stores stopped carrying music with such labels?

I know Wal Mart did.  Wal Mart had the market share to force non-objectionable versions to be made.

So much for artistic integrity.

Yet, Democrats are thought of as the ones who're for free speech and expression.

Speaking of chilling expression by limiting the market...  Jack Valenti, former head of the secretive MPAA and their rating system, Democrat.

They're consistent, you just have to pay attention and REMEMBER.  And hold grudges, they do.

20 June 2017

My Paradigm Was Shifted

My Remington 341 does hold 22 rounds of .22 Short.

You just have to accept that the last round will not be below the loading port before you shove the magazine's inner tube and follower down on the rounds.

1997 Was A Busy Year

I just noticed that 1997 was a busy year for nuclear war.

The Terminator series picked August.

Twilight 2000 picked Thanksgiving.

Both are 1984 releases!

Both have become alternate history.

War On

Tam's post about Ohio's overdose deaths reminds me...

We declared war on poverty... there's still poverty.

We declared war on drugs... there's still drugs, and how.

We declared war on terror... OH FUCK.

With a track record like this, maybe we'd be better off if the government declared war on something we want.

Lern Maffs

It's occurred to me that in many of the tiresome cartridge debates that many of the most obnoxious advocates of one or another round simply cannot do math.

Or can't do math past a very simple point.

While that might be true, what many of them are lacking is scientific method.

They've no means to state an hypothesis, conduct an experiment and make a conclusion.

19 June 2017

Bowling Pins

Bowling pins are a lot easier than biathlon, you're not gasping for air!

Since we'd gone to the range to confirm that Marv's SBR was repaired and to play with subsonic ammo, we'd not brought a suitable gun for the match with us.

The gun we shared was the range's M&P 9, because we're both familiar with the model.

It had a noticeably better trigger than mine, and I asked about that.  Just lots and lots of rounds smoothing out the burrs.

I apologize to Marv for taking away the. "it's the gun" excuse.  But this is illustrative of how mechanical zero and personal zero can differ.  The sights were dead on for me, Marv felt they were shooting low.

I've seen this before.  Sights that are dialed in for me shoot left for Willard.

Why Did I Love It So?

Babylon 5 was chock full of great lines.

One I use frequently is, "If you cannot say what you mean, you cannot mean what you say."

But another line that might have meaning soon, "The avalanche has already started, it is too late for the pebbles to vote."

Is London Fighting Back?

I have to wonder.

Is this the first shot in reply to Islamic violence where Great Britain used to be?

Interesting that the driver chose the same methods used by the Islamists in other attacks.

Of course, nobody hates Muslims like other Muslims so it could very well turn out to be an attack of one sect on another.

18 June 2017

Subsonic Testing

The normal 5.56 is Silver State Armory M193.

The subsonic is Beck Ammunition Silent Operator™ 52gr JHP.  Advertised at 1,010 feet per second from a 16" barrel.  Marv is using a 10.5" barrel here.

Take The Skin Head Bowling

The rules for this match were 10 shots per round.  1 second penalty for knocked-down but still on the table, 2 second penalty for still standing.

I'd never done one of these before and it was happenstance that we signed up.

Actually round 2, round 3 got lost because Marv's phone decided to take a vacation.

I won the match with an average of 9.055 seconds.

Marv did not do as well... :(

16.320 seconds average.

Also Known As An Indicator

My fugue is clearing somewhat about my arrest.

A clue, in case you did not know, that you're about to be arrested is when the officers start getting your pockets empty of potential weapons.

This is when you need to shut up and not say things that taken out of context create probable cause for them to finish arresting you.

A long expensive road later applied context to what I had said, but the arresting deputy isn't required to sort through that shit.

There's yet more expense on the horizon from this adventure in getting my name cleared and the records sealed and expunged and my happy face removed from the "look who got arrested" web pages.

That's another thousand buck that goes away because the county I live in has basically made the near boilerplate pro se application into a "you need a lawyer" hearing process.

M16 Bayonet Collecting

For M7's I have:

BOC - Ninth rarest (≈ 1.8 million made), also most common.
Milpar.  Eighth rarest (≈ 650 thousand).
Conetta.  Sixth rarest (≈ 130 thousand).
Gen Cut.  Fifth rarest (≈ 127 thousand).

What I am missing:

Colt made green handled 62316 marked on blade.  Rarest of the issued models (≈ 20 thousand).

Imperial Knife Company made, black handled, 62316 marked on blade.  This is the one that Apex wants $100 for.  Second rarest (≈ 30 thousand).

Frazier Manufacturing Company "FZR US M7".  Third rarest (≈ 40 thousand).

Ontario Knife Company "ONTARIO US M7" marked.  Fourth rarest (≈ 58 thousand).

Imperial Knife Company unmarked.  Seventh rarest (≈ 350 thousand).

Ontario Knife Company "ONTARIO US M7" marked, solid hard rubber handle M7-B.  Not sure if ever actually issued, but cheap and readily available.


Added quantities.

The hardest one to find an actual example of is the green handled Colt.  The FZR marked one is neigh impossible to find, despite twice as many made as the Colt.

At one time the Conetta was the most desirable and expensive version.  I really regretted giving one to Marv before I realized there was an actual difference in value for different makers.


I find it amazing that a man so full of hate as Mr Takei has the temerity to call someone else bigoted.

17 June 2017

Have A Bowl Of Spoo

Vir Cotto is gone.

As is the actor who played him.

The Babylon 5 reunion show is going to be pretty lightly attended.

Forgot To Take This Pic

The Lovely Harvey's Cheyenne, being a registered evil baby killing assault short barreled rifle with a 14.5" barrel, can accept any bayonet made for an M16.

Being a carbine build based on the movie Platoon, an M7 is the most appropriate for the photo.

I've taken stock of the bayonet supply here and I am short three bayonets for available lugs.

Since two of them are FuzzyGeff's I am not too worried about the lack.

It's also a warning about how easy it is to ease into having a collection...  At one time an M7 bayonet was to me, the same thing as it was to the Army, a bayonet.  Then I started checking to see who made them...

Turns out they've become collector's items.  Imperial Cutlery made, Colt's marked, M7 bayonets are $99 each from Apex Gun Parts.  $58 for an M8A1 scabbard.

Snagging a BOC or Conetta with a scabbard for $35 each seems a real deal anymore!

It also seems that, to save money, buying a new-made USMC bayonet is the better plan than vintage.

16 June 2017

...For A Man Will Buy Revenge With His Soul

It may do nothing at all.

But I've closed what doors I can networking with what friends whom will.

For thy heart, for thy heart, who hast wronged me!

Eddie Slovak Cannot Be Reached

We're going to start sitting a jury for Bowe Bergdahl in October?


I know the wheels of justice turn slow, but damn.

1,036:15 Of 400

The PK-01VS is still trucking along.

1,036 hours, 15 minutes out of a rated lifetime of 400 hours.

It's nice when things work better than expected.

Implications Abound

In the Michelle Carter case, she texted her ex to kill himself, even talking him out of aborting the attempt that led to his death.

She's been convicted of manslaughter.

Celebs had better take note of what they're exhorting people to do, because it sure appears that we've got a precedent here.

Fake News

Nobody seems to have considered that the motive of the baseball shooter might have been accomplished.

The entire goal might have been to cause the Republican team to lose the next day.

If so, that's mission accomplished.

If you think that sounds far-fetched, just hit a sports bar and listen to the hue and cry of the fans root, root, rooting for the home team.

Do They Listen To Themselves

Being pro-Moslem and pro-LGBT is a lot like being a pro-slavery abolitionist.

They simply do not go together at all.


Starting to notice the violence of the left.

There's something deliciously ironic about the Democratic supported hard left mobs attacking another violent creation of Democrats, The KKK.

I also wonder how long before antifa becomes labeled as a right-wing creature.

It seems to happen over and over.

Not Completely Original

Not my original thought, but I think it's not being said so plainly.

Pandering to the mob is not speaking truth to power.

15 June 2017

Can You Think Of Anything More Cynical

Than a throwing star painted camouflage?

Those things disappear into the underbrush when they're chrome plated.

Might as well throw them at the garbage can, because one throw and they're disappeared for good as if you had thrown them away.

There's Always An Inlet Or A Fjord

File under "Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, thrice is..."

I cannot help but notice that every time we start making headway in Congress, some nutter goes off and derails it.

The nutter always seems to be of Democratic bent.

FFS this is getting to be too damn consistent.

I don't like conspiracy theories for serious, but the seeming consistent timing is sure stressing Occam's Razor and random nutter.

14 June 2017

Is It Close Enough

Is UPS close enough to USPS to call it a postal shooting?

Another 7.62

7.62x51mm is superior to 5.56x45mm for most things.

Reaches out farther, superior wounds...  about 30% more range and 40% more thump.

UGH.  But it's HEAVY.

My beloved right arm of the free world, the FAL, can't quite have two spare magazines for the same weight as an M4gry.

The loaded rifle is 10.9 lb. and the loaded magazines are 1.6 lb. each.

The basic load for an FAL was 4 spare magazines, 100 rounds total.  That comes to 17.3 lb.  You could carry 300 rounds with your M4gry and still be carrying less weight.  7.62x51mm is not 3x as effective as 5.56x45mm... as much as it pains my romantic bones to admit.

The basic load for an AKM (8.7 lb. loaded) was 3 spare magazines, 120 rounds total.  That's 14.1 lb.

The basic load for an AK-74 (9.1 lb. loaded) was 3 spare magazines, 4 stripper clips, 180 rounds total, but only 120 quickly available.  16.3 lb.!

An argument can be made that 7.62x51mm can do things that 5.56x45mm cannot, and can do everything that 5.56 can.  If you need more range and thump, you need it and how.

But if you don't need the extra range and thump... it's useless extra mass and a greatly reduced number of rounds.

A SCAR-H loses some of the better performance because of a shorter barrel, but the rifle is a bit lighter (8.8 lb. loaded with 20 rounds).  The magazines weigh the same.  So with 100 total rounds it's "just" 15.2 lb. or more an M4gry with 240 rounds...

No That Is Incorrect

Repeat after me.

7.62x39mm is not vastly superior to 5.56x45mm.

Not in Vietnam.

Not now.

Not ever.

Your prejudices are showing.

They're remarkably similar in wound ballistics actually.  We've got years of data to compare them now and 5.56 has not been shown to be inferior to x39, vastly or otherwise.

5.56x45mm has an edge in exterior ballistics because it's going faster so the bullet is arcing closer to the point of aim.  This shallower arc also lets it get hits farther out.

7.62x39mm would have an edge with heavier bullets being a little less affected by crosswinds, but since they're slower there's more time for the wind to act on them so it's a wash.

The AK has not been proven to be a vastly superior rifle to the M16 series either.  If anything, the M16 has proven superior to the AK over the years.  Mud test, anyone?  The sights on the AR series nuke the standard AK sights too.

While the AK might be more tolerant of extreme abuse, aren't you calling yourself a rifleman?

The kind of abuse you're worried about a rifleman doesn't subject his weapon to; an untrained conscript does.  Are you conceding that you're untrained?

While we're on this topic, that AK gains its durability at the price of mass.  Everything about the AK is heavier than an AR.

A 16" AK will tare around 8 lb. without a magazine and a loaded 30 rounder made from plastic will add 1.5 lb.

An M4gry with a 16" barrel tips the scales at under 7 lb. and adds just a pound when you add the magazine.  The M4 profile isn't the lightest available either, you can brush 6 lb. with a "pencil profile".

A "basic load" for an M4 is a loaded rifle carbine and six spare magazines (210 rounds total).  13.7 lb. using Harvey's M4gry (7.7 lb. loaded) as an example.

Willard's Yugo (9.3 lb. loaded) will only get two spare steel magazines (90 rounds total) under that weight benchmark (12.9 lb.) and almost gets three loaded PMAGs... but not quite.

My PSAK (8.8 lb.) does get three PMAGs of spare ammo (120 rounds total) for a total of 13.3 lb.

I also want to bring up another dirty little open secret about the AK and 7.62x39mm round in the form of a question.


Go ahead, take your time replying.

Shooter From Illinois?

Gee, that Firearms Owner ID really slowed him down, didn't it?

Illinois has a form of mandatory background check too.

Never mind that shooting at people is illegal in Virginia.

Crossing state lines to commit a felony is illegal.

If he didn't have a valid Virginia concealed handgun permit (Virginia accepts Illinois' permits) it was illegal for him to have had a centerfire rifle with a magazine that would hold more than 20 rounds because the shooting was in Alexandria.

One gets the impression that these laws don't really affect behavior.


According to his own Facebook page, he was a Bernie supporter.  (Who knows how long that link will be live)


Today, in 1775, the Army was born.

It wasn't the United States Army, for there were not yet a United States.

At this point it was just an authorization for Infantry.

Two days later it was found necessary to add an Adjutant General Corps...

When thinking about this, consider that a medical corps wasn't added until July and artillery wasn't added until November.  They needed lawyers before they needed cannon and horses.

Grunts, what can you do?

You Can't Buy This

But enter to win...

Well, I can so buy that.

You list who makes the bag and the entire contents; and you give me what the MSRP of buying the bag and contents would be.

So, yes, I can buy that.

What is more likely is that I cannot win that.  I don't win.  Never have, never will.

Lack Of Excitement

Now that Yahoo! has ceased to be an independent entity, it seems apt to mention Excite's long, slow decline.

Excite was once my home page.

It had a useful news aggregation gizmo and the TV listings were shown at the bottom.

Over time the news categories became less useful, or were eliminated.

At the beginning of the month the last feature I used routinely was eliminated, the TV listings.

I've not been this bummed about an internet thing since the "Mindspring Minute" ads stopped running on the radio.

Well Fuck

I hope that Representative Scalise, Mr Barth, Mr Mika, and agents Griner and Bailey make full recoveries.

Now we wait for word on the gunman's motives.

I read one story where someone was quoted that the shooter had asked if it was Republicans or Democrats on the field before the shooting began.  That's a rumor at this point.

Since it's been about a couple of hours and the FBI has not issued a statement telling us that it isn't terrorism, I think we can safely assume that it's not Islamic Extremism this time.