24 November 2010

Truly, it is the little things.

I change my own oil.

On one hand it's a tedious chore.  On the other it's a moment of zen.

It's absolutely dirt simple.  Get the ramps out.  Drive the car up on them.  Get the tools out.  Crawl under the car with the drain pan.  Take out the drain plug and drop the filter.  Crawl out from underneath.  Get the new filter ready.  Crawl back under.  Replace the drain plug.  Install the new filter.  Crawl out from under, bringing the tools and pan.  Pop the hood.  Put in the proper amount of the correct oil.  Check the oil level. Close the hood.  Drive down off the ramps.  Put the ramps away.  Sweep and clean up.  Put car away.

Do you know how many people cannot do that even if provided with tools?

Do you know how many people can do that, but don't own the tools?

This is something everyone should know how to do and have the tools to do it.  Even if you take it to Jiffy Lube, you should be able to do it on your own.

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