19 January 2013

Worse Than RINO

There's a class of Republican that's worse than RINO.

These are found in places that are VERY Democrat, like New York City, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

They are merely the not-Democrat party candidates and not recognizable as a Republican in any other way.

Most RINO are not actually Democrats with an R, these guys are.

That they keep trying to recruit these guys to run for president says a lot about how messed up the RNC is.

Chris Christie is such a Democrat in Republican Clothes.  Mitt Romney as well.  Scott Brown...  The list goes on.

I like watching Gov Christie go off on the unions in his state, but name something else about him that's remotely conservative.  Go on.  He is a creature of NJ and that means that he's totally alien to how people think in all of Flyover and most of The South.

Nothing makes the distinctions more clear than when the topic of firearms comes up.

New Jersey has an AWB.  New Jersey has handgun registration police tracking of handgun sales.  New Jersey requires a permit to purchase which is obtained in a process that is very similar to what most other states would call a shall issue carry permit, including the extensive background check.

And all that seems perfectly normal to Gov Christie.

Where he's anti-union but union goons working for the electric companies turned aside non-union linemen.

Where he's a budget fixer who demanded his share of the federal largesse with his arm around the President when his ill prepared state was found to be so.  He at least wiped his mouth and dusted off his knees before getting on camera.

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  1. NC requires a permit to purchase handguns as well (not required of CCW permit holders, which is one of the reasons I got mine). It was put in place to keep "those" people from getting guns...but remember, it's the 2nd Amendment that was created to protect slavery...


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