19 December 2006


In my rantings you might think that I am a frothing Muslim hater. Nope. My problem with Muslims is pretty much the same problem I have with my own Government, they won't let me live my life the way I want to.

Catholics leave me alone.

The Mormons leave me alone, now.

Jehovah's Witnesses don't leave me alone, but they take no for an answer.

The list goes on.

I also come across as a raging republican sometimes. They are on the correct side of the gun debate, most of the time.

Gimme a Democrat who will lower taxes, promote gun ownership and not endorse guilt-racism and I will be a supporter!

I can usually get all three of those from a Republican.

Where I usually depart from the Democrats, aside from the gun thing, is I am also not a Socialist. Socialism doesn't work and variations on the Socialism theme have killed too many innocent people to trust it.

The religion-politics thing comes up again with "Social-Conservatives" this seems to be the new code word for "Right Wing Ultra Christian" now. As I allude in my tirades against Islam, I have no desire to live under a theocracy!

Not a single God has come forth to me with a revelation that convinces me that they are the one true God and that I should adhere to Their decrees. And according to the Holy Books of many of them, God made me this way, knows what it would take to get me on the team and doesn't. With that logic in place, the best I can come up with, IF the Christians are correct, is that God wants me this way for some inscrutable God reason. Who am I to thwart the Will Of God by believing?

The Republicans who cuddle up to the religious right piss me off. And it's not just them, show me a President who didn't do the Sunday church thing. Even Clinton did church on Sunday. Devout Christians don't let (or order) interns give them hummers under their desks, so...

The religious right wants to take away choices from me. For all I know, sucking cock and taking it up the ass is glorious fun. I don't know because I'm not gay. My gay friends just call it, "sex". Wanna bet it's not really all that different from the hetero experience? One huge difference though, can't "go forth and multiply" doing strictly gay sex. I'm betting this is the core of the issue. And the Leviticus warning about men and boys is about pederasty, not homosexuals. Read your book! I'm nearly an atheist and I have.

Religion is also how we got sin taxes and it's certainly what got Prohibition rolling. Try to remember that there were people trying to get tobacco banned long before we knew much about the harmful effects. But it's WRONG, people enjoy it and we are forbidden it by our imaginary friend so it must be made illegal!

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