26 November 2009

So That's It Then

To the President, Congress and Supreme Court of the United States, their subsidiary offices and directories:

Charging those SEALs with assault will result in no more captures.

They are not stupid men, they will notice very quickly that a corpse cannot complain about a split lip and start shooting them instead of capturing them.

Try to charge them for that and they can, justly, hide behind the Geneva Convention and its treatment of combatants who refuse to wear uniforms. Before you say, "No they cannot!" remember that we did not bring a single Nazi up on charges for how they dealt with partizans in the Balkans. Not failed to convict, but refused to charge.

Make the attempt to change the military around that point and you will rapidly discover you don't have much of a military left. Do it just right and you may find more and more soldiers looking really hard at the "and domestic" portion of their service oaths. They swore to defend the nation and the constitution, not the sitting government.

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