24 February 2012

Poor Damn Customer Service.

I got a $20 credit for my inconvenience when DSA recalled the trigger housing on my FAL.

I've been desperately trying to find something, anything, to buy from them to use that up.

First I tried to get a Harris bipod adaptor.  Back ordered for four months.  Cancelled the order.

Next I tried to get a double hump buttstock, I prefer the looks over the Austrian pattern that's standard.

I called ahead to make sure it's in stock.  First time it was, "call back in a couple of weeks, we're expecting an order."

So I waited a couple of weeks and called again.  The guy on the phone said they had them.  So I ordered one.

Confirmation email says it's backordered!

So I called back, and complained that I had called to make sure it was in stock.  He said he'd expedite the order because he knew they had them.  My order status on their web page has not changed.  It's still showing backordered.

I'll give them a week for it to show up or to tell me it's on the way.

Then I cancel the order and never do business with DSA again.

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