28 January 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell

I've ranted about it before, but I have had some errant thoughts after reading Weerd's post.

The reason that men and women are billeted separately is to keep them from being ogled and having sex.

Homosexuals are impossible to billet this way. A gay man billeted with the women will be ogled by them, for example.

But I wonder if most of the heat and fury about this issue is more along the lines of "Why ISN'T my junk being ogled?"

I, for one, think if we allow homosexuals to serve openly, we end all segregated billeting. Everyone will get a chance to ogle and be ogled equally. I'm also not too concerned about sexual relationships in the ranks as long as we don't get kids from it. Homosexuals have a huge advantage here, don't they?

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