18 June 2007

Father's Day

Father's day for me was good and bad.

Good in that I am a father, so The Boy's love of me was really felt. Even though I was an ogre for most of the damn day. He got me a DVD of one of my favorite movies.

Bad, in that I was in a pissy mood all day. A mood that wasn't helped by calling my own father. I think I will take the hint from that side of the family and just stop attempting to contact them. They sure don't try to get a hold of me.

McSister, the executor of Mom's will, has hired a probate attorney. She doesn't seem to have done anything else about getting Mom's estate in order. Like mailing a simple request for a title for the Civic Mom gave me. Gonna be fun attempting to register that without a title. Prolly never going to see that title and have to sell off the parts.

And I suspect that there will be no disbursement from the retirement accounts. It seems like every time I depend on my blood-relatives to merely do what they say they are going to do, the fuck me.

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