26 November 2008


To my Religious Right buddies,

I will grant, for the sake of argument, that once the sperm enters the egg that is now a human being and that killing it is murder.

Given #1. Abortion is murder.


Do you know how many people voted for Obama because of the abortion issue? Do you know how many times I spoke to someone about his positions and they agreed that everything bad I had to say about him was likely true, but they didn't want to see abortions banned.

They are far more afraid of the Republicans owing the religious fundamentalists favors than most anything else.

How many abortions in the USA every year? CDC claims about 1.3 million a year (A lot more than I thought there would be!). OK, religious types, if this is indeed 1.3 million murders a year, that's a holocaust, and why are you sitting there doing, essentially, nothing? Isn't God on your side enough for a bloody revolution?

Well, you did manage to do one thing. You managed to get a Republican who couldn't get elected nominated and once he was in place, you got out the vote for his opponent.

I pray for the day when the Religious Right is recognized as the liability that it most certainly is.

I seek a return to a constitutionally limited democratic republic. I will not get that when I have socialist on the left screwing me on the 2nd amendment and religious fanatics on the right aiming at my 1st amendment rights by going for a theocracy!

The whole "when is it human?" question is a religious one. I'm of the opinion that it's not a human until it can live exposed in the atmosphere. Some say it's not human until it starts paying more than it's using (I know some rather old folks who fail this test of humanity).

If the rate of abortions is what's really the issue, I have a couple of things that would likely help. Some of it would be pleasing to the religious too.

Morality. Bringing a common code that society enforces outside of the law would go a long way towards reducing the number of pregnancies that someone wants to be rid of. The trick with such a moral code is not making a theocracy out of it. This would require some fundamental changes in US law as well because at the moment we cannot refuse to associate with someone we find repugnant because of discrimination laws.

Affluence. I am aware of at least one abortion where the parents simply had too much on their plate to add another child to the mix. If they'd been more wealthy, they would have had a larger plate. Has anyone done a serious study comparing wealth and abortion? I'm going to guess that the really poor and really rich don't have them. I think that the really poor see that child as a means of getting financial aid and the really rich are not substantially burdened with a child. I'm going to guess that the middle is where most of the abortions are happening, and because the addition of a child to their lives is ruinous. Loss of at least one income. Increase in expenses. Extra stress at home. And this assumes a 100% healthy child.

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