29 December 2006


Just got back from visiting Skeezer, Texas.

Thanks to him for having me and helping pay for the trip out.

FuzzyGeff was there (still is in fact) so we hung out and chewed the fat serious.

I had a great time.

Sure is a long dang drive though. Took 17:40 hours to get out there and 17:00 to get back. Overnighting in Biloxi might be the way to do it.

Did some shooting out there. My Russian Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 doesn't shoot near as nice as the Polish Mosin-Nagant M-44. Which is odd because the M-44 is a LOT shorter.

Geff got to renew his friendship with Weatherby.

Lots of outstanding food in Texas. Fuddruckers is about the best burger I have had in years. And the "fast food" bar-b-que is way better than most places here. Of course, Texas has excellent Tex-Mex.

Tried to go see the Steve Jackson Games compound! We started early and


Wow! That was sure fun! As you can read, we had a great time!

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