15 September 2006


It's not everyday that I win one, so I waited a couple of days to comment on it.

Long time friends might recall Kenny Canniff kicking me out of his Gulf Coast Super Sport Club (GCSSC) last year.

He relented and "allowed" me to come to club meetings a few months ago. This coincided nicely with me finally getting to the point of being able to be around him without having a strong desire to put 230 grains of lead and copper into his forehead.

On August 20, 2006 Jim Meyer founded the FLA branch of INC. INC nominally means Impalas 'N' Caprices. August 23rd was our first meeting, at the same time and location as the GCSSC meeting. Everyone who showed from the old club joined the new club! Except Charlie.

The reason we are behind this new club is Kenny's insistence that he OWNS the club, it's HIS club, President and founder. Even though he didn't found it... We disposed the dictator and have a democracy now.

He is DEVASTATED! HAHAHAHAHAHA He's well on his way to alienating the people who still liked him personally even if they didn't like his club.

So, Mr Canniff, when you told me way back last year that YOU would win in our little conflict; you lose. I have a club to be a part of that welcomes me.

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