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01 January 2013

Registration Always Leads To Confiscation

Maybe not today.  Maybe not tomorrow.  But eventually.

Look, they've proposed a ban...  Illinois has a Firearms Owner ID card.  You need that to buy and possess a firearm if you live in Illinois.

Who has a FOID except for a gun owner?  It will be grounds for the search warrant to see if you have any guns in the house.

Although Illinois doesn't have registration, they do make you call in every time you buy a gun and I'm not finding where they're forbidden to keep those records.

I was hoping that I really was as crazy and paranoid as everyone said I was.  Turns out I was just being observant not pessimistic.

h/t Zombie Rush

PS: This is one time I am thankful for being bounced all over the country by my dad hopping jobs.  We lived in Bolingbrook, IL from 70-79; I could have ended up there and stuck with this shit directly instead of seeing it from afar as a warning to others.

1 comment:

  1. IMHO this will be the test bed for all of the us, if it passes and no one fights, beware Mr and Mrs America ...........;(


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