19 January 2017


The PMAG-20 Gen M3 uses the same spring and followers as the PMAG-30 Gen M3.  That's why it's longer than the old 'Nam issue 20-rounder.

The PMAG-40 Gen M3 uses a different spring, same follower and has a lock plate marked special for the 40 rounder.

Dyeing A Little Each Time

I've found the formula that gets as close to Magpul's discontinued Foliage Green as you're going to get with Rit.  It's just a bit too green, but reducing the green makes it too gray.

4 cups of water for 3-4 minutes.
1 Tbsp Pearl Gray, 1-1/2 tsp Taupe, 1/4 tsp Camel.

The inconsistency in color is because I didn't manage the clock and water temperature as anally as I could have.  The far right magazine is the one I did last night in Foliage Dark Earth (see below) re-dyed with the above mixture.

With the black of the receiver between the parts, the color variance isn't very noticeable.

In the process of figuring out foliage, I think I stumbled over a decent Magpul Stealth Gray combination.


8-minute soak.  4 cups water.

1-1/2 tsp Pearl Gray, 1/2 tsp Taupe.
1-1/2 tsp Pearl Gray, 3/4 tsp Taupe.
1-1/2 tsp Pearl Gray, 3/4 tsp Taupe, 1/4 tsp Camel.
1-1/2 tsp Pearl Gray, 1/2 tsp Camel.  I call this one Foliage Dark Earth because it's got aspects of both colors.

Foliage Dark Earth (L) compared with Foliage Green (R).
We also discovered a couple of other colors last night.

1/2 tsp Tangerine, 1/4 tsp Pearl Gray, 1/4 tsp Dark Green.  This is Rit's official formula for Flat Dark Earth.  It's too orange.
1 tsp Camel, 1/2 tsp Emerald, 1/2 tsp Aquamarine.  This color looks closest to Foliage Green in Rit's color guide.
4 tsp Dark Green, 2 tsp Lemon Yellow.  The next closest to Foliage Green in Rit's guide...
1/2 tsp Pearl Gray, 1/2 tsp Dark Green.
1-1/2 tsp Pearl Gray, 1/2 tsp Dark Green.
2-1/2 tsp Pearl Gray, 1/2 tsp Dark Green.

Some Sort Of Ism

Chelsea Manning will likely (continue) to receive better government paid healthcare after a dishonorable discharge than honorably discharged veterans with service connected disabilities.

Just because she used to be a he.

Heck, they were using up the Fort Leavenworth medical budget up on him -> him/her -> her and literally letting other inmates with life threatening conditions hang.

Two outrages in one.

18 January 2017

Weight Penalty

PMAGs are heavier than USGI.

A standard, loaded, 30-round USGI magazine is 16.7 oz.  20-rounders are 10.2 oz.

PMAG 30 RevM, 17.9 oz.
PMAG 30 Rev M2 MOE, 17.9 oz.
PMAG 30 Rev M2 MOE (with window), 17.8 oz.
PMAG 20 Rev M3, 12.6 oz.
PMAG 30 Rev M3, 17.8 oz.
PMAG 30 Rev M3 (with window), 17.8 oz.
PMAG 40 Rev M3, 23.3 oz.

Those ounces add up if you don't watch them.

One reason this might matter is if I give PMAGs the Malf bonus I talked about earlier.  It changes the AWt from 1 to 1.1 for a 30-rounder and 0.6 to 0.8 for a 20-rounder.

More Rit Dye On Sand PMAG

First, Marv attempted to use the Rit color remover on his green magazine.

Compare with undyed magazine.

A breadpan is almost not enough water for one packet of the solution.

Despite my warnings, he heated a pyrex pan on a burner!  He got away with it though.

One hour steeping in the solution lightened it a lot, but it's still quite green.

Two hours didn't really change much.

Marv wanted brown.  Rit's browns tend to make sand PMAGs green...

#1 is 3 tablespoons of Chocolate Brown.
#2 is 3 tablespoons of Chocolate Brown, 1 teaspoon of Purple and 1/2 teaspoon of Aquamarine.
#3 is 3 tablespoons of Chocolate Brown, 1 teaspoon of Purple and 1 teaspoon of Aquamarine.
#4 is the #3 recipe applied to the magazine baseplate from the color removed magazine.
#5 is 3 tablespoons of Chocolate Brown, 1 teaspoon of Purple, 1 teaspoon of Aquamarine and 1/2 teaspoon of Emerald Green.

Formula #3 on a virgin mag next to the decolored mag.
As formula #3 compares to the Damage Ind. SHTF Brown he's trying to match.
Marv says that formula #5 might be a bit closer of a match.

Dear National Rifle Association

Thank you for your message urging me to call Senator Bill Nelson and urge him to confirm Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Just one, teensy, little problem...

You say, "Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein and their anti-gun allies in the U.S. Senate..."

Mr Nelson is one of those anti-gun allies, I am afraid.

Next year, God willin' and the crick don' rise we'll be rid of him...

But for now, wasted effort.

Even though I emailed his office anyway about it.

17 January 2017

Can We Stop Paying For Her Now

I see Obama has commuted the sentence of one Chelsea Manning.

Now that she's released, does that mean the taxpayers no longer have to foot the bill for her sex change?

Made The Top 30 Three Times

10% of the "Most Dangerous Cities In The United States" are in Florida.

Miami, Orlando and St Petersburg.

They've something in common with Chicago... Democrats in charge (not! See below).

Unlike Chicago, St Pete has been under Republican management recently.  Miami is under Republican management right now!

Orlando, on the other hand is presently under Democrat management.

It's of note that Pinellas County, where St Pete is located, went for Trump this time around.  Hillsborough County, where Tampa is located went for Hillary and Tampa did not make the top 30 for violence, and has had a Democrat for a mayor since 1986.

It's almost as if the crime problem can be independent of who's in the mayor's office.

It's A Changed Changed Changed Changed World

16 January 2017

Gee Gaws Revisited

All the multitudinous things for the AR that make every control easier to use bemuses me because FAL.

Forward assist?  These are words you are just making up!

Charging handle?  You're right handed, right?

Selector?  How long are your thumbs?

Bolt catch?  Thag strong!

Magazine release?  Thag still strong!

Plus rock and lock magazine into a tight mag-well.  Thag persistent!

The best battle rifle ever made is not near as easy as a bone stock M16A1 on controls, and there's damn little you can do about it too.  The best rifle ever designed is defined as the rifle that worked when you absolutely needed it to and never didn't. The worst rifle ever designed is defined as the rifle that failed when you absolutely needed it, if even only once.

You might notice this definition is AS BIASED AS ALL FUCK a mite subjective.

I'd explain why my best rifle is an FAL but it's not a very exciting story and it boils down to a single event that while exciting and interesting to me... is actually a tawdry footnote about the end of the Cold War.

Willard, on the other hand, will talk your ear off all day about what a great rifle the FAL is.  He's right!  His experience is broader, sharper, and more interesting.

Another Childhood Nostalgia Death

Amazon Prime has The Macross Saga digitally remastered.

Sadly, even with such remastering, it did not age well at all.

Possibly Useful Trivia

The Magpul Gen M2 dust covers work on Gen M3 magazines.

But not vice-versa.

Since you can buy three packs of the Gen M2 covers, that could be handy to cover losses of the easily lost things.

The reason the new covers don't work on older magazines is the two lugs pictured here (M3 in purple):

Of course, without those lugs, there's a bit of a gap at the back of the mouth:

That Tears It

When I was a boy and just starting to become interested in aviation and space you'd never have convinced me that I would outlive the last person to walk on the moon.

Today I did just that.

Godspeed Gene.


Happy African-American Civil Rights Leader Whom Everyone Thinks Was A Democrat But Was Actually A Republican (Look It Up) Day!

Let's Experiment

If it was 98 years ago, we'd be staring at the reality that it was illegal to manufacture, transport and sell alcohol.

It's also significant that in those heady, pre-FDR, days that they still bothered to pass amendments to empower the government properly to conduct social experiments.

15 January 2017

In GURPS Terms

According to GURPS 4e translation of the GURPS 3e/R: Special Ops 3e...

Willard was once a 200+ point character.

I have to say, I'm impressed!

The template for a Ranger is 200 points by itself and his being an officer and attending SERE can be absorbed into the 20 optional points, with 6 left over for customization.

Just so he can cluck a bit when he reads this...  A tank crewman is a mere 85 point template.


In a 150 point campaign, someone recreating 1LT Chomps will have to find 50 points of disads to tack on.

Someone recreating SGT McThag doesn't have to find any considering there's 65 points of slack to play with.

Magazine Malf

In GURPS the AR-15 and M16, from day one with the R601, have the standard Malfunction chance of 17.

What this means is you need to roll a critical failure when you're rolling to hit before you check to see if the weapon breaks in some way.  See p. B407 for the rules.

Some guns, like a Glock 17, get a malfunction note of: "Very Reliable.  Won't malfunction unless lack of maintenance lowers Malf."

There's five levels of malf in the rules.

Very Reliable 17+ twice (see High-Tech p. 79)
Reliable 17+ (default for TL6+)
Unreliable 16+ (default for TL5)
Very Unreliable 14+ (default for TL4)
Very Very Unreliable 12+ (default for TL3)

Spending the money for Fine (Reliable) (+25% cost) will move you up one step; Very Fine (Reliable) (+125% cost) moves two steps.

Historically, the Sten's malfunction rating of 16 can be traced to bad magazines, and the weapon's description mentions it.

In trying to find the introduction year for the M16 family's military issue magazines I started to wonder about their effect on the Malf.  Especially looking at all the effort the Army (and the aftermarket) is taking to improve the magazine.

The Sten gets a one step reliability improvement if one finds good magazines... that means the design of the weapon is inherently at the default for TL6+, but there's a flawed part.

What if the AR family is inherently "Very Reliable" if you merely supply it with a better magazine (or just an inexpensive follower)?  Full-30's mud test might be demonstrating that very thing.

If this is true, you can also say that you can make it Unreliable or Very Unreliable by supplying worse than USGI magazines.


Eight years on, we still do not know what or why Barack Obama spent all that money on keeping the most basic records of his background suppressed.

Millions of dollars spent to keep people out of the records, starting with his first record, a birth certificate and progressing through his grades in college.

If the records say what he says they say, then there's no reason I can discern to spend even a cent to suppress them.

The thing is, I don't doubt that they say what he says they say, but that he's suppressing things they say that he hasn't said they say.  Follow?

"MilSpec" Magazine Timeline

This is a rough guide for M16 magazines, more aimed at gaming...

1964 - Original "waffle" 20-round.
1965 - Alloy follower 20-round.  NSN 1005-00-056-2237
1972 - Black plastic follower 20-round.  Same NSN.

1967 - Original Colt 30-round, dark-green follower.
1972 - Black follower 30-round.  NSN 1005-00-921-5004.
1992 - Green follower 30-round.  Same NSN.
2004 - Magpul Gen I Self-Leveling Follower (coyote tan).
2006 - Magpul Gen II Self-Leveling Follower (gray or orange).
2008 - Magpul Gen III Self-Leveling Follower (foliage green or yellow).
2009 - Tan follower 30-round.  NSN 1005-00-561-7200.
2016 - Enhanced Performance Magazine, tan body with blue follower 30-round.  NSN 1005-01-630-9508.

2007 - Magpul introduces the PMAG 30.
2009 - PMAG 30M or Rev M introduced.
2009 - EMAG introduced.
2013 - Rev M rebranded as PMAG 30 Gen M2 MOE.
2013 - PMAG 30 Gen M3 introduced, merges PMAG and EMAG lines.

Some PMAGs have NSN's (depending on generation and color) but aren't actually adopted until the USMC standardizes the Gen M3 windowed magazine in Medium Coyote Tan with NSN 1005-01-659-7086 in late 2016 / early 2017.

1983 - Thermold 30-round for Canada.

1982 - Orlite 30-round introduced.
1992 - Orlite 30-round with metal feed lip reinforcement.

14 January 2017


Willard almost bought a .308 Garand today.

He declined because it didn't have a spare magazine.


I'm here all night, tip your wait-staff.

But I Don't Even Own Bell Bottoms

Or have a man-bun.

I don't feel like a hippie.

Or a hipster.

But would I know?  How could I tell?

Maybe I will find the answer In The Garden of Eden baybuh...

Non Event

While reading another series of criticisms about the F-35 project, I recalled something about another plane...

The placement of the gun port on the F/A-18, centerline and on top of the nose, would blind the pilot with smoke or flash, especially at night.

To date, no pilot has reported even being dazzled by the muzzle effects even at night.


The 12 gb of RAM remaining in the Mac Pro is actually faster than 16 gb with 2 gb in the process of failing.

I'm still ticked off that I have to have RAM in matching pairs to get any effect from them.

A 2 gb stick fails, so 4 gb goes down.

The Same Two Sticks

I bought an iRAM memory kit for my Mac way back when...

This will be the second RMA on the lifetime warranty.

13 January 2017

Who Knew?

Probably everyone...

Did you know that PMAG-30's (both Gen M2 MOE and Gen M3) use the same spring as your bog-standard USGI magazine?

I did not know that.

How Did It Come To This

I think these things are breeding.

For years I was content with my huge collection of USGI 30-rounders with various followers...

Then I got the one black PMAG-30 Rev M.  And it was my only plastic AR magazine of any kind.

Then I got two black Gen M3's to see what all the USMC hoopla was about.

Then four foliage green Gen M2's...

Then a flat dark earth windowed Gen M2 (just for Harvey)...

Then three sand Gen M3's, just to play with the dying of them... but no windowed ones for ME!!

Then another non-windowed one...

Then two windowed ones!

Hello, my name is Angus, and I quit any time I want.

Will Roll Failure

I succumbed to curiousity...

The original purple was 2 teaspoons of Rit Purple into a Pyrex breadpan full of just boiled water then a five minute soak flipping every thirty seconds.

L to R all with same quantity of water and soak times:

1 teaspoon Purple, 2 teaspoons Aquamarine.  This is as close as I think I can get with these two colors.
1 teaspoon Purple, 1-1/2 teaspoons Aquamarine.
1 teaspoon Purple, 1 teaspoon Aquamarine.
1 teaspoon Purple, 1/2 teaspoon Aquamarine.

I started with less Aquamarine and increased it each time.  All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the result.

Remember Farmville?

At one point I was caught up in the Farmville Phenomenon.

The Lovely Harvey is why I got wrapped up in it and it resulted in many of us having multiple Facebook Accounts.

I recently revived one of those accounts and noticed that I was still friends with people who've departed my life.

A shocking discovery was one of them had obviously been censoring their feed to keep me from seeing their liberal political postings.

On one hand, that was considerate, since they know that I am not a modern liberal.

On the other hand, it proves they flat out lied about their actual political beliefs to me.

So, good riddance!

Must Resist

The temptation to try other color combinations for a better match of the purple plastic furniture is strong.

I have a theory that instead of pure purple that using half as much purple with half that of aquamarine would get much closer...

But that means buying another magazine...

12 January 2017

Speaking Of Fun

I do have a special zombie ammo can to "charge" the zombie specific magazines.

That's Right!

Doing the magazine dye experiments reminded me of something...

Shooting and guns are supposed to be fun!

Dying magazines whimsical colors is fun!  Even if the results are unexpected.

Talking about guns on the internet can get kind of grim sometimes and I need to remember to relax from time to time and smell the Hoppes #9.

Repeat Experiment

Three capfuls of Rit Dark Brown with 4ish cups of water.

I get OD green.  Not quite the same green as at Marv's using his water and equipment.  His is more of a forest green.

I think we've confirmed that most of Rit's browns react with Magpul's sand to make a green instead of a brown.

Since yellow (which works normally) and purple (which works normally) make brown, I wonder if those combined would give a brown on the magazine.

It doesn't contrast too badly with foliage green...

Dye Dye Dye My Darling

I now have a purple PMAG Gen M3 to go with Lavender Linda.

Cavalry Manufacturing's "grape" is a bit bluer and Rit's "purple" is a bit redder.

We didn't pursue it too hard because of how three formulas for brown came out various shades of dark green.

Blue came out great!

Zombie Green came out excellent.  2 tablespoons and 2 teaspoons of Lemon Yellow and 2 teaspoons of Aquamarine into about 4 cups of water in a glass bread pan.

The purple is 2 teaspoons of Purple into the same bread pan.

The blue is 2 tablespoons of Royal Blue.

The green is 2 tablespoons of Dark Brown!  Go figure.

Ready for Zombies!

We didn't want Willard to feel left out, so we dyed a PMAG-40 Gen M3 in this lovely shade of orange by putting 4 tablespoons of Tangerine into a 12x9 Pyrex pan.

And I forgot it at Marvs...

11 January 2017

To Dye For

Marv and I are going to attempt to dye some PMAG Gen M3 (MAG557-SND) magazines in various colors.

First there was this article for inspiration.

Rit has their own guide, which will likely not be quite right because of material being dyed and its natural coloration.

I'm going for a match to the Freedom 15 purple lower I made and a Zombie Green against a future pour.  Besides, zombie green magazines stored in my zombie ammo box get a hit and damage bonus when used on actual zombies.

It's science, I checked with FuzzyGeff and his copy of GURPS: Zombies.  Can't refute that!


Borrowing FuzzyGeff's upper for the shot, here's a "before" picture with a magazine still in its sand color.

I need to save some pennies and finish the plastic lower project.

That Was Me

Yesterday there was another accident at a busy, light controlled, intersection near here.

The same intersection The Lovely Harvey was rear-ended at.

I'm sitting there waiting for the debris to be cleared with a deputy standing next to my driver's side window.

I roll down the window and say to the deputy, "You know what would stop accidents from happening here?  They should put in a light!"

The deputy got nailed by the grenade joke.

A common refrain at county commission meetings on our two main roads after an accident is that a light would have prevented it (often when a light clearly would have had no effect).

So, fellow residents of my county, I apologize for rendering a deputy unfit for duty for several minutes.

10 January 2017


As I do more tinkering to the Mausers, I find I am becoming more attached to the ugly one than the pretty one.

I find that odd.

Hidden Figures

I have not seen Hidden Figures yet.

I wonder if they're going to mention that Ms Johnson was hired when Dwight Eisenhower, a known Republican, was president.  Though the barrier to hiring a black woman for such a job was lowered in 1943 by the Roosevelt-32 (as opposed to Roosevelt-26), it's noteworthy that it wasn't put back in place after World War 2.

Now I only hope it's a good movie.

Red Tails sure wasn't.  HBO did a much better job than Lucas with their Tuskegee Airmen.

Color Coordinated

The pour-your-own AR lowers can be made in a variety of colors.

I did purple to match a set of Cavalry Manufacturing furniture.

Marv did blue to match his Cav. Mfg. stuff.

He's wanted a blue sling for a while.

He's put Damage Ind. SHTF Brown furniture on his SBR, and he wanted a brown sling for that.

I directed him to Echo Sling, who did a great job with my purple sling on Valentine.

Since Marv is trying to color match, they sent him swatches!

Now, that's service!

If you need a 1", near indestructible, nylon web sling in just about any color imaginable, click that link and give them some business!

09 January 2017

Satanic Embrace

Ever since I got Agnes, Willard has been disapprovingly clucking at my choice of chambering.

Almost as if he feels that being a disciple of Jack O'Connor is something to be ashamed of!

Since .30-06 is God's Own Caliber (Old Testament) as opposed to .270 WCF being Satan's Own or something...

Really .280 Remington is Satan's caliber.



At any rate, he's been doing the not-so-subtle hinting that I should plunk down on something in an "American" caliber.  Apparently, New Haven, Connecticut was not on the continent of North America nor part of the United States in 1925.

He was there, he would know.

One of the local pawn shops has a Savage 111XP that's a plastic polymer synthetic version of Agnes, but in .30-06 for $450 list.  Same scope even.

A shop we've been avoiding for some reason (probably too easy to find a parking place, that's a bad sign for a gun shop) used to have a Winchester 670 in .30-06 for $400ish, but it's been a while so it's prolly fled by now.

I notice he never names a price on that Winchester 670A he got there.

Heck, Willard HAS a Winchester Model 70 (that he never conceal carries) he could just give me... but apparently mumble mumble belonged to his grandfather, mutter mutter sentimental value, growl growl HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT A PRE-64 GOES FOR?!?! 

I guess I will just have to suffer on in my Heresy.

Is It Really So Hard

Something I just noticed about ordering from Primary Arms.

The package was shipped out the same day the label was created.

Ever since UPS Mail Innovations and FedEx Smartpost got started, it seems like places such as Brownells and Midway can't manage to get stuff out the door.

The label is generated the day after the order, it sits for at least a whole day then three to four days in transit to the USPS who take two to three days to get it to my door.  Six to eight days in reality.

If you look at the time estimates there's no difference between USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground and UPS Mail Innovations.  But Priority Mail will do four days, and UPS Ground is five.  And they charge you like they're premium services too.

Last night I created the same order at Midway and Primary Arms.

Same price for the items ordered.

Midway wanted $7.59 for UPS Mail Innovations, $10.59 for UPS Ground, and $11.59 for USPS Priority Mail.

Primary Arms, on the other hand, wants $7.23 for UPS Ground and $8.13 for USPS Priority Mail.

Cheaper and faster?  Sign me up!

But at one time Midway was super fast too.  Something changed, and not for the better.

No Wonder I'm Bad At It

Facebook and Blogs are part of "social media".

No wonder I suck at them.  I'm no good at the social part.

Starting Shit

I chewed out a woman who left her cart smack in the middle of a handicapped space at the grocery store tonight.

Her tattooed and biker looking boyfriend looked like he was going to get mad and involved for a moment.

He glared, thought, then said, "Honey, he's right."

As consolation, I took the cart with me when I did my shopping.

Must Be Doing Something Right

I have a Glock 17 IWB right now in 40" waistband jeans.

Last time I tried this I needed 42" to get them buttoned.

08 January 2017


A while back I had plans to convert Agnes from the Axis style detachable magazine to Savage's Premium DBM style.

While the Premium DBM magazines are more expensive than the Axis style, they're supposed to be better.

The more I look at it, the less sure I am of that claim.  Because the difference between the two magazines is the floor plate.  They use the exact same body, spring and follower.

The difference in the floor plate is because they use different means of latching.

The Axis has the plastic hook, the Premium has a notch and the latch is a lever on the gun.

I've been mulling it for a while and noticed something at five stocking Savage dealers.

The only Premium DBM magazines they have are in the guns they're selling with them.  But they have spare Axis mags in abundance.

Even if the Axis latch is a fragile piece of crap, I can buy three replacement magazines for what the conversion costs, and I can actually buy replacement magazines at the local stores on short notice in the case of a breakage.  If they ever fix their web page, you can even buy replacement floor plates too.

Status Symbol

While reading up on the F-35 program and the similar competing programs in Russia and China in making 5th generation fighters, I am a bit reminded of battleships.

A battleship was a must-have item for any nation who wanted to be counted as a power.

They were eye wateringly expensive.

They became so expensive that there appeared to be a great reluctance to put them where another battleship could shoot at them.

They were also scary enough to the other side that much planning and effort went into neutralizing them.

I wonder if we're seeing something of a rhyming repeat here.

07 January 2017

End All Beat All

The TM and FM I posted earlier, I notice, tell you to tap the forward assist to make sure the gun weapon is loaded bolt is seated when loaded.

I also notice that the Air Force doesn't require it.

That probably stems from the Air Force, like the Marines, seeing no need for such frippery (unlike the Marines) got their own version of the M16.

Both Stoner and Sullivan were of the opinion that the forward assist was unnecessary.

The Army insisted on it, though, and the Marines got told they were getting the same weapon as the Army.  Don't worry, they got their revenge with the M16A2 and made the Army accept a lot of features they didn't want.

I am of the same opinion as Stoner and Sullivan about that forward assist, the only time I'd ever used it to keep the gun functioning was with blanks on a really worn out M16A1 in OSUT.  The majority of the times I've mashed that thing have been when instructed to in order to pass a drill.

Those manuals also still teach S.P.O.R.T.S.  Which turned out worse than useless for clearing the most common jam that happened to us; a double feed.  That was caused by the well worn black-follower 30-rounders.

With the magazine being the prime culprit, we were much better served by an immediate action that consisted of locking the bolt to the rear then ripping out the magazine.  It doesn't lend itself to a good mnemonic acronym though.  It was also not endorsed by TRADOC.

I'm perfectly willing to endorse different ways of doing things against the official word if they work.  I am flat refusing to accept the explanation "because I said so" from someone who is not paying me as the reason for doing it that way.

Real Fear

I'm the parent of a mentally disabled white man.

We call him The Boy around here.

What happened in Chicago really strikes home because The Boy is apt to go walkabout and he's fairly trusting.

If anyone were to hurt him as those thugs hurt that man, denial of bail would have a different term, "protective custody".

I'd have to hurry to be the one who took vengeance too.

The Boy is very well loved by some very rough people.

Come to think on it, anyone who'd hurt him had better hope for real protective custody and solitary, because some of those rough people would happily get arrested for a chance.

I'm Not In "The Military"

Army FM 3-22.9 Rifle Marksmanship M16-/M4-Series Weapons.
12AUG08 with 10FEB11 updates.
Chapter 4 Section 1

2011 is rather more recent than my service dates...

It refers to Army TM 9-1005-319-10 aka Air Force TO.11W3-5-5-41 aka Navy SW 370-BU-OPI-010 Rev 1.
Here's 30JUN10.
Chapter 2 Section 6

Of particular note is the Air Force loads from the closed bolt while everyone else uses the open bolt.

Also of note is how both recent manuals show the charging handle's use (with brand new 2010 photographs replacing the God knows how old line drawings!) in accordance with how I said the designer's intended it to be used.

These manuals get revised and updated all the time, these are the newest ones I could find on the internet.  I would love to see a newer revision showing a different means of running the charging handle.  I kind of collect TM's and FM's...

The one-sided method of operating the charging handle that's de rigueur puts side loads on the thing it wasn't designed for.  It's been known to break them, in fact.  I've broken one this way, an expensive retro gray one too!  Guess how well your gun works with half a charging handle up inside the upper.

Guess how long that takes to fix.  Well, it's a good thing I'd learned how to transition to a handgun.

Most replacement charging handles, which I derisively refer to as "doo-dads and gee-gaws" don't much mitigate the stresses.  The work is mostly on making the latch less likely to tear out because the one-sided technique puts all the load on a teeny roll pin or making the latch unlatch from both sides.  There's a scant few that upgrade the slender stem to better take being pushed at an angle.

06 January 2017


Reading someone touting the benefits of the longer sight radius on an M16A4 clone...

They show a picture of their rifle wearing a scope and no rear sight.

My point being that if you're talking about how much better the irons are because of length, you should really show off your gun with those sights to make your point.

Gun Free Zone Again

Shooting at Fort Lauderdale International.

Right on the cusp of the introduction of a bill that would have let people carry their guns in baggage claim too.


Air Canada doesn't allow checked handguns, I just checked their webpage.

I am very curious to find out if this was an international flight.

I Feel Better

There an angry screed in the drafts.

I feel better for having written it.

I would not feel better for having posted it.

It's very raw.

Maybe with some polish and another set of eyes to help edit it... some form of it may emerge.

But for now, here's the item that inspired the rant!

The Advantage Arms Forward Charging Handle!

Drink it in folks!

It don't get more doo-dad and gee-gaw than that.


Talking with FuzzyGeff about the odds of hitting with that snubby in GURPS.

He mentioned that you get about a 10% chance to hit per shot at 6 or less.

He'd automatically done the PC math in his head and decided that since there's no chance of hitting with the full RoF to not fire the two extra rounds that are mathematically guaranteed to miss.

Looking at the numbers again, I realize that I forgot the additional -1 for firing a gun double action.

So a 5 or less, or almost half the chance to hit at 4.630% instead of 9.259% of 6 or less!

However, in Real-World™ the untrained fire at full rate of fire... but they're NPC's so, yeah.

So how does a typical PC fare at 7 yards?

First off, they typically run much higher DX and spend actual points on skills.  A skill of DX+2 on top of a DX of 12 or more is pretty reasonable.

Starting with a skill of 14, -1 for double action, -3 for range at 7-yards the PC has a 50-50 change to hit with the first round with a 10 or less and has an actual chance to connect with a second .357 Magnum pill on a 5 or less (4.630%).

It gets even better with the +P and it's Rcl 2 with a 10 or less (50.000%) for one, 8 or less (25.926%) for two and 6 or less for (9.259%) for three.

Yes, the PC has twice the chance of landing three rounds with .38 Special +P than two rounds of .357 Magnum.

FuzzyGeff is correct, though, no PC is going to waste that third shot from his Magnum.

Someone Missed A Point

House Republicans revive obscure rule that allows them to slash the pay of individual federal workers to $1.

An important quote from the article, "At the same time, opponents and supporters agree that the work of 2.1 million civil servants, designed to be insulated from politics, is now vulnerable to the whims of elected officials." bold added.

The civil service system was, indeed, designed to be insulated from politics.

Part of the deal, however, was that civil servants were supposed to stay out of politics.

Well, civil servants decided they needed to be political and broke the deal.

This is a chicken coming home to roost.

Of course, any legislation passed using the The Holman Rule is likely a bill of attainder...


I reread the article and while the Washington Post makes it seem like this will be targeting the rank-and-file apparatchiks of the civil services (can you almost hear the "what about these hard working people's children?"), I think that the real targets are the upper tiers of managers.

I wonder how many of those parasites will want the jobs without the rather generous salaries that would normally come with them.

He's Got A Lot To Answer For...

Say what you will about Richard Milhous Nixon, but at least when he said he'd get us out of Vietnam, we got out of Vietnam.


Ground troops anyway.

You know what I meant!

Unarmed And Unafraid

You know the man who puts those grips on his .25 ain't afraid of nothin'.