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07 November 2010

Barbie Things

AR's accumulate.  Parts for AR's likewise accumulate.

Before long you need, "just one more part" to turn the left over parts into a complete gun.

I'm almost there for a 6.8 upper.  I need a muzzle device, gas tube, bolt carrier group and a forward assist.

A problem with this is that the YHM lightweight 4-rail doesn't suit me.  It's in the parts bin because I put a LaRue 4-rail on Dottie.

The Barrel is a Kotonics/Cardinal that got replaced with one from Bison because I didn't like how the Troy Medieval muzzle brake looked on it.

The flat-top upper is left over from my experiment at making Kaylee into an M4 clone.

I have two choices for the gas block, a YHM railed block or a conventional front sight base without a bayonet lug.  I don't like either, to be honest.

Whats to do, whats to do.

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