03 May 2016

NFATCA Are A Bunch Of Fucking Idiots

If you are a member, you're wrong and should feel bad.

Then you should terminate your relationship with them.

You should not do business with any company they endorse, and avoid doing business with places that hire NFATCA members and their families.

If you see a NFATCA member on fire, and you have to urinate really really bad, I'll bet you $50 that you can hold it until you reach a restroom with an appropriate label for your perceived gender.

If you happen to see a NFATCA member drowning, the mailing address for the US Coast Guard is:
US Coast Guard
2703 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE
Washington, DC 20593

Don't forget the stamp!

Near as I can tell not a single good thing has come out of them, so fuck 'em.

80% Lower Engraving

I doodled this up this afternoon.

Using my MLP:FIM Colt logo and changing the manufacturer block will prevent the unlikely event of it being mistaken for a real Army owned, Colt made, M16A2.

I think I will change "NOSTALGIC RECREATIONS DIV." to "MYLASTNAME TRUST" though.

The auto-sear hole shown in the drawing is a place-marker for scaling the text from:


Tres de Mosin

Sako Kiv/39

02 May 2016

We're Only Up To Ten

I've only got 10 Mosin pics for the month so far.  Weer'd and Marv have already contributed one each.

Willard is good for at least three (I think).

Where's Erin's?

Spread the word!  I'm like 17 short!

On The Highest Authority

The official motto of the US Army Rangers is Sua Sponte.

Which is, I'm told (by an authoritative source), Latin for "show us your tits!"

Of Course!

Every once and a while I encounter someone saying something extremely self evident.

Something, that was so evident to me that I had no words to describe it until I read their description.

A description that's held to be a revelation by many other who read it.

Making me think that it wasn't so evident to everyone else.

If I had but the words to describe what I perceive.  Would that I had the courage to describe what is obvious to me and obscure to everyone else.

Dos de Mosin

Sako Kiv/28-30

01 May 2016

My Problem With Podcasts And YouTube Videos


With text I can proceed at my own pace and back up instantly if I think I missed something.

With audio or video, I am forced to progress at the presenter's pace and if it's too damned slow (and it often is) my mind will wander and I will definitely miss something.

So I have to figure out where I actually lost track of the presentation and relisten.

Again at the presenter's pace, not mine.

Statistical Aberration

In GURPS a 16" 7.62x51mm NATO rifle does 6d pi out to 800/3,500.

A 16" 6.8x43mm SPCII rifle does 6d pi out to 820/3,500.

The 6.8, with a 5x optic and 25 rounds on board is 9.6 lb. and you can can actually shed a lot of weight from this example!  Stripping off the known to be heavy MagPul stuff and converting to a carbine stock drops it down to 8.7 lb. loaded with the 5x optic!

A 16" FAL with iron sights and 20 rounds loaded is 9.8 lb.

Spare FAL magazines are 1.6 lb. and spare 6.8 magazines are 1.3 lb. for 25 rounders and 1.7 lb. for 30 rounders (of course adding more beans adds to the overall weight too).

Uno de Mosin!

VKT Kiv/91

A Mosin a day, for a month.

I can't do it alone.

Send your pictures, formatted similarly to the above to mcthag at gmail dot com.

Sorely Missed

The Lexicans has republished one of my favorite Lex sea stories.


30 April 2016

Moar Mold

Using Lavender Linda Lovelace's lower, we attacked the "why is the take-down so fucking tight?"

We sanded the top of the lower to make it all even, it didn't leave the mold flat.

Then we removed a lot more material in the radius from the top of the lower to the front of the receiver extension boss (see pointer).

Now the take down pin can be pushed in with finger pressure and pushed out if you have a tool to push on the recessed end, but you no longer need to tap it out with a hammer.

AR15 Mold Update

Marv's Blueberry Muffin has suffered our first failure with the Freedom-15 lower.

I don't think this from the stress of firing.  I think this is from the mold maker putting the rear holes so they're too fucking tight on the upper and you have to hammer the take-down pin in and out.

The good news is the thread spacer method of capturing the buffer retainer worked flawlessly.

As you can see from combining these three shots is the crack is almost all the way through and the stock is about to come off.

We decided to see how much effort it would take to finish it off.  Marv says "moderate" effort from cracked to this:

The take down pin, detent and spring all went flying!  Amazingly we were able to find all three parts after a short search.

No matter the precautions we've taken, there is no avoiding bubbles and voids with this material and mold.  The set time doesn't allow for the bubbles to escape before they're permanently part of the part, and the route the material has to take to fill the mold is not simple, so there's lots of places for air to get trapped too.


The googles flash-hider, do nothing!

Test firing Marv's 10.5" upper on my registered SBR lower while he awaits his Form 1.  Alles en ordnung!

Full load M193 is no where near done burning by the time it leaves a half a barrel.

All Zastava All The Time

The Yugoslavian version of the SKS with the Yugoslavian version of the K.98k.

Long And Short

On top is a brand-spanking-new DSArms SA58 Voyager with a 16" barrel.

On bottom is Jasmine, a FNified SA58 Standard with a 21" barrel.

There are many detail differences, some even apparent in this photo.

Losing 5" of barrel and using aluminum for the lower and top cover saves over a pound of weight (10.9 vs 9.8 loaded).

In GURPS terms, though the 16" barrel costs you damage and range.  6d pi and 800/3,500 for the 16" barrel vs 7d and 1,000/4,200 for the 21" barrel.  For the record, 18" gives 7d-1 pi and 900/3,900 (no word on weight).

Endurance Testing

2,000 round torture test?

This POS Glock didn't even survive firing a single round.

JMB forever!

29 April 2016

Weighted Average

A stripped AR15 lower is 8.4 oz.

A stripped 80% lower is 12.1 oz.

A Freedom-15 resin lower is 4.5 oz.

Now you can sleep at night.

I know it was bugging you.

More Tiny Italian Guns

A. Soc. It. F. Ili. Galesi-Brescia Model 504 in 6.35mm aka .25 ACP.

It's your typical striker fired mousegun on the Browning pattern.  The striker also serves as the ejector, so be careful with the dry-cycling.

You can tell from the XXIV proof that it's a 1968 made gun, perhaps one of many made just before the gun control act's cut-off on importation off so-called non-sporting guns.

The 504 is the chrome version of the 503/A.

It seems well made, far better than RG or BryjeneoixCo.

How Can It Be A Carbine If It's Not A Shorter Version Of A Rifle?

New to Willard, Red River Army Depot refurbished, February 1943 made Carbine, Cal .30, M1.

Mitten das stickeren die sweinen.

It's clean, intact and all Inland Div of GM, including the barrel.  Got it for a fair deal too.


Did Hornady hire the unibomber to pose for their boxes?

Long Term

On of the downfalls to living in a college town is your friends all end up being 18-24 as you get ever older.  They leave when they graduate and are replaced by those fresh out of high school.

Occasionally you will reconnect with one and find you don't recognize them anymore as they've changed over the years.

An even smaller group is the ones you didn't lose track of and stayed something of friends with.  They change too, but it seems more slowly as you adapt to each other because there's communication.  However there's often a moment where you suddenly stop recognizing your friend and start seeing their spouse.

It's a moment of punctuated equilibrium where you suddenly notice the difference made in your friend's likes and dislikes that are the product of close association with their significant other.

What's also astonishing is that they never seem to notice (or admit to noticing) how much change has occurred.


The first issue iteration of the venerable Sidewinder was designed to shoot unmaneuverable bombers.

Get in trail behind the lumbering things and let fly.

They do work when employed against bombers.

Against nimble fighters, not so well.

You have to hope to pull a Richthofen and sneak up on them unawares and flying straight and level.

In my flight sim, Strike Fighters 2, the main use of the AIM-9B on fighters (when I have a gun) is to force the gomer into a break turn to bleed off some speed and give me a better chance of getting a shot in.  This is an especially valuable tactic when you're given missions where the play time is severely limited by the infernal distances you've got to traverse.

Every once and a while, you get a lucky shot with this tactic, though.

Tonight it was an East German MiG-21F-13.

The mission was a CAP over the next friendly base over from our home base, Twenthe.

Four Soviet MiG-21F-13 were our assigned target and we met them as they got close.  Wingman did a good job of distracting them so I could get four kills with the gun in my F-104C (Project Grindstone modded).  I fired two sidewinders to get the effect I described above in the process.

I break off the last Fishbed, point the nose in Wingman's direction and ask his status.  He replies that he still has guns and three missiles, then not a second later screams, "I'm taking damage!"  He ejected safely, but that still left me with two on one the hard way.

I ended up placed perfectly for a nice snap shot on the East German lead and a gentle stroking of 20mm ended his day.  His wingman broke and ran.

The Fishbed C is pretty fast and I'd have a fuel situation if I tried to run him down for a guns kill.  Falling into trail I get a good tone and lob a 'winder in his general direction.  He starts a turn to the left and I figure that will slow him down enough to close to gun range.  However, KABOOM, today the Ford-Aerospace seeker actually followed the intended target and hit!

I flew the 35 miles back to Twenthe and landed with a mere 500 pounds of gas left on board.

26 April 2016

Black Sails

It's an entertaining original show on Starz.

It's a prequel for Treasure Island.

Obviously, the story arc can only go so far before they have to leave the playing pieces poised at the end of Black Sails for the beginning of Treasure Island.

What I think they should pitch is filming Treasure Island with the same production crew and cast (at least of the people who live to appear in the Robert Louis Stephens novel.

All Your Climate Change Denial In One Place

It's pretty dense reading, but worth the time.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4-A.

Part 4-B.

Part 5-A.

Part 5-B.

Part 6.

It's got all the charts and graphs and explanations about how the global warming people are conning you that you'd ever need.

Conflict Of Interest

This is the beginning of a thought...

It's not a full thought...

Public services are things that the citizenry want done that they can't do economically on their own as individuals so they grant permission to their government to do it collectively.

Thus the entire reason for the jobs in the public service is literally to serve the needs of the community.

Unions entire reason for existence is to further the wants and needs of their members (or cynically their leadership).

Public sector unionization has created a situation where the public service employees no longer care about the reason their jobs exist in the first place and create ever increasing financial pressure on the community's coffers while return ever decreasing service.

Remember the opening here, getting something done that they cannot economically do on their own.

It is getting to the point that the expense of going it on your own is more economical than having your government do it.

You might also notice that public services dominated by unions also often have laws, ordinances and regulations forbidding the individual from providing these services for themselves.

The sense of entitlement from these unionized public workers puts even the most brazen welfare parasite to shame as well.  The community OWES them for doing their job as agreed.  Not just owes them the agreed upon compensation, but the compensation they "were screwed out of" during the last contract negotiations.

Meanwhile the work they were hired to do doesn't get done as the number of employees climbs and the salaries and benefits increase.

Survival Susan Or Orange Julia

Which is the better name for Willard's survival carbine?

AR15 Mold Freedom 15 lowerDelton M4gry kitCavalry Manufacturing furniture setTacticool22 bayonet adapterEcho sling.

Cav forgot to send a pistol grip with the set.  Ooops.

All told there's now four different hues of orange on the gun now.  With more coming since paint is planned!

The Echo sling, by the way, is blinding in daylight.

A problem we encountered using rifle stocks with the Freedom 15 lower was they can't be screwed far enough in to catch the buffer retainer.

Marv and I brainstormed a solution and cut apart an old carbine receiver extension into thin rings that make up the gap from the front of the rifle extension to the buffer retainer (and I forgot to take a picture of it installed).

It's got the extension butted up against its back so it's kind of like a jamb nut.

Fuck 'Em If They Can't Take A Joke

Over on Arfcom...

A "local" (meaning in Florida) AR maker posted:

Tampa Gun Show.  Come See Us!

If your local to Tampa come out to the gun show, were cuttin deals!!
We love meeting our AR15.com brothers! 

The post date-stamp is 1021 24Apr16, but it didn't actually appear until the morning of the 25th my bad for not seeing the date stamp.  There was a gun show in Tampa on the 23-24.

I asked:

Does that translate to...

Originally Posted By [his account name]:
If you are local to Tampa; come out to the gun show: we are cutting deals!!

We love meeting our AR15.com brothers!

If so, which gun show? Because the fairground show was the day before your (not you're or yore) post. 

In the world of grammar nazi, my little chiding was very minor.

I got three responses to that.

First from him in the thread:

Funny, I posted that from inside the show. Pretty sure I had the day and date correct. Glad I didn't meet you though because you seem like you're a real dick

Then a moderator locked the thread.  Calling me a dick is a personal attack and forbidden by the code of conduct.

Then he emailed me:

Please Reply To: [his email] ([his account name])

Hey what was up with that post you made in my Tampa gun show thread? You felt the need to correct my punctuation and do it like an asshole? Whats your problem? Issue with my company? Just an issue with everyone in general? Are you one of those type of people?

Also I had the date exactly right, I posted it while standing at my booth. 
Sometimes its better to keep your mouth shut rather than making yourself look like a complete asshole (which you obviously are) so it makes sense to me  actually...nevermind
OK, I'm an asshole.  Fine.

The company he is representing here reviews well, but this interaction makes me believe that they bury bad reviews.  No proof, but it matches the personality.

Besides, if you can't handle (or bother) finding the apostrophe on your phone to make a post, should you be using contractions in your speech?  Plus what does that attention to detail say about your ability to actually make a quality product?

Plus his response to my reply is extremely unprofessional.

Me?  I'm a blogger, I am not a professional at all.


I did find a couple of negative reviews.  It seems that their go-to response is to accuse the customer of lying about the deficiency rather than making it good when something is wrong.  Bad sign that. 

25 April 2016

Want Don't Want

Nostalgia is an odd thing.

The Beretta M9 does not fit my hand well, as such I don't really want one.

"So don't buy one!" you're screaming at the screen no doubt.

Yet, I was issued one.

I have a clone of my M1911A1.  I have a clone of my M16A2.  I even have a clone of the M16A1 I was very briefly issued in OSUT.

I do not have an M9, so I want one to complete the Issued to Thag set.

Mutter mutter.  Mumble mumble.

It's not a high priority though.

Pragmatic Leadership

Conversing with Willard about "back when" always reconnects synapses long dormant.

We were talking about effective leadership and an anecdote popped back up.

One my morning NCO responsibilities was to make sure the bathroom shitter toilet latrine was cleaned up before first formation.

Normally this is done quickly and efficiently, but we'd hit two snags.

First was the smokers putting out their butts in the urinals.  This had led to clogged pipes and misery for everyone.

Second was the lint trap on the dryer never being cleaned between uses.

I solved the first problem by putting one of those sand-bowl ashtrays outside the bathroom shitter toilet latrine door, with a sign "BUTTS GO HERE" in red letters on a white sign.  Then with a tongue in cheek, "Smoking not permitted in this area without permission of the Installation Commander.  Use of deadly force authorized," under that in much smaller letters.  They noticed, they laughed, they used the sand instead of the urinals.

The second problem got a sign as well.  I explained that it was a fire hazard to leave the lint in there and if our dryer caught fire, it'd be gone and unlikely to be replaced because the powers that be would cite negligence on our part in its loss; so unless you wanted to use the base coin laundromat, clear out the lint.  Logic actually worked when I treated them like adults and the lint trap got cleaned.

For about a week.

My fellow barracks dwellers didn't suddenly stop obeying the signs.

My platoon sergeant saw them and asked, "what happens if you catch someone disobeying?"

I said that I'd council them first time and article 15 them second time.

"You don't need signs for that.  Take them down."

A week later at oh-my-fucking-God-thirty the shitters backed up so bad that the first floor of the barracks was rendered uninhabitable for days.  I don't know how much of the battalion budget went into fixing it, but it was definitely a clog caused by cigarette filters.

I cannot definitely say if it was MY bathroom shitter toilet latrine that caused the clog, we were on the fourth floor of four, but the timing was perfect.

The sign went back up.

24 April 2016

This Is Taking Green Energy Too Far

Although an electrically powered, and inflight recharged 747 is pretty cool.

The March Of Technology

When I first put together my Mac Pro I used Dell 2408WFP monitors.

24" diagonal, 1960x1200 with built in card readers and USB hub.

$600 each.

Eight years is apparently their lifespan.  They'd been warning me with vertical lines of solid color until they'd warmed up for about a year.

The first thing I learned is 1960x1200 is rare very expensive if you insist on it.  1960x1080 is far more available.

The second thing I learned is monitors have plummeted in price since my last search.  I'd intended to replace the one monitor that'd died completely but the local Best Buy was having a spot sale on Acer S271HL 27" monitors.  $100 instead of the "normal sale price" of $150 (Regular price $250).

So I bought two.  (Sorry about that FuzzyGeff, but I couldn't beat their price online).

There's now no money in my poor VA stipend account... =(

A cheap USB hub replaces the hub functionality from the old monitors and the printer has always had a card reader, so no net loss there.

I am surprised to see while playing Strike Fighters 2 that I can see better.  The size change from 24 to 27 inches is apparently just enough to make some of the instruments more legible.

Other things that fascinate me about modern monitors is I remember having to install software to make things like monitors and keyboards function at more than the most basic of levels.  Now they just handshake when plugged in and start running.

23 April 2016

Almost A Gun

80% of a gun...

There's no hollow space for the trigger and associated bits to go in, or holes in the side for the pins.

I'd intended to take this pic with an upper on it, but there's not enough material taken out around the rear take-down for the rear lug to seat.

Definitely need to think of something creative to put on it for engraving.  Perhaps even the correct markings for M16A2 5.56 Cal Auto Rifle, 1005-01-178-9936, Serial # 6300574...  That'd be hilarious to me to make a really accurate clone of the gun rifle issued to my tank.

Whiz Bang Is The Proper Order

22 April 2016

No Good

It just occurred to me that the reason I never seem to have a good day is that I don't own an AK.

Without an AK I lack a barometer of whether today was a good day or not.

How can I tell if I have to use my AK if I don't have one?

The White Donkey

Just got done reading it.

Nicely done.

Not Terminal Lance at all.

21 April 2016

Feel Better Sound Worse

I have a cold.

Not a death's door kind of cold, just a runny nose and sneezing fits cold.

A bit of a sore throat from the drainage and while I could talk coarsely yesterday...

I have no voice at all today.

But I feel much better!

Tomorrow I will likely be right as rain, but for now I am mute.

20 April 2016


Have you ever noticed that the survival rates for major organ transplants often give numbers out to five years, but rarely beyond that?

I sometimes wonder if the quality of life is worth it.  You're going to start pretty damned sick or you wouldn't be looking at a transplant; then the time post-op is also very miserable and recovery is often stated in terms of years.

Like half of the rest of your life if five years is often the limit.

Patients getting much past five years must be remarkable because the positive and upbeat sites advocating transplants never remark on it.  "Needing a transplant must be depressing enough, so let's not dash their hopes."

A factor in this could easily be that really young people don't often need transplants.  Young people (on motorcycles) provide transplants...

Is This Your Goat?

Because I have gotten your goat, Mr Marine.

Teh horrors!  Troops laugh when equipment is negligently and/or wantonly destroyed.

Thanks to XBradTC for the vid!

I posited in the comments that it wasn't funny to other commenters because they weren't combat arms or had gotten too high in enlisted rank.  Officers all seem to think this is hilarious.

Where I was wrong was the break-off point for that rank.  Typically it's about E-6 for the Army.  Apparently the USMC surgically removes your sense of humor far earlier.

Well, now my sense of humor is stoked by the humorlessness of Mr Marine.  (Assuming that 0321 is some kind of Marine code for combat arms, it could be Lawn Maintenance for all I know of The Corpse Core Corps.).

Actually, even if it's infantry, how would you tell it APART from lawn maintenance?  Soldiers (and Marines) sure spend a lot of time cutting the grass.

-Angus McThag 19K20

Husqvarna m/40

Most guns start with a block of steel and you remove everything that doesn't lend itself to a general impression of pistolity.

The Lahti pistol just takes that block and removes everything that keeps the gun from functioning, regardless of if it still looks like an anvil when you're done.

The Husqvarna m/40 is based on the Finnish L-35 designed by Almo Lahti and it served Sweden well into the 1980's before being replaced by the Glock 17 and 19 (Pistol 88 and Pistol 88B).

It only looks a bit like a Luger, it doesn't work the same way at all.

It's a short-recoil gun with a bolt.

It comes apart easily.  Drop the magazine, rack the bolt, rotate the latch on the front, slide the slide off the front.

The bolt is locked by a block that slides up and down on tracks in the frame.

Tracks that you cannot see behind the recoil spring and hammer.

Bolt open
The block is U shaped and engages a slot in the top of the bolt and grooves in the side of the slide to lock.

The block is directional, the arrow points towards the muzzle.

Unusual for a pistol, the Lahti design has a bolt accelerator (but no brake or clutch).

This little lever hits a bar in the frame and...
...swings against the front of the bolt, accelerating it to the rear.
This pistol was designed to be frozen solid with lubricants taking on the consistency of putty.

The holster fully encapsulates the thing, protecting it from all environmental hazards, such as mud, snow, rain and being drawn.

The complete, issued, rig comes with two spare magazines, cleaning rod, a loading tool / screwdriver and a leather thong lanyard.

Thanks to Willard for the loan of your gun to take pics of!

Even More Single Stack

S&W 39-2, Beretta M1951, Star Super B, Husqvarna m/40, Walther P.1, Star B.

All 9x19mm single stacks.  All post dating the Browning Hi-Power...

Dept Of Silly Hats

I've thought of a solution to the Cops Look Like Soldiers thing that bothers me.


The uniform hat that goes with the OD green coverall and MOLLE webbing is a pith helmet with a shiny silver shield with the department logo.

A ball-cap with embroidered logo is the uniform hat for the "cop looking" uniform of slacks, shirt and gun-belt.

The officer may chose either uniform.

Going without your hat is not authorized.

Wearing of the ball cap is not authorized with any other uniform.

Do not lose your hat!

Titanically Long Titanic Animation

More On Toilets

"...Drill noticed three doors in the background marked EMITTERS, OOZERS and SQUIRTERS.  Sagely, he deduced those must be the bathrooms and decided that no matter how much he drank tonight, he could hold it until they returned to the shuttle."
P. Foglio and N. Pollotta
Illegal Aliens

This could be where we're headed for restroom labeling.

Are you ready?

Happy Birthday Asshole

Today is the 70th consecutive birthday that Adolf Hitler has been too dead to enjoy.

A pity that it's not the 100th.

19 April 2016

To Work!

I've been working on drawings for the HEL E4A clone that I recently got permission to build.

Simple things really.

 You can almost tell I used to do this for a living...

I need to do some further calculations and figure out what kind of geometric tolerances I need for this.

Regimental History

It's kind of a thrill to see someone you know mentioned in a Wikipedia entry.

Willard is in this one.

He points out several inaccuracies (like his name being typoed), but goes along with the flow of the narrative.

This is also the engagement where the Battle of the BTR-152 occurred.

It's People!

Is a troupe of cannibalistic acrobats from France called the Circe de Soylent?

Government Approved

My ATF Form 1 was approved today!

<happy dance>

And what a pregnant day to be dealing with the ATF...

Single Stack 9mm

S&W 39-2, Beretta M1951, Star B.

The wondernine take-over kind of eliminated this as a breed, but they're still kind of neat.

There's certainly a niche out there for a slightly narrower gun, isn't there?

They've Chosen A Side

The Florida Sheriffs Association has chosen state Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla as its “2016 Legislator of the Year.”

- Lee Williams.

18 April 2016

Quote Of The Random Interval

“At least once every human should have to run for his life, to teach him that milk does not come from supermarkets, that safety does not come from policemen, that 'news' is not something that happens to other people. He might learn how his ancestors lived and that he himself is no different--in the crunch his life depends on his agility, alertness, and personal resourcefulness.”

― Robert A. Heinlein

'Splain It To Me

If the science is so damn settled, why do they feel they have to resort to concentration reeducation camps prison time to make sure there's no dissent.

We don't jail the flat-earthers.
We don't jail the anti-vaxxers.

We don't even jail the Christian Scientists.

Their willingness to make dissent illegal says more about the validity of their supposed science than any reasoned piece of research I could ever find.

George Bushitler didn't even round up dissenters about 9/11.

Once again we see who the real facists are.

I am fascinated to a degree because there were a lot of us who said that it would come to this all the way back when Bill Clinton was president.  The more vocal of us were off by several years, but I called it at about a generation or two, to let their dominance of the schools and universities do its work.

History doesn't repeat, it rhymes.


Every once and a while, one just needs some yellow curry chicken.

Click Delete

A while back I tried a new sear to fix the "click test".  It wasn't really any better.  So I ordered a new safety from Midway (and these things sell out fast!).

A: From the top of the hammer notch to the top of the sear when fully cocked and engaged.
B: From the top of the hammer notch to the top of the sear after the trigger was pulled with the safety on.
The difference between these measurements is how far the sear moves.

C: From the top of the sear to the top of the hammer notch with the sear released.  This plus the first measurement gives the total travel required for the gun to fire.

Old Sear / Old Safety:    A: 0.014"; B: -0.006"; C: 0.031".  0.020" click movement, 0.045" to release (0.025").
New Sear / Old Safety:  A: 0.013"; B: -0.010"; C: 0.038".  0.023" click movement, 0.051" to release (0.028").
Old Sear / New Safety:  A: 0.014"; B: 0.014"; C: 0.031".  0.000" click movement, 0.045" to release (0.045").
New Sear / New Safety:  A: 0.013"; B: 0.009"; C: 0.046".  0.004" click movement, 0.059" to release (0.055").

The new safety with the new sear would be better than the gun came, but it's not as good as the old sear with the new safety.  You only find this kind of stuff out by measuring.

The only downside is the new safety is matte blue instead of parkerized.  I hear that naval jelly will gray it up some.

Wimmins In Combat Arms

I think we need a return to an old idea if we're adding women to the combat side of things.

No living off post, no getting married until at least E-5.  No accepting married recruits for enlistment unless there's a special skill they're bringing to the table to compensate for the fucking bother.

And it is a bother.

Next, getting knocked up is no longer an honorable-medical discharge.  Classify it for what it is, a self inflicted medical disability and treat it accordingly.  The girls have been using getting pregnant as a means of escape when they want out since when I was in, we can't afford this BS with combat formations.

What about your right to have a family?  You waived that with your freedom of speech and a couple of others when you signed up.  Read that contract again Kid.  But so having a family isn't a complete career wrecker, once you're E-5 we can talk about your getting hitched and getting some time off to breed.

Most importantly, if you're equal YOU ARE EQUAL.  No more gender norming the tests on anything.  Starting with the ASVAB, but most importantly including PT.

Maybe It's Just Me

Reading this.

The only threat she'd have had to have used to keep me in line when I was 16 was that she'd stop having sex with me.

The moving around a lot, in addition to being "the other" and fair game for the bullies, meant you were also not considered eligible for female companionship.

Raging hormones being what they are, my 16 year old ass would have happily and willingly jumped into some 38 year old's bed so fast there'd be a vapor trail behind me.

I know this because at Sturgis 1985 said vapor trail was formed when a very nice, but definitely in her 30's, woman invited me into her tent.

You will never convince me I was raped.

And for fuck's sake, my FATHER had me at Sturgis three years running when I was 14-16.  I'd seen the golden calf, ankle, thigh and upper half already and yearned to embrace them.