28 June 2007

That Was Sure Interesting! Power To The People!

The Illegal Immigration Amnesty got nuked.

All because we the great unwashed demanded it so hard we melted the Senate's phone system down!

Good for us! About time the Senate got a bit of a reminder that they SERVE. And they serve at our pleasure. They do not RULE.

Aside to Michele Evermore, kudos to Sen Harkin for voting to kill this thing. My Senators both wanted this bill, and hard. I wanted to get rid of Nelson from before, but Martinez was a surprise. Me thinks he'll be outside looking in next election.

The local press tried to make a stink about a Panama City sheriff operating a task force that hit construction sites and arrested illegal aliens. Guess what? It's getting hard to find illegals on work-sites now. They talked to a Mexican and he cried about how he couldn't find work around there anymore and couldn't send money to his family in Mexico.

Two things, first I don't care because you are committing a felony just by standing there and second, I don't approve of hiring people whose main impact on the economy is to export their wages. To be good for OUR economy, they have to spend them bucks here. But even if they spent it all here, they are here illegally and must go.

Anyway, our worker is whining, the press is crying and the local residents? Celebrating! Building contractors are complaining that they can't get things built. Awwwww, poor babies. Isn't hiring illegal aliens illegal? I think you should shut up before someone remembers that and fines you out of business and puts you in jail.

I know lots of people in the construction industry, my father in law for one, and they have all been talking for years about how wages have dropped through the floor because of all the illegals. I find I am fascinated that the "rah rah union" Democrats don't support the skilled construction contractor in the same manner as they support the UAW. Oh wait, no bribescampaign contributions come from the contractors like the UAW pays. I totally understand why the Republicans are for the illegals working construction, big construction companiespay big bribes make large campaign contributions.

14% approval rating for Congress? Yikes! With numbers like that I could run Hitler in Tel Aviv and win.

Dude! It's HITLER!
But he's not an incumbent?
He's got my vote!
But it's HITLER!
I know, but he's not an incumbent.

That skit gets lots of laughs if you play the pro-Hitler voice with a Yiddish accent.

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