24 January 2010

Make Up Your Damn Mind

Do not tell me that there's nothing we can do about Islam while you attempt to eradicate all mention of Christianity from any place not actually owned by a Christian church.

Anti-Theism is not the same thing as Atheism.

Do not preach to me about the horrors of Christianity while ignoring those of Islam. Especially when the Christian horrors are no longer in living memory and there's video of the Islamic.

A nativity scene is not equivalent to an honor killing.

I am also becoming increasingly convinced that despite the 1st amendment, the founders clearly intended the USA to be Christian and for the most part it still is. I am also becoming convinced that our Christian based culture can tolerate a certain, but finite and small, number of who are not. Atheists, like me, are essentially free-riding on the cultural norms that are generated by Christianity. Because we are free-riding we should accord them a bit more respect and a tad more latitude than the organized anti-theism groups have been showing. Those same groups need to start confronting other religions too, and I don't care if it's Islam, Judaism, Hindu or Buddhism.

Americans need to start asserting our culture on those who come to live here from a different culture.

American culture might be founded in Christianity, but it includes things like titty bars. Christians would be well advised to remember that. We are christian based, but not a theocracy. If you don't like strip joints, convince your daughters it's a bad idea to work there and don't patronize it. And that's all you get to do.

Atheists; if they leave the titty bar alone, you should let the nativity scene on the court steps alone.


I just hate when people ignore history.

The culture in the US is based on Christianity. I've noticed, for the most part, that Christians are extremely tolerant of those of us who are not. Eliminating their influence from every aspect of our culture seems a mistake and since nature abhors a vacuum; something else will rise to fill it in. Atheists don't bring a culture to the table. They, in fact, actively reject the culture that spawned them and it's going to hurt the US.

I mentioned that our culture can handle a small, finite number of people who are members of this culture without being part of the actual religion.

I am an Atheist. I am not threatened by a creche on the court house lawn. I have never felt that such a display was a State endorsement of religion. Especially since such displays are completely funded by the people who construct them, all the city or county is contributing is space.

I think you are right in there would be fewer militant atheists if there were fewer militant Christians. I know that FuzzyGeff and I were defined about faith in a lot of ways because of the efforts of Boke Desmond. He felt that he should be saving us sinning D&D players. He was also an idiot; making us wonder if all people of faith were also idiots.

My point is the culture that made this nation great is Christian. To eliminate Christianity completely from it will also destroy it. I don't believe the culture that would replace it will be near so tolerant of non-believers.

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