07 January 2013

No Guns?


Bring it on.

I'm a relatively big guy.  I know how to use a sword, spear and pike with and without a shield.

I may not be an expert, but I know them at all.

Those who know nothing will be at my mercy!

Sucks to be them, huh?

Oh wait, I'm a civilized chap and I'd never go feudal on anyone.

Oh well...


  1. Yep, I've got a VERY good knowledge of human anatomy, and I'm very comfortable handling knives. I may not be able to deploy as effectively as some, but if I get a chance to cut you, it'll probably be fatal, and might be in locations that you may not even be aware of that lead to swift death.

    Of course I have no taste for violence. I hate it. I only want to use violence judiciously to respond to wanton violence.

    Hence why I should have a gun, and NOT be treated like a criminal.

    1. Radial and femoral arteries are my favorites. Time and time again in SCA fighting you'd see how exposed those locations are when people think they've taken a "guard" stance.

      Same with my karate classes.

      Stab for the armpit and the natural response is to clamp down with your arm. If the blade is sharp and parallel to the ground just pull back sharply and dance around for a bit while bleeding does the work.

      That's in a Roman sword manual, by the by...

    2. And lovely organs like the liver or kidneys which are both close to the surface and not covered by bone. People work hard defending their head, neck and upper chest.

      Also those arteries travel all the way down. Throw a punch at me, and you've just extended your target into my personal space!

  2. You forgot something.

    After "at my mercy," there should be a "BWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

    Just sayin'.


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