16 January 2013

Holy Crap!

There's no way to say it without coming off as racist.  There just isn't.

I was looking in the FBI expanded homicide data tables.

38.2% of the murders in this country are committed by someone who is black.
32.1% of the murders in this country are committed by someone who is white.

Seems pretty even so far, doesn't it?

13.1% of the population is black.
72.4% of the population is white (including hispanics).
63.7% of the population is non-hispanic white.

Black people murder at 5.79 times the rate that white people do.  It's even worse if you include hispanics in the white category (which I think the FBI did), 6.58 times.

Holy crap!


  1. People crammed in welfare ghettos murder at a vastly greater rate than people living their own lives on their own dime.

    If you keep people in zoos, they will act like animals. The Democrat party should be ashamed at what it has done to the poor in this country.

  2. The real racist response is animals in zoos are animals. Which I have already gotten privately! Yay.

    The whole black v white thing was almost settled. Blacks were poised to take their place in this nation as equals, then... Can it all be lain at LBJ's feet? The timing is about right.


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