19 October 2009

I Am Curious

Is there anything that the Southern Poverty Law Center disapproves of that they think is not caused by racism?

Ravenclaw Eric Commented Thus:

Not really, unless you count "anti-Semitism" as different. Basically, they're a money-making scheme that depends heavily on scaring rich, slightly aged, rather out-of-touch liberals with scary stories about the Klan, Neo-Nazis, skinheads and other eeeville racists marching down their street tomorrow...if you don't give generously!
It's one of the richest "charities" in the country, and specializes in going after people who can't really fight back---Tom Metzger of WAR, for example. Compared to the kind of legal talent that SPLC can deploy, almost any leader of a group they've targeted is seriously outgunned.

Even a lot of liberals have started having second thoughts about SPLC---the legal precedents they've set could easily be used against groups they like, and the way they blitzkrieg people who have no real effective way to fight back does not always set well, no matter how unpleasant SPLC's targets are.

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