01 September 2006

Why Thag Doesn't Fly Anymore

Number one: My ass remembers being probed at SeaTac. While answering their endless questions about my laptop, I forgot to take my keys out of my pocket and set off the metal detector. Because I was wearing combat boots, that got me "special" attention.

Number two: What they are doing and how they are doing it is not really making it any safer than before! The reason 9/11 hasn't happened again has a lot more to do with the FBI finding out about plots beforehand and acting on them before the terrorists have a chance to get to the airport, let alone pass through security.

I have heard it described as Kabuki Theatre Security, and that seems apt.

The security people are well into the "I have power and no accountablity" zone.

Of course, this limits my travel because it costs a lot more in time and a bit more in gas to drive.

It makes it real hard to get to places like Las Vegas for Aunt Bat's 40th. But driving has its advantages, like when I get where I am going, I have a car! When in Iowa it is essential. I know too many folks there. And since most of them are in different circles, asking one to shuttle me around just doesn't work out.

I used to love flying. I still love airplanes. And it's people who are between me and the planes who have ruined the fun for me.

And as Dave pointed out, how long until the terrorists notice the huge crowds of unarmed people in line at the check in counter?

How long before we notice that it really is a narrow demographic that is doing this? If we applied the level of fairness to rape cases we are applying to travel security screening, we would have to arrest women and only when we got to trial could she point out that she doesn't have any method of making semen, let alone depositing it forcibly.

A rape with a semen sample was committed by a man. Terrorists who blow up planes and/or crash them into buildings are middle eastern islamic males 18-40.

2nd-Sep-2006 05:02 am (local)
I dislike flying myself; not least because, these days, i don't fit into their seats too easily. The endless stupid security measures don't help, either---damn it, if I _must_ take off my belt, would it be that much to ask, to allow me someplace to reassemble myself in some semblance of privacy and dignity?

I'd rather take my chances with terrorists. And I know just how to get a whole bunch of obviously-Middle-Eastern men with odd, un-American accents, on through the tightest profiling in the world.
3rd-Sep-2006 12:58 pm (local)
The Lovely Harvey
Thag forgot, flying under these circumstances with The Boy is a nightmare in itself. He flips out when others go through his things which makes security think he is hiding something. All they would have to do is talk to him and he would be okay but they won't do that. SO driving is the only way to go but time restraints suck.

The Lovely Harvey

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