28 October 2016


On 21DEC16 the very last mission with the F-4 in US service will occur.

Granted it'll be a QF-4E, but still.

The Phantom was a warhorse, sad to see her go.

27 October 2016

Service Active Handling Code

JT brought his whiz-bang scan-tool to talk to The Precious...

He pulled out code C0161, which is the brake pedal position sensor.

A whopping $15 part lays low a $55,000 car.

It's essentially the switch that turns on the brake lights!

More than that, really.  It's a three wire connection.  One is a constant ground inside the Body Control Module (BCM), one is a 5v signal from the BCM and the third grounds inside the BCM when the pedal is pushed.

The BCM then talks to the Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM) and that's just one of the inputs for the anti-lock brakes, traction control and active handling system.

Something else that is probably going to get GM sued someday is the brake lights are triggered by the BCM too.  If the BCM loses power, no brake lights.  No BCM, no engine.

So some dark night, the BCM takes a dump and the driver stops the car... and a car behind him can't see...  SMACK!

If It Seems Too Good To Be True

One of the local shops has a Single Action Army clone for a very reasonable $325.

It's an EMF New Dakota with a 4-3/4" barrel in .45 Colt.

It's made by Armi San Marcos based on the markings.  You know the company that went out of business for spotty quality control?


I guess one could take the position that there's a lot of room to fix on it since it's so far below MSRP, on the other hand... if you have to pay MSRP in the end, won't you save time and effort just crying once and paying once?


If the gun-grabbers were correct, someone just got murdered in a parking lot.

But they aren't.

How can I tell?

Because in possession of both a carry permit and a firearm I did not shoot the driver of a special needs excursion van for SPITTING ON MY CAR for taking the last (and apparently HER) handicapped parking space.

The real stupidity here was doing it where I could see it and driving a van with your employer's phone number in 18" high letters on the side of it.

HR was certainly interested in what I had to say about their driver's behavior.  I repeated my story three times as the title of the person I talked to got higher and higher in the company.


Ever get told off by someone then find out the reason they were talking to you in the first place was a very very narrow overlap of your Venn diagrams?

Ever been happy when they just leave?

Happened to me the other day.

Intermittent Problems Are Best Problems

Twice now The Precious has spit up a message on the driver's information center, "SERVICE ACTIVE HANDLING".  Then lit the active handling disabled light.

The first time, shutting off the car to read the codes with my scanner cleared it.

The second time running the steering lock to lock then restarting the car cleared it.

There's only like 18 things it could be, none of them particularly expensive on their own, but quite a lot of you start randomly swapping parts.

Never mind that a goodly number of them are inaccessible, like the steering wheel position sensor which requires the steering column to be removed.  More of a pain in the ass than difficult.

I would tend to ignore this system shutting off on me, but it takes the cruise control with it.  With my bum leg and ankle, I need that to drive very far at all.

26 October 2016

That Hurt More Than Expected

Deleting the notifications of former friend's birthdays and anniversaries actually was unpleasant.

One because he can't learn to say he's sorry.

One because she can't see she's a bigot.

Clearing The Back-Log

VA Approves Pension Claim From Civil War Veteran.

I Think I've Found A Way To Express It

Let's say I decide I want to learn Calculus.

I go down to the local community college that offers such classes and try to sign up.

Before they take my money they ask, "what math have you already taken?"

If I am uncertain about my abilities, there's a test.  If I need to brush up on my algebra then I take those classes first.

Do you know what they don't ask me to do?

Take the kindergarten class on arithmetic if I show I already know how to add and subtract during the test.

The paradigm for shooting classes seems to be to assume that unless you've attended their arithmetic class, there's no possible way you can know algebra so you must take that class first.

Even when they don't have such an attitude, they don't seem to be able to communicate what they are teaching at their various levels so that I can make a self assessment about which class is most appropriate for my default skill level.  There doesn't seem to be a test I can take that will place me either.

It's so very frustrating.  I want to expand what I know, but I also don't want to spend money on needless remedial teaching.  That'd just make me bored and cast a pall on future classes.

Never mind the eyewatering cost of most of these classes!  Heck, if they were cheaper, maybe I wouldn't worry so much about relearning something.

Speaking of those costs; where are the classes priced for the people who make minimum wage delivering pizza or behind the counter at the Kwikie-Mart?  The people whom are far more likely to encounter someone with a gun pointed at them than someone who can casually plunk down $1,000 and take a week off three times a year.

OK Navy Guys

There was once a time when I almost began the process of becoming a naval architect.

I was even hired by Electric Boat to do as-built's.  Then laid off before my first day because the boat I was going to work on had been cancelled.  Remember when boat four of SSN-21 was going to be named Scorpion?  Ach, Scorpion is a bad luck name!  Remember when it was going to be built in the early nineties?


I am looking at the debacle that is LCS.

I am looking at the lack of Frigate.

I am looking at the eyewatering price of DDG-1000.

Then I wonder...

Dust off the old Gearing class plans.

Replace the forward twin 5" turrets with single 5" Mk45 Mod4's from a DDG-51.  Replace the mid-ships torpedo tubes with a vertical launcher.  Or put the VLS forward and one of the 5" mounts mid-ships.  Keep the hanger and flight deck from the FRAM upgrades.  Add some CIWS.

Nuke the steam plant and go diesel-electric (or gas-electric).  Just look at all the free space in the hull now!

Upgrade the deckhouse to look all modern and geodesic, so nobody will see you just dusted off the old Gearing FRAM I plans.  Add in modern amenities like air conditioning and he/she berthing.

Sensors and electronics can be pulled off the shelf, heck didn't we spend a lot on LCS stuff?

I'll bet there's even room for ASW junk too.

PS: 15k tons is NOT a destroyer!  Zumwalt is a cruiser.

PPS: I've an alternate plan for the "module" idea from the LCS.  The ships are designated as whatever they are at building and the modules installed then, never left blank.  That way you never lose the training and tribal knowledge by swapping modules willy-nilly.

Of Course

Of course she's lying, all politicians lie.

The problem is she's bad at it; despite all the years of practice.

Ah Now I See Where You're Coming From

What you mean is, "I want to have it BOTH ways!" and you don't see they are in conflict.

The government's laudable power to intervene in the first case is also their reprehensible power to intervene in the second.

The actual answer is they were not granted any power in either case.  If we'd get back to that, then the mob demanding intervention wouldn't be seeking Government intervention and expecting to get it.

If only Slaughterhouse had been decided correctly.

Another Shock

Most of the increase spending on education hasn't gone to hiring better teachers, but to service the mismanaged pension plans?

You mean the politicians lied to the teachers and their unions too?

Isn't it nice to know it's not just you?

25 October 2016

Artsy Fartsy

FÉG SMC-380 in, .380 ACP.

Trying to be all artistic with the chopping log in the back yard.

I seriously want a better camera.  Being familiar with how Canon thinks already thanks to my PowerShot S5IS, I think the transition to DLSR will be smoother if I stay with Canon.

The problem with picking out a camera to replace the PowerShot is the features added with each model really are sweeter.

I've decided that I have to have the live-view to the screen rather than just looking at what the mirror shows through the viewfinder.  What my eye sees and what the CMOS sees won't always agree, seeing the CMOS output on the live-view fixes that.

I want the screen to pivot out, like the PowerShot does.

That kind of makes it the EOS 60D or the Rebel T3i (600D).  There's a camera shop right next to one of the local gun shops, I will have to stop in and see what they have.  By the way, the T4i is actually the one I'd really like as minimum; but the T5i (for some reason) is running cheaper on ebay.

Besides, last time I had a Nikon, people shot at me.  Picture quality suffers when I get shot at.  Or was it because I had 35mm film?  GET AWAY FROM THE CANS!

How On Earth?

As much minutia and trivia as I have learned about airplanes, I never found out about bob weights on the stick until very recently.

I'd always wondered why pilots seemed to be struggling to keep the stick or yoke back while pulling g's and the bob weight is why.

Essentially it's a small weight on an arm attached to the stick linkage that gets heavier as you pull more g, and that tries to pull the stick back forward and ease off on the g.

Used It All Up

Willard tells tales about how many near misses he's had.

I was going to suggest he play the lottery, but then realized that he's used all his luck.

So I says, "Dude!  You could have died a millionaire!"

God Damn You 2016

Bob Hoover too!?!

First World Problem

When you pocket carry, the gun wears out the pocket like no wallet ever made.

Thanks, Mom, for teaching me to sew!

From Behind Every Blade Of Grass

The 35 hardened 1 ESAPI plate with a DR 12/5* OTV...

Hit with your average hunting round, which is an expanding round.

That's 7d(0.5) pi+ for most common calibers (.30-06, .308, .270 Win).

You divide the armor's DR by the number in parentheses, 47/0.5=94.

Max damage roll is a mere 42, so an expanding hunting round just goes "spack" against the ESAPI plate, every time, never penetrating.

But wait!  That ESAPI plate is ablative.  The average hit is 24 and the plate loses 1 DR per 3 that hit it.  So, 8 per shot on average (2-14 range).  So about 5 hits will break the plate up enough to leave the wearer with just the OTV for protection.

Assuming the wearer stands there and foolishly laughs mockingly while his plate insert is ablated to nothing...  The DR 12 of the vest is also doubled to 24, just barely stopping the average 7d(0.5) pi+ hit every time (but there's the potential to get 18 through which will be upped to 27 if it does).

Please recall that the 12 is flexible armor and for every 10 points of damage it stops, the wearer takes 1 point of cr damage.  In this case, 2 points of cr damage with the average hit!

Of course, someone with a scoped hunting rifle firing soft-points is going to see the armor and aim for something more vulnerable, like the eyes, face or neck.


Doing up Twilight 2000 in GURPS with equipment upgrades has caused some interesting things.

Things like how much DR does an Outer Tactical Vest have?

How much DR should the vest itself have?  SAPI plate?  ESAPI plate?

The OTV plus SAPI is supposed to be proof against 7.62x51mm ball at essentially muzzle velocity and it must take three of these hits.

7.62x51mm at that velocity is 7d pi.  Which is 7-42 points of damage, so a DR of 42 stops it dead every time.  A DR of 24.5 stops it on average.

The vest is DR 12/5*.  The split DR uses the higher value agains pi or cut attacks, lower against all other types like cr or imp.  The asterisk means it's flexible armor and subject to the blunt trauma rules.

12 is not enough to stop most 7d pi attacks, but it's not supposed to.

The SAPI plate is DR 23.  This combines with the 12 to give a DR of 35 against rifle fire.  The SAPI plate is also ablative armor, and loses 1 point of DR for every 3 hits it receives, regardless of if the damage penetrates.

DR 35 is going to stop nearly all 7d attacks!  But it won't last forever.

Next, the ESAPI plate is supposed to be proof against .30-06 Armor Piercing, 7d+1(2) pi-.  The same penetration criteria stands for acceptance and most places say its more effective against normal penetration too.

So I gave it a DR of 35 but made it hardened level 1 armor.  This gives a total of DR 47 against pi or cut attacks!  It's still ablative as the SAPI plate.

The 8-43 range of the .30-06 AP normally gets an armor divisor of 2.  That would halve our DR 47 to just 23.  What hardened armor does is eliminate the same number divisor steps as levels (the steps are 100, 10, 5, 3, 2).  In this case, the DR 35 of the ESAPI stops 35 and the underlying vest 6, so 41.  So, nearly any .30-06 AP shot is blocked by this combination.  Again, not forever.

If it stopped there, it'd be fine.

.50 BMG does 7dx2 pi+.  That's 14-84 points of damage running, on average, to 49.  On average, a .50 ball round barely penetrates an OTV and ESAPI combination.  Notice that it readily penetrates the plate though!  This appears to be accurate believable based on a couple of YouTube videos shooting Level IV armor plates with a Barrett!

.50 BMG AP does 7dx2(2) pi.  This drops the OTV+SAPI DR to 17 and nearly any hit breezes right on through.  The OTV+ESAPI still gets 41.  On average, 8 will still get through.  Again, this kind of result is borne out by a couple of YouTube videos.  It's scary, sometimes, how plausible GURPS numbers are compared to a reality check.

24 October 2016

Chickens And Eggs

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

The Glock 20 or the 21?

The first Glock 20's have serial prefix 'MC' and were made in July 1990.

The first Glock 21's have serial prefix 'UB' and were made in December 1990.

They were designed concurrently, with the 10mm taking the lead and .45 being a derivative.

It's apparent in a couple places, but the two key points are the slide having material removed to make it lighter because of the reduced recoil impulse of .45 and the frame having a second pin to better hold the locking block which is unneeded for .45.  This second pin shows up on Gen3 Glocks as well because .40 S&W was stressing the small frames the same way 10mm stressed the large frames.

In most places, both hit the shelves at the same time.

Mutter Mutter Update Mutter

Windows update just flat don't work anymore on my Win7 Ultimate 64 Bootcamp partition.

Spent all day on it and nary an update.

I know there's updates to Win7 out there, my laptop is getting them just fine.

23 October 2016

A Reminder For New Readers

"Try to remember you are a guest here when you comment. Inappropriate comments will be deleted without mention. Amnesty period is expired."

My lead in to a topic might not be what the topic is about.  Sometimes that lead in is on a tiresome topic that I will not debate here, because the horse is fucking DEAD and no amount of giddy-up is going to make it ride.

The most recent example is pointing out constitutional powers and using abortion as an example.

This was not an invitation to debate abortion.  Or Islam.

Thank you: The Management.

PS: You can thank RavenclawEric for the "off topic" comment deletion rule.  He's the master of latching on to an aside and running with a rant about it.  And I will add mention of the Anglave rule: "If you've so much to say, you should have your own blog to say it."

PPS: The comment deletion policy is brutal, by the way.  Others shat in the pool and made it what it is.  Interestingly, it's a hammer I've not had to wield very often, but I can see with a wider readership it's going to come up more often.  I don't suffer trolls.  Period.

No True Texan...

Chili has beans.  By their own admission, even Texans put beans in their chili.

See this map.

Not seen in the screen shot are two Mexican respondents whom also use beans.

Judging by the no-bean distribution in Texas and the political make-up of those areas.  Liberals don't put beans in chili.

We kind of always knew, didn't we?

Prepare For The Apocalypse

The first harbinger of the end times has occurred.

The Cubs have made it to the World Series.

The CHICAGO Cubs have made it to the World Series.

This is the end times as predicted in the sacred scrolls.

22 October 2016

Campus Carry

Here's a sticky wicket.

Many states forbid campus carry.

Iowa is such a place in that they allow the individual campuses to decide.  "Shockingly" all of them have decided to ban carry.


Where's the boundary where I can and cannot carry?

I am familiar with Ames and Iowa State and I can't tell you if you're legal on the North side of Lincoln Way or not.

Lincoln Way is what I'd think of as the southern border of campus.

But then there's all the ISU property all around Ames.  Are these campuses as well?

How well defined is "campus"?

Is there signage?

I, for one, want to KNOW where the edges of the gun free victim zone lie so that I don't disrupt Father Darwin's work by trying to fire into them to save anyone stupid enough to enter one.

For Next Year

Happy Dead Che Day

Order yours from MagPul today!

Also available (while they last):

Somehow them misspelling intelligence makes the shirt more appropriate rather than less.

Maybe We Did Too Good A Job

It just occurred to me that we can't just show young people East Germany and East Berlin anymore.

It's been just Germany their entire lives.

They can't see the contrasts we old farts do.

We won too well.

New Blues

The Blue Angels are transitioning to the F/A-18E/F from the A-D.

Popular Mechanics wrote up an article in December, about how they'd keep the Legacy Bugs if they'd their druthers.

They mention that the Super Bug is more expensive and quote a price, like the Blues are buying the planes straight from McDonnell Douglas Boeing.

The fleet provides aircraft for their display team just like a line squadron.

It also sidesteps the issue that the A-D planes are getting very long in the tooth.  The Marines, for example, are already scouring bone-yards and museum displays for parts that McDonnell Douglas Boeing no longer stocks.

Je suis choqué!

I am constantly amazed that people are shocked that the cheapest ammunition they can lay hands on is not the best ammunition you can buy.

Inaccurate, inconsistent, underpowered so it doesn't cycle?

Well, you paid 1/3 what premium ammo costs.

On the other hand, I'm deliriously happy that there is cheap ammo that works as well at it does!

But I guess it's expectations management.

Does it go bang every time?

Does it cycle the action consistently?

Does it group well enough to get an honest zero?

I get those three things and it can shoot a 12" group at 50 all day and I'm going to be happy.  Especially if the center of the group stays put when I change over to the premium fodder.

Maybe I'm a little more philosophical about it because there's not much out there in non-premium in some of the guns I shoot.

Oh The Vapors

I hereby declare that you may not define ANY first world problem as "oppression".

Wanna see real oppression?  Head to Iran and tell them you're from Gay Christian Ministries to preach to the heathen Muslims.

I fucking dare you.

Until then, tell your multi-millionaire sportsball dancing monkey spokesthings to shut their pie-holes and enjoy the riches of the only nation where they can conceivably BE multi-millionaires.

Research Project

According to the Public Accommodation Act... and referenced supporting acts...

I cannot discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, pregnancy, citizenship, familial status, disability, veteran status or genetic information.


Which of those is being a homosexual?

I was actually surprised to see that sexual orientation wasn't on the list.  The reaction to a baker refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding sure made it seem like it was already encoded into the law...

But I cannot find it.

I'm in an awkward place philosophically and morally with regards to this situation.

I believe it's wrong to discriminate against someone who's gay.  The key part of gay people being PEOPLE.  Are they a person?  If so, they they get all the same rights and legal protections as any other person.

Being an athiest, I don't have a God demanding anything about where people stick their pudenda.  My libertarian leanings have the same lack of demand about people's sex lives.

But I'm not sure that forcing people to do business with someone they hate is the answer.  It seems that nurtures the bigotry rather than stomp it out.

What about forcing the bakery to make that cake, or go out of business, makes them less bigoted?

From what I've read about the situation suggests that they shopped around until they go someone to say, "no, I will not make you that cake (or pizza)," then they screamed, "DISCRIMINATION!"  Almost as if the primary purpose wasn't to get a wedding cake, but to find someone who wouldn't make one and then destroy them.

That bothers me a great deal if that's what was happened.

First Day Of Real Autumn!

The first day of autumn in Florida is when that first cold front finally manages to push down and cool things off.

Overnight lows in the 50's and it doesn't break 80 the next day.

Ah!  Bliss.

You get that moment where you can't figure out what's changed inside, but realize that it's just that the air conditioner has shut off for the first time in two months.

Soon it will be safe to venture to an outdoor range and shoot longer ranges.

21 October 2016


If you are feeling guilty about wearing fur or eating meat:

The mink would wear you like a coat in a heartbeat.

The pig will not hesitate to eat you.

Trump = Hitler

Why is it when the Democrats identify someone as Hitler they focus on the Nationlist part and completely skip the Socialist part of National Socialist?

Especially since it's the Socialist part that's most worrisome.

Even if Donald was Hitler, something is missing from his movement that actual National Socialists used...

Can you spot it?

Where is the other who lives among us, pretending to be one of us, who is to blame for everything that keeps Germany America from being great and who must be punished?

For the people who're victims of public education (and are having trouble with the big words anyway) that was Jews in National Socialist Germany.

If Trump is Hitler, who are his Jews?  Now that you have a group in your head.  Is that group actually guilty of the activities Trump singled them out for?

German Jews weren't, but every group that I've seen Trump single out so far is.

We're looking at the difference between racist and rational again.

"That black guy, right there, stole my television," isn't racist.

"Black people steal televisions," is, even if the above statement is true.

Trump may be a lot of things, but he's not Hitler.

Of all the leaders we've had in the past 40, Mr Obama has come closest to the Fascist ideals so loved by The National Socialist German Workers Party.  Closest doesn't mean matched, but it's a trend I don't want to see continued.

Oh, another clue that Trump isn't Hitler, he's not a leftist.  Fascism and National Socialism were never right wing movements, they were only labeled so by Communists.  If you think of Hitler or Mussolini as right wing, congratulations, you're a victim of Commie propaganda!

Wait I Think I Got This One

"If pocket carry is bad why is appendix carry fine?"

I'm going out on a limb and say, "holster", otherwise appendix is better known as mexican.

And I don't even appendix carry, I'm simply too fat.

20 October 2016

The Truth Is Revealed

Revealed Message to Garcia Guy Actually A Lazy Shiftless Turd

Lemme Jog Your Memory Here Barry

You had NOTHING to do with that?

I beg to differ, Mr President.

Destroyed Evidence

Donna Brazile says that WikiLeaks is lying about what was in those emails?

Perhaps if Hillary had not had them deleted you could prove WikiLeaks was making stuff up.

I know a forensics specialist and he says it's quite common for people to panic and destroy evidence that would exonerate them.

So, if WikiLinks is making this all up, then Hillary has done exactly that!


If those emails proved WikiLeaks data dump was false, they'd have had zero reason to delete them in the first place, would they?

Voting Machine Integrity

I fired off a letter to my county election commissioner today.

He's been talking about how secure and unspoofable the electronic voting machines are.

I told him that doesn't mean there's no fraud, it just means that every vote recorded was actually cast by someone.

It doesn't mean someone didn't vote twice.

It doesn't mean that someone voted who shouldn't have.

I predict we're going to have more votes than voters, again.


Roe v Wade was incorrectly decided.

There, I said it.

But it's almost the correct decision!

Pulling a right to an abortion out of some vague penumbra of a right to privacy attached to the 4th Amendment?


Saying the Federal Government has been given no power whatsoever about abortions and its a state matter under the 10th amendment?  Correct.

Saying the 9th Amendment protects rights not mentioned already and that Texas' own constitution gives no power to regulate abortions?  Also correct.

Thus a right to an abortion because nobody actually empowered the governments to regulate them.

If you want to talk the talk of restoring constitutional government, you're going to hit walls like this where you're going to need to amend the thing before the government has the powers to do what you want them to do.

Also, considering how closely tied anti-abortion has become to Christianity, there's a strong 1st Amendment argument against the government having any authority here because that would be a State endorsement of one religion's view on the topic.

It's quite sobering to look at the Constitution and see exactly how little power it actually gives the Federal Government.  Then looking at the State Constitutions and seeing they have similarly small grants of power for the most part.

Then you look at the powers actually exercised...  Yes, Virginia, nearly everything Government does is illegitimate and illegal.  Including how the Supreme Court operates, look it up!

Bonus round:  Even if the States granted themselves massive new powers amending the state constitutions (Florida adds several amendments every year by voter referendum) everyone forgets what the 14th Amendment actually says.  The 14th was supposed to be a massive bitch slap to the states and imposing much of the limitations on Federal power to the states.  Slaughterhouse fucked that up...

Ground Hog Day

The new Westworld is trippy.

I think the player piano they use to show the 'bots have reset to the next act should be playing "I got you babe" though.

19 October 2016


My blog is popular in France?

Buh whuh?

Well, hello there, anyway!

I'd give a badly translated by Google greeting, but... well an American butchering French is SO clichéd!

A Gem From Arfcom Of All Places

Arfcom's signal to noise ratio is often bad, but sometimes you get some truly great rants from the inmates.

Dear REPUBLICAN PARTY, here is the reality of the situation.

YOU --- have left US --- about three decades ago. Now, YOU have created a situation where WE --- will finally all leave you.

Your treatment of the GOP nominee, DONALD TRUMP, has been appalling. WE --- are the ones who chose Mr. Trump, not YOU!

WE --- rejected all the other candidates that you threw at us.

If there is a PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON, then every consequence of that presidency will be on all of YOU!

We voted Republican to FIGHT the democrats, not to get along with them.

We DID NOT vote for the Republicans to "reach across the aisle" to the democrats.

Above all, we DID NOT vote for Republicans to just give the democrats everything that they want.

Here's the reality that will come because of your establishment, corrupt career politician actions. If you all do not come around and support Mr. Trump, then it will then be OUR turn to leave YOU!

You will lose over half of your base, over half of your membership, over half of your donors. The GOP as we know it will be rendered impotent. You will then be equal to the Libertarians, the Greens, and every other third party option out there.

You could then stop being REPUBLICANS IN NAME ONLY, and join the democrats as you all really wish to do anyway.

The future of the party is up to you.

The destruction of the GOP is up to you also.

I also remember the do-nothing that came from the Contract With America, so this little gem isn't surprising to me.

Amusing Myself

Hornady has announced a William B Ruger Commemorative Line of Ammunition.

I stand by my comment, "This ammo will be so polarizing you can use it for sunglasses."

Near Contemporaneous

These guns are not separated by so many years in design.  Both are lineal descendants and product improvements of another gun, the Browning from the Colt M1911 and the Luger from the Borchardt C.93.

The Luger is the pinnacle of the toggle-locked handgun.

The Browning is the beginning of the wonder-nines.  It's such an establishing pattern that someone familiar with a modern gun has no troubles at all with it.  In many ways modern polymer framed guns are simply High-Powers upgraded to modern materials.

The Luger... last of its kind.  Even with all of the machining that the Browning has, you can see how rationalized the design is for mass production on an assembly line.  The parts on the Luger aren't made for the high-rate production processes of the 1930's any more than the Browning is suited to today's production methods.  Just about the only thing on the Luger that's common today is it's striker firing rather than hammer fired.

Still it's a neat window into a world where the best way for a service pistol to function had not been shown, let alone decided.  There's a romance to these older guns.

Because Willard Was Worried

If we should happen to see an Allosaurus outside...

.270 Winchester is enough medicine.

Its 36 ST gives it 36 HP and it's thick hide is DR 2.

7d pi will be 7d(0.5) pi+ with the hollow-point ammo I've got laid in.

7d is 24 points of basic damage on average.

Against the body the DR is doubled to 4, allowing 20 to penetrate which expands to 30.  Not enough for a one shot stop.

But the vitals are located where any other bird's are.  The 20 that penetrate will blossom to 60 and that's enough to knock it out, and with a HT of 11, it's prolly going to get knocked unconscious from this.

Trying to nail its tiny brain is much more difficult, but it could lead to a single shot death roll with 72 points delivered.

18 October 2016

Luger Pics

Got out the camera and got left alone with Willard's bucket list item.

It's a 1916 P.08 made by DWM, well... mostly.  It's a parts gun.  But all that really means it was "affordable" rather than unattainable.  The slide, toggle, bolt and barrel are from one gun.  The frame and most other parts are from another and the side plate from a third.

It was made for Die Deutsches Heer, and we can tell from the proof marks!

It's got a loaded chamber indicator!  Does this mean it's Massachusetts or California legal?

It field strips readily.

Plus a bit more to make cleaning easy.

A hundred years ago, wood was what you used for polymer.

The spare magazines have plastic base caps, and I have literally bought entire guns that were cheaper than a Luger magazine is!

This guy took one all the way apart, so I don't have to!

Even if he hadn't, this animation is excellent for showing how it works, even if it's not quite the same version.

In China, they're both Luger!  In Japan they're both Ruger!  Isn't that handy?  Bill wasn't trying to sow any confusion with how it looks at all, was he?  I think under modern laws Ruger would be in some sort of trade dress violation against Deutsches Waffen und Munitionfabrik.

No Disassemble!

I tell you...

You don't really understand how a gun works until you take it completely apart.

You also don't understand how much energy is stored in a spring until you launch one across the room.

You cannot fathom trust until a friend loans you a Luger so you can grok it.

17 October 2016

T2K Timeline Change

Now that Twilight 2000 is an alternate history, I need to fill in the blank from when it was published and when its timeline picked up.

Here's the start:

1989The year the Cold War almost ended. Enough was apparently enough with the Soviet hardliners and Mikhail Gorbachev was found dead in his suite in East Berlin on October 6th. Without the intervention of the Russian leader, Chairman Erich Honecker cracked down on dissidents in East Germany in a manner reminiscent of Tiananmen Square.
1990Under pressure from the new Soviet leadership, Hungary remilitarizes its border.
1991To the terror of the Warsaw Pact and Soviet leadership, US weapons and doctrine work exactly as advertised in the Liberation of Kuwait. A crash program of defense modernization begins, increasing internal strife and causing violent crackdowns. NATO, distracted with their victory, does little more than complain to the UN.
1992Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey, considered to be more hawkish than Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, wins the Democrat presidential nomination and narrowly defeats President George Bush in the election. The realization among American voters that perhaps the Cold War was winding up, rather than down, sends an electoral message and an atmosphere allowing increased defense spending takes hold.
1993Despite a “no more Vietnams” message in his inaugural speech, President Kerrey approves a limited draft measure. There is much speculation that the new selective service act is, perhaps, racist in its selection; however domestic crime rates are down severely in the wake. Some noted sociologists suggest that the people drafted were exclusively from a strata that tended towards crime and gang affiliations, and were simply being given a new gang to associate with. “Gang in Green” becomes a popular, if unofficial, motto of the US Army. In reality the point structure turns out to be aimed at how much and how long the draftee's family had received financial assistance. While a seemingly disproportionate number of blacks and latinos were drafted, so were large numbers from Appalachia and the south.
West Germany records an unprecedented number of border crossing attempts from East Germany, with an attendant increase in deaths.
1994While the crash modernization of the Soviet armed forces was bearing some fruit, it was also hollowing out the USSR economically, forcing them to crack down ever harder on their citizens and subject nations. Clearly something was coming to a head, but what and where was the question.
1995Please turn to page 23 of your Twilight 2000 Referee's Manual.
I need more detail, historians please chime in and add suggestions!

Drive By Bayonetting

It was an early realization of mine of how far in the tank the entertainment industry was for the Democrats when what would be banned by the AWB was published.

I know you've heard the jokes about drive by bayonetting.

If the entertainment industry was neutral, someone would have filmed that skit, illustrating it for the pathetic bit of uselessness it was.


No comedy show stepped up and made it, and there were oh-so-many sketch comedy shows on the TV in 1993.

If they won't satirize the absurdity of banning a bayonet lug...  and only on a semi-auto with a detachable magazine.

It makes you wonder why.  I think it's because if you start being critical of the bayonet lug, you start seeing what else is absurd about the law, like a shoulder-thing-that-goes-up barrel shroud.

Oh Wow

Ever been genuinely surprised you're alive the next day?

I dunno what I had, but it started yesterday with a few trips to the toilet then moved on to every single joint screaming in pain to a fever so stark I grabbed the winter comforter to snuggle under.

Then the weakness kicked in.  I couldn't move and was uncoordinated.  Good thing I was already in bed, huh?

The dreams were staggeringly impressive, and I don't remember a single one.

I woke up this morning sore, but the fever has obviously broken.

I don't remember ever getting this sick this fast before.  It was kind of scary.

It's also why I took the day off yesterday.

15 October 2016

Increased Traffic

The number of hits my humble blog receives has quadrupled recently.

I don't run anything to tell where the hits come from, I just have the basic Blogger stats to go on.

I do want to say, thanks for stopping by!

Ranting And Raving

To everyone on both sides of the aisle:

The reason the stakes are so high this election is because we've got government in every facet and aspect of our lives.  It matters who's in control of the strings, because those strings are connected to everything we do.

We've got, essentially, a third party candidate running on the Republican ticket because a lot of people finally recognized that neither party is at all interested in cutting some of any those strings and leaving us alone.

Both parties have long forgotten that we're supposed to have a bottom-up government rather than a top-down one.

Not really that long ago the phrase, "don't make a federal case out of it," was an ironic joke.  Because the federal government was minuscule.  Strongly contained in its Constitutionally defined cage.

We have a press that's chosen sides.  How can you tell?  Just look at what they complain about when the wrong person is president and check to see if the right person still does those things.  Did the complaining stop?

I'm sick of watching the media proclaiming the Republicans are the most evil of all evil by doing X, then ignoring that Democrats do it too.  I am sick of the media dismissing outrage at a Democrat's behavior as if what they'd done was nothing while screaming to the rafters that the same behavior from a Republican is substantial and important.

I am sick of "they did it first" being a positive defense for one side and not the other.  It shouldn't be a defense at all!

If it's wrong for me, it's wrong for you too.

Each party wants different things, but they both need the government to be bigger and more intrusive to get them, so choosing R or D isn't really much of a choice.  Either way you get less control of your own life.

Both sides are lying through their teeth about just about everything too.  Well, except this time I think Trump is being honest.  I will not say if I think he's right or wrong but I don't think he's being dishonest.  That honesty is fucking scary, ain't it?  He's not mouthing the reassuring platitudes we've become accustomed to hearing, is he?

He's the very antithesis of "more of the same" and if the prospect of real change scares you, guess what?  You actually want more of the same.

Good news for you and bad news for people who're honestly supporting him.  The likelihood that he'll actually be able to affect any changes is about zero.  Because while he's effectively a third party candidate, Congress will still be run by the two main parties.  If you want to see how this works just look at what Gov. Ventura managed to leave as a legacy, and note he was a single term Governor.

I know I'm getting old, but I can remember when the FBI was famously apolitical.  They'd chase criminal politicians, regardless of party affiliation, wherever they found them.  I watched that change sharply from 1992 through 2000.  I also watched the Republicans do nothing to undo that change from 2000-2008.

The economy is often a trailing indicator of Government.  We act like the president has a magic fix-the-economy wand and is, for some reason, not using it.

The dirty little secret is the government can do very little actively to make an economy flourish.  Government is damned good, however, at throttling economy.

Innumerable taxes and regulations (literally impossible to count now rather than merely figuratively very difficult to count) choke businesses from every angle and only the very largest can endure the millions of gnat bites and afford some form of protection from it.

Laws, regulations and rules about every aspect of hiring, firing and paying someone move jobs outside our borders.

While we talk about illegal aliens entering the country and doing jobs that Americans won't we often forget they are also doing the jobs extralegally.  Their employer is skipping all of those laws, regulations and rules about hiring, firing and paying.  They're typically not paying bad wages to their illegal workers, but save so much by skipping the government overhead they can pay decent wages.

They don't hire Americans because an American can't risk not telling the IRS where they work or have their bank lock their account because they can't come up with a "legitimate" source for their income.

It's a bipartisan problem and it will take bipartisanship to fix.  The problem is neither party is particularly interested in fixing things for the people they're supposed to, by constitutional decree, be working for.

Yes, It Matters

There is a distinction between "talking with" and "talked to" in politics.

That distinction matters.

I am sick of being talked to.

Especially by people who have no interest whatsoever in where my interests lie.

It leads to desperation and making the least worst decision rather than making good decisions.


I've noticed that I gravitate towards the oddities sometimes.

.38 Super instead of .45 ACP in my 1911.

.45 Colt instead of .44 Magnum in my Anaconda.

6.8 instead of 5.56 in some of my AR's.

.270 Winchester instead of .30-06 in my FUDD rifle.

Kinda makes me itch for a .327 Magnum now...

14 October 2016

Interesting Coincidence

A .38 Super casing is an exact fit for the oversized selector hole in my M16A2 clone.

The ID is too narrow, but that's why we have drills!

The semi-rimmed nature of the round also provides a step to keep the bushing from falling into the action.

This is serendipity.

Pot Metal

When I got my AccuTrigger replacement trigger group I noticed that the trigger frame that came with the gun was slightly bowed.

So I tried to straighten it.

As you can see, the metal that it's made from isn't very malleable.  At least I didn't break my ONLY trigger frame or break any of the internal trigger parts.


Cartridge OverAll Length

Weer'd's comments here got me to check...

The rounds are well back from the mouth of the cylinder, let alone approaching interfering with the forcing cone.

Something I was able to find out was they never had their own headstamp, starline is the norm for BVAC.  This picture also got me noticing something else.  That bullet is cocked slightly in the brass.  That can't be good for accuracy!

The End Of Politics As We Now Know It

I've another modest proposal.

Pick a day, let's say sixth months before the election and that's when all the states have their primary.

Make it illegal, with severe punishments, to leak results before they are all tabulated.

Results day is a week after Primary day, at the convention!.

Then, come Election Day.

Same black-out on results and they aren't read until all the votes are in.  It's two months from the election to inauguration, there's plenty of time for a proper counting.


I am sick of two solid years of campaigning for the next election.  For fuck's sake we're starting to see positioning  for the 2020 election already.

Sealing the results until they are all in will also end the discouragement that many feel about the process.  How many voters in Hawaii don't bother because they've seen the Florida and New York results before their polls even open?

Holy Crap I Agree With Hillary

I too would like to see a borderless, single nation for all of The Americas.

Except I'd call it The United States.

I wouldn't like to see a balkanized mess like the EU without borders where there's many language and cultural differences between the member states.

There's nothing that precludes the USA from expanding peacefully into both continents except an unwillingness for the other nations of The Americas to become US of Americans.

Yet, they're perfectly willing to do the EU thing, because they've much to gain and we've much to lose.

We first have to admit that the US has a culture of its own.  Regardless of if it was assembled from spare parts of the cultures of everyone one who's ever immigrated here.

Next we have to decide that this culture is ours and worth defending and worth not diluting faster than it can assimilate new parts from other cultures.

To say, if you move here, you conform to OUR norms, respect OUR way of doing things, speak OUR language and if you can't, then go back where you came from.  Better yet, never leave there for here.

Stunningly, our norms, ways of doing things and language aren't really very hard.  Remember how we came by our culture?  It's adaptable, inviting and permissive.

But there's limits, please don't actively seek them.

We're still members of Western Civ, and that means there's a jackboot mode hidden in our genes.  Sure, we'll feel guilty afterwards, but that's AFTERWARDS.