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16 March 2011

We shall call her Tabitha

Stole the bolt carrier and lower from Charlotte, my M16 clone, and put her together a little further.

Still trying to decide what Alternate Retro designation should be.  Since it's a slick side, it's deserving of an AF moniker.  GUU-5/P is the catch-all for the Air Force's carbines.  GAU-5/A is the original designation they used, with GAU-5A/A and GAU-5A/B being later variations.

I am thinking that GUU-5P/A or GAU-5A/C would be appropriate.  The 'R' designation is, of course, R668.

I took the upper into the garage, clamped it into a vice and checked the sights alignment to the bore.  At the 10 yard distance I have in the garage the front sight appears to be in line L-R with the bore.  What a relief!  That means it's likely going to zero fine.

The tracking number hints at delivery of the gas-tube, handguards and flash-hider tomorrow.


The tracking number shows that the package was scanned at a hub the morning of the 16th and doesn't appear to have moved since.  I sure hope the parts get here by Friday.

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