03 January 2013

Lifetime Warranty My Ass

Marv had a Kershaw Cyclone.

The assist spring broke on it once, Kershaw repaired it under warranty.

Within days of getting it back from service, it broke again.

They told him that they weren't supporting the Cyclone any more but would send him a voucher towards purchase of a new knife.

The equivalent knife in the present line up is the Blur.

Similar size. 3 3/8" v 3 3/4"
Similar blade material. Sandvik 14C28N v Sandvik 13C26
Same handle material.  6061-T6 Aluminum
Reversible clip.

All of the features that led him to purchase the Cyclone in the first place.

The $80 voucher (usable only at their webstore) was not enough to cover the price of a Blur and he ended up with a Scallion.

Shorter blade.  2 1/4" v 3 3/4"
Different blade material.  420HC v Sandvik 13C26
Different blade shape!  Yes, this matters.
Different handle material.  Glass filled nylon v 6061-T6 Aluminum.
Non-reversible clip.

It did not break from misuse or poor maintenance.  It was not repaired or replaced with an equal knife.

I am very disappointed in the customer service displayed by Kershaw.  The outcome is flavored by the three months of waiting for the first repair with no communications and then the nearly nine month wait to get a decision to cheap out on the replacement.

Marv's experience coupled with their apparent shift from American made goods to Chinese imports has really soured me on the company and I won't be buying a new Kershaw to replace my Cyclone when the day finally comes.


  1. That sucks. My first EDC knife was the old and discontinued Kershaw liner-lock knife (don't think it even has a more specific name), I sent it back once the surfaces were so warn the blade was rattling in the frame.

    They replaced it with a brand new knife.

    Its a shame those days are over.

    He should look into the CRKT Premonition. I've been having great luck with this one.

  2. I'm slowly switching over from Kershaws to CRKT's as I find them on sale. The Kershaws just aren't holding up to rough use.


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