28 March 2009

It Is Entirely FuzzyGeff's Fault

Last summer Geff, Tim and I played in my GURPS: SEALs in Vietnam single shot.

I became inspired to make our characters with 1/35 scale model kits.

Some notes about the start follow...

Geff's character took an H&R T223. He selected it because it has a 40 round magazine. The T223 is a license manufactured H&K HK33.

I was OK until I went to find a kit that contained the aforementioned HK33. Dragon used to make an MP.5/G.3 Family kit with a couple examples of every H&K gun. I cannot find that set anywhere.

So, I made one.

Here's one compared to an M16

This is an Israeli Negev light machine gun.

I took the magazine.

Next an MP5A3 was donated from the LAPD SWAT team kit.

And I stole its stock. This worked out well since the HK33 uses the same stock as an MP5, and different from a fixed stock G3.

I next took a G3A4 from a Modern German Paratrooper kit.

And removed the sliding stock base and magazine.

Then we glue it all together.

I'd like everyone to notice the dime. These are tiny little guns.

Tim's character presented my next problem. His character took a CAR-15 R607 and a Naval Weapons Center, China Lake, Pump-Action Grenade Launcher. The R607 I snagged from a Dragon M16 family kit. I had to make the NWSCL GL from scratch.

I used the barrel from an M79 I got from a Vietnam era USMC Recon kit. The magazine is the barrel from an M203 out of the M16 family kit. The stock is from a Mossberg 500 that came in a Nam era SEAL kit. The remains of the M203's parent rifle donated some stuff too.

Because the GL was so much more involved, it didn't get as well documented.

My Mary Sue has an M3 OSS grease gun. This is merely a silenced M3, there's a video of one shooting on this very Live Journal! Making this was simple, I just cut off the old barrel and used my lighter to stretch some sprue. Notice the correct taper? I love when I get lucky.

The really sad thing about this is I had to get 6 packs of 4 figures each to get enough bits to make three Player Character models. Damn their independent thinking and all!

I added the action bulge to the bottom.

I changed the magazine on the T223 from the Negev to one from a StG.45(M). I think it looks more like the photo now.

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