17 November 2017

This Is What Happens

Actions have consequences.

Willard paws through the cardboard box every gun shop has that has a $5 label on it.  It's the "damned if we know what it is box".

He bought this more than two years ago.

It's pretty obviously a Star magazine.  But for what gun?

It's 9x19mm, Largo was too long for it.

Not a B or Super B.


At last, he can rest.

16 November 2017


Because I am what is known as a "difficult" friend, I've driven lots of friends away.


I've gotten better about being difficult over the years, but...

Let's just say I've stopped making new friends.

When you're difficult and you've driven friends away, you start to recognize the signs that they're starting to distance themselves in preparation to haul ass.

They're still being polite, but it's clear where it's heading.

They might not even realize that they're doing it, it's not conscious yet.

But they are.

Part of being less difficult is to man up and accept they want be gone and to stop forcing myself into their life.

I'll be drinking as part of the mourning process for a few days.

Posts might be incoherent.

PS: No blame should be assigned to the friend I alienated.  This is a ME problem.

What Was That Line Again?

What was it that the Clinton administration used to say to us about gun control and the Brady Background checks?

"If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about."

Yes that was it.

Well, Clinton, if you have nothing to hide...

15 November 2017

Can You Guess The Theme?

Other than they're black and white...

Dammit John!

There are a myriad of pizza choices I can make. I liked that you were standing up to the NFL's hatred of America, right up until you caved in.

It looks like we're going to be getting our pizza from somebody else, probably a local store, now that you've decided that you hate America too.

Your slogan is "better ingredients, better pizza"; you need to ask yourself how taking a political decision unrelated to either ingredients or pizza affects your business. Your first position was the correct one, distancing yourself from people making a political statement if you didn't wish to make that statement with them.

You've made your choice. I'll make mine.

Something that you need to remember about being in business is that I can live a long, happy, life without delivery pizza. Your business cannot survive very long at all without customers.

Black And White Challenge

b/w is such artsy photography.

4473 Fail


Imagine if he'd gone through all of that and instead of the shop refusing to sell him the gun, he'd gotten a conditional non-approval?

Ammunition Collector Almost By Default

When you're an accumulator of curio and relics, you end up also accumulating different cartridges.

Some quite old.  Rounds in the ammo boxes, chronologically...  Just in case I need to do some time traveling.

.22 Short - 1857
.22 Long - 1871
.45 Colt - 1872
12ga 2-3/4" - 1876?
.32 S&W - 1878
.22 Long Rifle - 1887
.303 British - 1889
7.62x54mmR - 1891
6.5x55mm - 1894
.30-30 Winchester - 1895
.32 S&W Long - 1896
.38 Special - 1898
9mm Bergmann-Bayard (Largo) - 1901
9x19mm Parabellum - 1901
.25 ACP - 1905
.45 ACP - 1905
.30-06 - 1906
.380 ACP - 1908
.300 Savage - 1920
12ga 3" - 1921
.270 Winchester - 1923
.38 Super - 1929
.357 Magnum - 1934
.30 Carbine - 1941
7.62x39mm - 1944
7.62x51mm - 1954
.243 Winchester - 1955
.22 WMR - 1959
.223 Remington / 5.56x45mm - 1964
5.55x45mm NATO - 1977
.40 S&W - 1990
.357 SIG - 1994
6.8x43mm SPC - 2004

Of course, the chronological order doesn't do much good if you end up someplace where the round has not yet spread.  Probably damn few 6.5x55mm rounds in the USA in 1895, for example.

Es No Bueno

Willard scored some clips for Swedish guns.

Something was amiss when we tried to use them to load the Ljungman.

Mind the gap?

It turns out you put the charger guide between the stops on the clip then push it down.

We also discovered the Swedish stripper clip is nigh universal.  It loaded 7.62 NATO into an FAL magazine, and .30-06 into both a Winchester 54 and an Eddystone M1917.

Clip Or Magazine

It's not Short Clip Lee-Enfield, is it?

Think About It

Arlo Guthrie played at Woodstock.

He was on stage for 30 minutes.

He probably only played a single song.

Reminds Me Of An Old Joke

This story rekindles...

When Israel was talking about needing to do something about Iran's nuclear facility, right before Stuxnet hit, the Saudis seemed remarkably calm about the idea that IDF planes would be transiting their air space.

So I wrote their, heated, response.

Israel's military aircraft will not be tolerated over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Not at flight level 350.

Not squawking code 3567.

Not flying the route shown on attached map.

Not while rendezvousing with tanker aircraft in the shaded area shown on attached map.

Not while flying during designated times also shown on map.

We will broke no violation of our national airspace and sovereignty!

14 November 2017

The Blood Dance Of MY People

So far no word on the identity of the shooter in California.

Considering that Kali is the model showroom of everything the gun-banners want federally, I think it will be hard for them to make a case for more gun control from it.

Teeny Tiny Ogre

Ogre Mk V, Ogre Mk III and a T-80BV for scale.

The glow-in-the-dark Ogres are a stretch-goal add-on for supporters of the Kickstarter.  From November last year...

Adventure! Excitement!

The game appears to be afoot in Salisbury Harare.

Forgot The Rocket Motors

It would appear that NBC has learned nothing from when Michael Gartner was blowing up pick-up trucks.

Unless someone makes a pump shotgun called an AR-15, they're lying.

The question, now, is are they still lying or lying again?

If you ever wonder how I became illiberal, it's stuff like this.

If you ever wonder why I'm a climate change denier, it's stuff like this.  They're not merely mistaken, they're LYING, and if they're lying about this, what else are they lying to us about?

13 November 2017


The 20 LPI checkering tool set arrived today!

I did a couple of test swipes with the spacer tool to get a feel for it.

Feel is right.

It's very easy to lose the straight line.

But I think I can do this!

Now I need to get some practice in.

Much Better!

Formerly Fugly has new bolt parts!

The new cocking piece sleeve and wavy washer front bolt bushing have definitely improved the bolt throw!

Old wavy washer front bolt bushing and new.  Not much wave left in the old one.

Old cocking piece sleeve and new.  The complete circle at both ends prevents it from spreading and fighting the cocking on open.


We're still money and points ahead of sportifying a Mosin.  About the only thing a sportified Mosin has over something like a mid-80's Savage is cheap ammo.

Cheap ammo isn't always a panacea for a gun you're trying to make more accurate.

The Original Mini-30

The M1 Carbine.

Arguably the Mini-14 and Mini-30 more greatly resemble the carbine than they do the M14.

In a really, not-really kind of way.

The Mini combines features of the Carbine and Garand/M14.  But it starts being an esoteric engineering history exercise pretty quickly.

The Solution Is Clear

Ian Bremmer, via Miguel's Facebook...

Most dangerous cities, by homicides/100,000 residents 
1. Caracas, Venezuela
2. Acapulco, Mexico
3. San Pedro Sula, Honduras
4. Distrito Central, Honduras
5. Ciudad Victoria, Mexico
6. Maturin, Venezuela
7. San Salvador, El Salvador
8. Cuidad Guayana, Venezuela
9. Valencia, Venezuela
10. Natal, Brazil

Using the demonstrated logic of the anti-gun advocates it seems clear that banning the speaking of Spanish is the obvious solution.

12 November 2017

Nobody Cares


Eat dinner with that OTHER person.

I don't care.

Nobody cares.


Covering For Sex Offenders

I've noticed a quiet, but building, trend to accuse conservatives of defending sexual predators when they're discovered.

I think that's projection again.

Because we have an example of how conservatives react when someone on our side is accused plausibly with such crimes.

Will Hayden.

I'll leave speculation about how people like him seem to gravitate towards Hollywierd's embrace to someone else.

11 November 2017

Scotch On The Rocks

I drink The Famous Grouse Smokey Black over ice.

I am not wrong to do so.

If you insist otherwise, perhaps your man-bun is too tight, Hipster.

There's a certain truth that drinking it room temperature and neat allows certain flavors to be perceived that you wouldn't otherwise.

It's also almost certain that unless you're a super-taster, you're not tasting those subtle nuances, ice or not.

I swear that this whiskey snobishness is entirely perpetrated by people who want to be wine snobs but don't like wine.

Mac vs PC

One place that I really prefer Mac over PC is the ease in which characters like ä can be entered.

On a Mac you ctrl-u and the umlauts appear in a highlighted yellow space where the character will appear, then enter the base letter to be umlauted.  This is true for accents and several other special characters where you type in alt+ and they appear, like †.

On the PC you can use the alt+number string on the number pad or copy paste from the character viewer.  It's less convenient.

Lego Fallschirmjäger

With clipped helmet, FG.42 and everything.

For The Living

Today is Veteran's Day!

A reminder:  In the US, Memorial Day is for the fallen.  Armed Forces Day is for those who still serve.

Veteran's day is for we who served and are still kicking.

Say thanks, buy 'em a drink, get 'em laid!

In much of the rest of the English speaking world, today is remembrance day.  A toast to the fallen is appropriate.  Wear a poppy with pride.

Today is also UDI day.  Perhaps the most egregious example of bad timing and or misreading the audience ever committed.

99 Years Ago

This exact moment, 99 years ago, the guns stopped.

10 November 2017

Durable Good

That wee little 5-round group at 25 yards is 4x larger at 100.

That's inside the 9's still.

It will double that at 200 yards.

Just barely inside the 9's.

With a rifle made in 1931.  With ammo purchased from Wal Mart.  Ammo that was selected on a price basis.

If properly cared for, this rifle will probably still perform this well for the grandchildren of people born today.

Gun banners are actively pissing off people who look at the group above and would wonder why I don't care enough to do better.

Actually, I can.  The 86 year old gun uses iron sights.  The target above is with optics.  Optics that have a smart-phone app to help compensate for range with a given round and magnification.

I don't consider myself a good shot.  But, I also remember being a great shot!  When I was a biathlete my shooting compensated for my poor skiing skills.  Almost enough to make National.  I have the measure of what it takes to get that edge back.

Gun banners should be asking themselves if they can risk angering people who, not only, can way outshoot me, but have already learned that they CAN shoot at a person and kill them.

People who are literally harmless if left alone.  Banning so-called "assault weapons" or wording a bumpfire stock ban in such a manner as to amount to the same thing is NOT leaving them alone.

How This Should Work

This is how checkering works!  This example is 20 lines per inch, cut to a depth of 0.025"

You scribe your first line with the 60˚ cutter then run the rest of the pattern with the spacing cutter.

The you take the 60˚ cutter and cut your initial pass  First two cuts in the picture from the left.  You don't cut all the way down to the finish depth of 0.025", but I wanted to exaggerate what was happening.

Then you take the 75˚ cutter and widen the furrow and deepen the cut.

Then you take the 90˚ cutter and make the little diamonds all pointy!

Fewer lines per inch, deeper furrows.  More lines per inch, shallower furrows.

I can tell that this is going to be a tactile skill and practice will make perfect.


No official GURPS book mentions the Pederson Device.

There, all better!  I can sleep now.

Player Character Contraption

This was not invented by an NPC...

Shootin' it!

I just know I'm going to have to make game stats for this...

Things Are Getting Serious!

The checkering cradle arrived!

And the checkering guide...

The cradle is such a handy holder I think taking the 1/16" of an inch off the bear stock to make it... um... bare devoid of carving is viable.

Incorporated Into The Traveller Murderhobo Lexicon

"The first rule of space travel, kids, is always check out distress beacons.  9 out of 10 times it's a ship full of dead aliens and a bunch of free shit!"

--Noted philosopher R. Sanchez.

3 Common GUN CONTROL MYTHS Debunked

09 November 2017

Happy Birthday

A toast!  For dear departed Lex.

Guinness for STRENGTH!  Jameson for COURAGE!

Special thanks to JT for sharing in the toast.

They are never gone, so long as we remember them.

Why Not A Million?


Or you could grow some balls and say that he's not entitled to any pay from the moment he deserted.

That he would never have been a captive had he stood his post.  Like he volunteered to do.

He's already getting far more than he deserves by being allowed to continue to suck precious oxygen away from better people, so why give him even a dime?

I like the tack that he might actually owe the Army at the end of this.  That'd be icing on the cake since there's a $10k fine to be paid in here too.

Since he skated on the proper sentence; being broke, in debt and unemployable seems the next best thing.

To show that I'm not completely heartless, I'll donate a refrigerator box to house him should he take up residence on the estate of any of his liberal supporters.

08 November 2017

Further Confirmation

That SJ Games intended GURPS to be played with Minifigs...

The big cat anti-Lego minifig is a two-hex creature.

Horses and cats need the Brick-Arms 4-stud hex bases, which appear to be out of stock everywhere!

I can foresee a day when only the active characters are mounted on bases due to shortage.

Sasha Jakobovich Millerov

He is completed!

And of course, he's a completely different Minifig than last night...

They don't really make a Cossack hat, so he gets a stereotypical ushanka hat.

Notable In Their Absence

In the Brick Arms light and general purpose machine gun catagory we have a Lewis, DP-28, Bren, MG.42 (Not shown), MG.34, RPD and an M60.

Where are the MAG and PK?

I think that a company that makes a Hotchkiss Mk1 would be all over the two most common GPMG ever made.

The've got a Mk.19, M2HB, DShK, M1919A4, M1917, Hotchkiss M1909 Benét-Mercié, Vickers and the previously mentioned LMG and GPMG.

They've several kinds of M249 and the SEAL Combat LMG...

But no MAG.

Why, Brick Arms, why?

07 November 2017

Inching Closer To That Cossack

Sasha Jakobovich Millerov is a Ural Host Cossack from Modred.

He's also an arms smuggler.

On that pack horse there's the Mosin-Nagant PE sniper rifle he used to take out an isolated Fallschirmjäger team, 2 Mosin 91/30's, 2 K.98k's, and an MG.42.  I don't know how I'd mount the Brick Arms versions to the horse though...

Sasha is a 100 point character in the 3e world I made him for and a 312 point character in 4e translation.  To account for the changes in how TL and high TL stuff is handled, I had to drop 75 points at wealth!  This is because an FG.42 is a G$68,000 item in the TL3 world he was dropped into.

Of note, a horse is a three-hex creature in GURPS.  Notice how many hex bases the horses are standing on.

Steve Jackson OBVIOUSLY intended GURPS to use Lego Minifigs!

I've got a better hat for Sasha coming.

Again It's Not A Gun Problem

Link to the New York (spit) Fucking Times.

SHITSTAIN had been confined to and, briefly, escaped from a mental institution.

But note some important details here...
The report filed by the El Paso officers says that the person who reported SHITSTAIN missing from the hospital advised them that he “suffered from mental disorders,” and that he “was attempting to carry out death threats” against “his military chain of command.” The man “was a danger to himself and others as he had already been caught sneaking firearms onto Holloman Air Force Base,” it added.
Death threats.

Actual material activities to carry out those threats.

Mental disorders and it appears involuntary admission to the facility he escaped from.  Adjudicated perhaps?  Adjudicated enough to be disqualifying?

This is a person who needed to be prevented from buying guns and there are laws in place that made it illegal for him to own them.

It's not the law-abiding gun owner who failed here.

It was government failing, again, to do the job we delegated to it.

An Obvious Photo

I remember buying the TM to help a friend put their Beretta 92 back together once they'd made a bag of gun parts out of one.

He gave up and took it to a gun smith before I could clear my schedule and put his parts back together for him.

The M9 isn't that complicated.

The pistol, as I mentioned before, is the result of service nostalgia run amok.

06 November 2017


Why am I so rah, rah, rah, about enforcing the Lautenberg amendment?

Because when man bites dog you mention it!

For the first time that I can remember an anti-gun law, if it had been properly implemented, would have prevented the perpetrator from buying his guns.

Normally these things just fuck with the law-abiding.

Narrowing The Blame

It appears it was the USAF who dropped the ball here.

They failed to inform, and people are dead.

Let's start at the clerk of SHITSTAIN's courts martial and work our way up that chain of command.

Careers should end, sentences be meted out.

It was someone's job to inform the FBI and this person has superiors who were supposed to make sure they were doing their job.

I'm OK with them doing some time in Leavenworth over this.

Manufacturer And Dealer In One

The checkering tools are apparently back ordered.

Which is odd.

The maker of the tools, Master Carver, is in Englewood, FL.

The only dealer of their tools I can find is Wood Carvers Supply Incorporated; also in Englewood, FL.

Neither lists a physical address, just PO Boxes.

Timothy Effrem is listed as president for both companies.

Corporation Wiki shows
Master Carver
2870 Worth Ave.
Englewood, FL 34224


PO Box 5218
Englewood, FL 34224

Wood Carver's Supply
2870 Worth Ave.
Englewood, FL 34224


PO Box 7500
Englewood, FL 34224

Oh look, same street address.

I hate shell games like this.  Especially since the manufacturing side shows the item in stock and has an apparent live inventory system running; but you need to be one of their dealers to order on that side.

The commerce side doesn't have a live inventory system and happily takes your money without any notification that what you're ordering is back-ordered and leaves it up to you to check back with your account to see the message when you wonder about days passing without a new email from them.

For pity's sake!  Do they think we can't look this crap up online?

He Could Not Have

"ATF officials told reporters that SHITSTAIN legally purchased four firearms over the past four years."

No, ATF official, he could not have legally purchased four firearms over the past four years.

How do I know this?

Because SHITSTAIN was convicted of a domestic abuse charge via Courts Martial in the Air Force.

He was able to illegally make those purchases because the Federal agencies in charge of such things don't bother to keep their records up to date.

There's the blood of 46 innocent people, 26 of whom are dead, on the hands of the USAF Judge Advocate General Corps and the FBI agents who're responsible for the NICS checks.  It's also likely that the Texas Criminal Justice Information System dropped the ball as well, especially since it found him disqualified to have a carry permit.

To everyone crying that there needs to be a law; there is.

It Might Come As A Surprise

There's a lot of evil in the world.

There's a lot of support for survivors of that evil.

There's also a lot of "suck it up, buttercup" towards survivors of evil if they fit a certain demographic.

They're on their own and have to construct their own coping mechanisms and heal from the trauma as they may; while also not exhibiting any outward sign of the injury.

It's interesting that this demographic also heals more fully and faster than those whom are fully supported with compassion and sympathy.

Almost as if "suck it up, ruck up, move out" is excellent psychological advice.

Or the expectation that you're on your own and you don't get to complain about it is motivational.

Get It Right This Time

Am I the only one who thinks that Stephen King should go play in traffic?

Not Enfield

One of these guns is over 100.  The other is 50.

One of them is, literally, an Enfield.  The other is just figuratively.

On top is a Rifle 7.62mm 2A1 made by Rifle Factory Ishapore in 1967.

Below that is a Rifle, Short, Magazine, Lee-Enfield Mk III* made by Rifle Factory Enfield in 1915.

What Is The Difference Anyways

What's the difference between a murderer's AR-15 and one of mine?

I ask because it appears to be coming up more often recently than normal.

The first thing I notice is the behavior of the owner.  This is the most important distinction between my guns and murderer's guns.

First thing?  That's the only thing!

Murder is against the law.  Murderers have already committed to breaking that law.

Laws against a particular type of gun have no effect on murderers.

Laws against a particular type of gun do affect the law abiding.  Because we obey the law!

I most certainly know how to make all the parts to turn my AR's into machine guns.  Why are they still semi-automatic?  We're back to that first and only thing aren't we?

Several of the rifles in the house have shorter barrels than the legally mandated 16" length.  Did we break the law here?  Nope, there's also an equal number of approved Form 1's from the BATFE allowing them to be too short.  First and only thing again.

So I demand that laws concerning the murder of people with guns only affect those who would commit such crimes and not encumber me in any way.

This is not too much to ask since it's actually mentioned in The Bill of Rights.

05 November 2017

Prohibited Person In A Gun Free Zone

SHITSTAIN was discharged from the Air Force in 2014, according to Defense Department records.  SHITSTAIN was court-martialed in November 2012 for assaulting his wife and their child. A judge sentenced him with a bad-conduct discharge, 12 months confinement, and two reductions in rank to basic airman, according to an appeals court decision in 2013 that affirmed the decision against SHITSTAIN.

Link to article.  Name redacted so he loses his 15 minutes of fame from me.

Even a misdemeanor domestic assault gets you prohibited.

And you cannot bring a gun to church in Texas.  I guess God is expected to miracle the bullets into missing or something.

Odds And Ends

The Formerly Fugly Savage has some pretty worn parts in her bolt.

Brownell's to the rescue!

And on the cheap side.

$20 for a new wavy washer and cocking piece sleeve.  That should make the bolt cycle a bit smoother.

It was a known problem with the E series guns, I'm told by the internet (which would never lie to me).

The old cocking sleeve has its slot cut the whole length, the new part is a complete circle at the ends with a shorter slot for the sear button.

A new wavy washer lets the forward baffle move when you rotate the bolt, but not flop around and bind when you're pulling it back.

Lemme Fix That Headline


You don't get a dishonorable discharge without a felony rap to go with it.

Yet another example of how more gun control wouldn't help.

This is also proving, once again, that you can't go too far wrong by just assuming that any Dancing Monkey is a reprehensible human-like life-form.  Leave room to be pleasantly surprised, but expect to not be.

Are You A Betting Type?

Someone at Arfcom is betting $1,000 that Bowe Bergdahl can fly.

If he can't you win the bet!

I don't own a plane.



At Technomad's suggestion, I found an appropriate charter service!

04 November 2017

Fugly Delete

It's plain Jane, but far better than what it's replacing.

Next step is some tools to apply some checkering to it to make it less plain Jane.

Plus I've got Ol' Fugly to practice on!

Early TL7 Rifles

GURPS 4e would define several German guns as TL6+1 because while WW2 was primarily a TL6 conflict, many TL7 items were available.

US portable radio equipment is another example of stuff showing up earlier than the chronological cut-off.

I mentioned that the FG.42/I was popular with our group.

That's because it's 11 lb. loaded, does 7d pi damage that reaches to 1,000/4,200 with RoF 15, Recoil 3 and has detachable 20 round mags.

The FG.42/II is heavier at 12.9 lb. with a slower rate of fire at 12.

The Sturmgewehr 44 is 13.2 lb. loaded, does 5d pi out to 500/3,100 at RoF 8, Recoil 2 from 30-round magazines.

In game terms, the Fallschirmjägergewehr is generally better!

Lil Angus

I suppose I should introduce Lil Angus.  He's my scale reference for cartridges and other small gun parts.

He's gotten some new bits recently too, losing the assault vest for LBE and a shoulder holster.