18 November 2010

Hey, I have one of those!

Jay G has posted his list of grail guns.

Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless, .32 ACP.  Made in 1913.  It's lacking an original magazine, but it's in damn fine shape all things considered.

Considering that gun and pawn shops down here are practically awash with both these and it's bigger brother the Modeel 1908 Pocket Hammerless, .380 ACP I was surprised to hear Jay call them rare.  The Army issued guns (parkerized with walnut stocks) are rare, but not the blued.

I have a 1908 too:

It's not in as pristine shape, but that's OK.  It's got character.  Please note the original magazine!  Those are not very easy to find.  This is one of my favorite pistols.  It's old enough to have charm, beat up enough that I don't think twice about carrying it, and it's a damn fine shooting gun considering that it was made in 1926.  I damn sure know I will not be in this good of shape when I am 84.

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