28 October 2009

My Retros Baffle Me

I built Charlotte as a late production R604; when I got all the parts for Sabrina, I had an errant desire to make Sabrina as a GAU-5A/A. I took the slick-side upper from Charlotte and used that on Sabrina and used the A1 upper I had for Sabrina on Charlotte making her an M16A1 clone.

When I took them to be zeroed, Charlotte required no adjustments.

That stood for about a week and I decided that I really wanted an XM177E2 instead of a GAU-5A/A. So the uppers were swapped, returning Charlotte to her original configuration. Both barrel nuts ended up perfectly aligned with the initial torque-loosen-torque-loosen-torque. That never happens, let alone to two at the same session!

Today I zeroed them.

Sabrina needed no adjustments. Charlotte just three clicks down and two left.

My bafflement is passed on to the guy in the next lane. He was not having any luck getting his ACOG zeroed, or his irons or his laser. I was shooting with Sabrina at 100 yards and getting better groups than he was at 25. I helped him with his settings and he got all three things hitting about the same place.

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