26 July 2016

They Look The Same

But they aren't.

Mass is not weight.

A kilogram only equals 2.20462 pounds in one g.

At two g a kilogram is 4.40924 pounds, but still one kilo.

It's a distinction without a difference here at standard temperature and pressure (or close damned enough if you're not uncomfortable from the temperature and pressure) and one g.

25 July 2016

Mind Fuck

I am eagerly awaiting a friend of Harvey's extolling the virtues of Hillary.

I can't wait to ask, "What did she do when she had the power to do...?" and watch him short circuit when his only possible out is that she was overridden by his favorite president of all time.

Either she's useless or the source of goodness and light, Obama the Healer, is as evil as I've long held.

Going to be expensive keeping a bag of fresh popcorn on me until November, but it'll be worth it!


Banning modern semi-automatic rifles because they only had muskets in 1789 is like...

Banning tractors because they only had horses and slaves back then.

Nice Try

One thing that Colt is almost infamous for is never producing a mid-length gas system AR.

Today on a pawn-shop rack I saw a Colt lower with a middy upper.

For $1,149.

Maybe for a complete Colt, but not for a parts gun.


My blog is suddenly quite popular in Russia.

I wonder why that might be.

Are they checking up on their rifles they lost to Finland all those years ago?

Elegant Luggage For A More Civilized Time

The Winchester shotgun has a travel case!

It's a Red Head brand 32" 175 FD case.

Broken Windows Theory Expansion

Broken Windows Theory.

With that in mind:  Could the cops shooting dogs when it's not necessary be a reliable harbinger that department will use excessive force in other ways?

Is it an indication that your local po-po no longer serve the public trust?

Oh, how I yearn for the police to return to being peace officers rather than law enforcement.

The first step would be to get their funding clipped of all the federal monies.

The second step would be to strip about 90% of the laws and their associated regulations; we will be amazed at how small and cheap a police force can be if it doesn't have to deal with the endless morass of bullshit laws they're being asked to keep track of.

The third step is educating the people about their rightful role in law enforcement.

Feed Rate

I've decided that the reason that Marv is 6'-6" tall is that he's part ogre.

I've come to this conclusion watching him finish two 80% lowers.

He's managed to slay two 4-flute, 1/4" end-mills now.

When you use a router to hold the mill you've got to have a deft hand on the mill and only move as fast as the mill is cutting.  Marv is putting too much pressure on the router and it causes chatter and breaks the mills.

In more positive news, his second lower is the one we drilled way to deep on the rear shelf.  Some 1/4-28 all thread rod and a nut have replaced the pistol grip screw and there seems to be enough thread to hold the grip on!  We did have to relieve the inside of the grip for tool-clearance so you can get a socket down there, but it works.

23 July 2016

More Parts To The Story


h/t Miguel

Around 50 yards with an AR and he "missed" hitting Kinsey by mistake?

Pull the other one, it has bells on it.

This has every earmark of a bad shoot and both the shooting officer and his suspended supervisor should be looking through gray steel curtains for a while.  Felony a while.

Shit like this is why cops who aren't fucking up get blamed and this is the teensy kernel of truth lurking inside the Bureau of Land Management Black Lives Matter's protests.  That the police can shoot whomever they want with impunity.

It's not true, but if these officers walk, then who's making whose point?

Jonathan Aledda has shown he cannot be trusted with a firearm at the very least.  What's the charge if you or I pop off a negligent round and hurt someone?  I seem to recall Florida having a 10/20/life law...

And there you are.  Except, once again, there's an exception for cops.  Laws for me and not for my government employees are the very root of tyranny; no matter how light the chains.

Emile Hollant has betrayed the public trust, however, and he needs to be incarcerated for a good long time.  Yes, I consider his actions worse than Mr Aledda's.  Mr Aledda might have made a mistake, Mr Hollant did it deliberately.

Fuck him.

Compare Contrast

Just how long is a 30" barreled Winchester Model 12 Heavy Duck?

A lot longer than a tacticool Remington 870 with a 20" barrel.

Nearly as long as a Mosin-Nagant model 1891.


But it's shorter than a 14.5" barreled AR when broken down!

You Have To Show Up

When you ask your gun-owning friends for help picking out a gun and ask to stop by and coon-finger as many as they can...

Yeah, show up when you say you're going to.

Call if something unforeseen happened that prevents you from coming.

Respond to attempts to contact you...

22 July 2016


The Model 12 is now clean.

There was some serious funk up inside that receiver, including a large dead and desiccated winged ant.

Did a detail disassembly, took off all the gunk, gave a nice light coat of oil and all is once again as it should be in the universe.

By the way, I've seen NEW bores that didn't look this good.  Despite the build up of crud in behind the bolt, the bore was meticulously maintained.

A Teeny Little V

Took my DD214 down to the driver's license station today and had the veteran's endorsement added to my license.

Not sure what that does me, but what the heck!

Might be good for a couple of discounts at some stores.

¡Viva La Socialism!

“McDonald’s Venezuela is working to resolve this temporary situation,” Daniel Schleiniger, a spokesman for Arcos Dorados, tells Bloomberg. “Together with our supplier, we are evaluating the best options that will allow us to continue serving high quality food to our customers.”

See, Venezuela isn't so bad, their McDonalds serve high quality food.

Socialism makes McDonalds better than Capitalism!

Shotgun News

Willard presented me with a puzzle today.

His father's Winchester Model 12.  Update:  The 30" barrel and the 3" chamber with a full choke indicates that this is a "Heavy Duck" model.  Willard did say it was a goose killer, those are heavy ducks to be sure!

He was unable to get the magazine tube to move one way or another, thus was unable to break it down.

Two hours later I figured out what was binding and got it apart.  All is now well!

The Model 12 is definitely from a different era.  Iron and wood.  9 lb. loaded with six shots, 8.5 lb. with 2 and the magazine plug.

Speaking of wood!

Extra Work

Going through LBB Traveller, GURPS: Traveller and checking them against Ultratech...

Yeah, I'm going to have to make a G:T4e weapons table.


I guess you have to pay attention to the font to decide if that '88' tattoo means they're a neo-nazi or an Earnhardt Jr. fan.

Even 14/88 could mean they like Tony Stewart too.

Life's too complicated all of a sudden.

Get On With It!

There is no topic so interesting that an inept videographer on YouTube can't make it tedious and dull.

I am so entirely sick of 30 seconds of content packed into ten minutes of video.


Linie Aquavit is about the most metal hard liquor I've found.

Brutal, it is!

Make a Viking of you.  Or let you stand alone against the Russian hordes.  On skis.

Drinking a beverage that's a shellback!

21 July 2016


Oh, I will be bitter for years over it.

I can see I practically dared you to do it, because you couldn't encompass that I'd seriously do what I said I'd do.

Well, I did what I'd said I'd do if you crossed the line I drew in the sand.

Which you crossed just to see if I'd keep my word.

I'm going to be bitter about this for a long time.

I'm Gonna Keep An Eye On This Case


As the caretaker of my retarded son, there could be a lot of similarities in situations.

The Boy has been known to go off and I can see the police being called to help.

I'd hate to get shot for just trying to collect and calm my son.

First reporting is almost always wrong, but this looks like a bad shoot at this time.

I Wonder

I wonder if attacking assault weapon bans on "bill of attainder" grounds has some merit.

Most of them call out a specific manufacturer and model.

20 July 2016

Where Do I Order?

Tam says that 5.11 makes a man purse!  That'll go great with my kilt...
I don't see it in the catalog, is this a special order item?

Who's Flying This Thing Anyway


Most of the time the computer will be "flying" the ship from inputs given by the navigator rather than the pilot.

Just like a modern commercial aircraft and surface ship.

The autopilot steers far more often than the pilot or helmsman.

The position is still retained because something can go wrong and there's situations where the computer isn't flexible enough to handle it.

Any starport of Type C (GURPS: Traveller class III) or better will also have a space traffic control feed that can slave the navigation console and autopilot to.

Not A Slippery Slope

With Mass-ass-chew-shits (you spell it your way, I'll spell it mine) going the extra mile to ban what they call "assault weapons" there's been some cries that this proves the slippery slope.

Never mind that incrementalism in passing law isn't the same thing as the slippery slope fallacy from debate...  Incrementalism is provably real.

But gun control isn't a slippery slope.

It's an item on a punch-list.

I honestly don't know how many boxes there are to check, but once you get a certain number checked off, you've got nothing between you and tyranny.

Guns are a box on that list.

This Is How It Should Be

Gotta love Switzerland!

Lots and lots of those guns being casually toted around are the real-deal selective fire guns.


Reading political blogs is sometimes interesting.

I've noticed a trend concerning Trump.

If the writer used to be a Republican, they think he's going to lose big.

If the write is still a Republican, they think he's going to win big, but be a disaster.

They both agree that Hillary will be a disaster.

Personally I think Trump has an excellent chance of winning and he's going to be as effective as Gov. Jesse Ventura as both parties gang up on him in Congress.

No It Isn't

Dear Mr Vickers,

No, the FAL does not have an SVT gas system and tilting bolt.

The FAL is derived from the SAFN (aka FN49) which was being designed at the same time as the SVT and in isolation from it.

Tokarev and Saive weren't in communication and there was this whole nazi Germany thing in between them.

Saive actually started work before Tokarev.

Neither gun can be properly described as using the others systems at all.

Wanna know something telling about this?

Who invented the tilting locking system?  Who invented the long stroke gas system using a separate, spring loaded, gas piston?

Did you google that?  Find an easy answer?

We could say that both the SVT and the FAL use a Lee style tilting bolt.

We should say that both designers came up with similar ideas on their own, independently from one another.

Larry should learn the correct terms for a tilting bolt rather than make simplistic comparisons with the assumption that the viewer is more familiar with one gun over the other.

19 July 2016

Coming Out

Erin mentioned that someone who's LGBT has a second coming out when they reveal they're a gun owner.  (I can't find where she said it or there'd be a finely crafted link here).

I had (note that past tense) a whole passel of gay friends because a lot of my gamer buddies were gay.

Because I was straight the gaming was the overlap on the Venn diagram.

Being a flaming liberal was another overlap.  But outside the overlap I was also reading history and debating my positions with people like FuzzyGeff.  Geff too, was a flaming liberal when I first encountered him.  He was ahead of me on the reading and understanding the philosophy; but I got there; eventually.

Where I stopped being a flaming liberal was when I joined the Army.  Seeing East Berlin.  Seeing what it took to be a US Serviceman and get into Poland to see Auschwitz first hand, not to mention a couple of other camps still preserved.

It takes the shine off of Communism right quick.  Seeing where the history happened made me make the connection that Communism, Fascism and National Socialism were all different flavors of the same shit.  Once you see that the fucking nazis are left-wingers, the shine of flaming liberalism tarnishes too.

When I came back from the Army, I got back into gaming and my friends were mostly right where I'd left them.

I discovered that while I wasn't a flaming liberal anymore, I was also not much of a conservative.  I didn't care how many babies were aborted and I didn't care what consenting adults did with their genitals, even if those genitals matched.  I didn't care what imaginary friend people supplicated themselves to, as long as they didn't demand I did as well.

I am not a good conservative, but my conservative leanings didn't affect my friendships.

Until I bought a gun.

They seemed to put on a game face and attempt to wait out this new phase in their friend.  But I discovered that being a gunowner is something of a lifestyle change.  A change that was too large for my gay friends to accept because it came with criticizing politicians who were anti-gun and pro-gay.

They didn't want to hear that all that history, philosophy and politics I'd been reading lead me to wonder why THEY didn't own guns themselves, being a vulnerable minority and all.

I stopped getting calls to come hang out.  Games were rescheduled for when I'd be busy.

Pretty soon I didn't have many gay friends at all.  And my loss is teeny compared to the scope that a gay person would endure.  I lost some of my friends, not almost everyone I knew.

Hate Crime

When we get corresponding Love Crime sentence reductions, I'll think about hate crime sentence enhancement being valid.

For fuck's sake, nobody is going to do anything covered by hate-crime statutes because they like someone much.  I reject the concept that making something that's illegal MORE illegal has any deterrence value at all.

Adding the cops to the list of protected species covered by those statutes is a bad plan on top of the hate-crime bad idea.

The list of things that cops and ex-cops get that we normal folk don't is already rather large.  It's also been a wedge issue for people like me who want to see many fewer differences between cops and everyday citizens.

The thing that the cops have over normal folks is cop shootings don't go unsolved.  Ever.

As I mentioned before, there really aren't a lot of cops getting shot.  Yes, there's a spike, but it's far too soon to call it a trend.  It is not yet time to DO SOMETHING with the concurrent THIS is SOMETHING - we MUST do THIS!

Never mind that if it is a trend, if it's caused by what it appears to be caused by, making the shooting more illegaler isn't going to slow it down even a whit.  Nor will banning guns.

If you really want to talk about hate legislation, let's not make the definitions of bigotry subjective.

It doesn't matter what the race of someone is if they hate another race.

It doesn't matter what the sex of someone is if they hate another sex.

It doesn't matter what the sexual orientation of someone is if they hate another sexual orientation.

Yes, that means that black people will be called out on their racism, women will be called out on sexism, and homosexuals will be called out on hetrophobia.

They're currently protected classes and have a safe haven to hate from.  Especially galling for women, because they are not a minority group.

A safe haven to hate from isn't something I imagine the police wanting or needing.

I know, I'm some kind of racist misogynist homophobe for thinking that equal means equal and that everyone should have the exact same rights as anyone else.  Silly me.

What A Bother

The Lovely Harvey's dearly beloved 15" MacBook Pro (mid 2007) took a dump Sunday night.

The hard drive utterly failed.  Complete data loss.

Happily, she's keeps her files backed up and she lost very little.

Also happily, because I have the carcasses of my mid-2007 and early-2008 15" MacBook Pro's here I have parts!  What's dead on both of mine is the logic board.

So she got a less worn keyboard and a new hard drive.

To let you know how long my mid-2007 has been dead, the drive was a fresh install of 10.5.8 that I did when I made it my spare machine.

I put the new drive in, updated to 10.6.8 then updated to 10.11.6.

Then ran two rounds of updates, installed Chrome and Thunderbird and that's where we are for the newly named "Revenant".

This machine is probably going to end up spare and we're going to transition her back to Windows 7 and a refurbished Lenovo T420.  She uses Win7 at work, so it will basically be a smooth transition.

18 July 2016


If you recall, back in December I posted that the phosphorescent night sights on Portia weren't quite dead, but they weren't far from it.

Marv bought some phosphorescent paint and he revived his.

I begged him to borrow some of the paint and he just revived mine for me.  Thanks!  It needs at least two coats and it takes like five hours to dry.  I didn't have time to wait for the drying so he borrowed the gun for a couple of days and did three coats.

Sights repainted, not charged:


Charged with a 1.5 second exposure instead of 10 seconds, same room lighting.  Also more to the side for the shot.

On a ten second charge with my 7w LED light, they are bright for about ten minutes and visible for much longer with all the lights out.

17 July 2016

Wanna Bet?

Black Lives Matter organizer Ashleigh Shackelford claims that "Nothing you have is yours. Let me be clear: Nothing you have is yours."

First off, nice cultural appropriation of a European name.

Second, we don't owe you anything.

Why not?

Because 360,000 people, nearly all of them white men, paid the ultimate price to give blacks the ultimate gift:  Freedom.

They didn't even ask to be paid back when they made that sacrifice.

So, Ms Shackelford, nothing you have is YOURS, it belongs to those who died so that your ancestors could live free from the yoke of slavery.

Again, the person you should be mad at is Lyndon Baines Johnson, not me.  He's the asshole who convinced your grandparents to sign away your freedoms in exchange for the straight-jacket of welfare and dependency.

You own what you earn ma'am.  What have you earned here?

You squandered a precious gift and now regret it so much that you demand it back from those who didn't.

Look in the mirror to see the person to blame for your not having the things you want; or is shame of knowing what you gave away too much to bear looking in the mirror?

By the way, that freedom I mentioned, it's still there and yours for the taking.  Come! join me!  Yes, earning your way is hard work, but you will be able to look at yourself in that mirror and see someone who is actually proud of who they are.

Already Lost Where I Got The Quote

A drawback to being the father of a mentally retarded son is he often loses it while you're composing.

Most of the time I have to start from scratch and can't even remember what I was going to write about.

This time I remember the quote, but not the attribution.

"If a well regulated militia is necessary for the security of a free state; then a state which lacks one is either not secure or not free (or both)."

16 July 2016

Grenade Sight Restoration

I repainted the markings on Jasmine's rifle grenade sights.

Testors Model-Master Insignia Yellow, some thinner and a Q-Tip and all "restored".

A Cynical Lot

Reading a thread about if Glock will offer their new FBI version for commercial sale.

Someone replied, "Glock likes making money so I don't see [them not selling them]. If it did just frequent restaurants near their office. One will be left in a bathroom soon enough."


At one time the fact that the people outgunned the police was irrelevant.

How could this ever be irrelevant?

Because the police force was tiny if it existed at all, with many places having just a single person filling the role we think of as law enforcement today.  Definitely fully embedded and vested in their communities.

One traditional role of the militia is the posse.  The idea seems so corny today, thanks to westerns, but it was once a cornerstone of American law enforcement.  Even places with cops had more reliance on the citizens in their locale than we see today.

Of course it also helped a lot that there were many fewer laws and they made sense to those under them.

Another thing complicating the relationship today is many places have given the police the exclusive power of law enforcement, and made it clear that the citizen's assistance is unwanted beyond reporting the crime.  Ever notice that those places have a lot of crime too?

Civil Disobedience

Can anyone think of any reason why mailing the CLEO a "copy" of a Form 1 you aren't submitting to ATF would be illegal?

Since The 90's

For over 25 years I have been listening to pundits bemoaning that the police are outgunned.

I just realized something.

They're supposed to be.

That's the whole fucking point of the 2nd Amendment, that the people can topple the government through force of arms.

We're supposed to outgun the government by design.

Combat Robots

In Traveller canon the Zhondani make extensive use of combat robots.

I remember a player objecting to their presence because such robots would be in violation of "The Three Laws".

I replied that it was unlikely the Zhodani had read Asimov.

Then I had to explain that the three laws were from a series of science fiction stories written by Issac Asimov.

They really didn't know!


I have, on occasion, dismissed the M14 as just a Garand converted to take 7.62x51mm and a 20 round detachable magazine.

I should consider that an FAL is kind of an SAFN converted to take 7.62x51mm and a 20 round detachable magazine as well.

Actually Black America Is Failing To Deal With It

Henry Rollings, a known dancing monkey, says "White America couldn't handle what Black America deals with every day."

Henry, there's nothing a black person is going through that didn't happen to white people in America.  (Hint: In 1860 is it better to be a black slave in Georgia or a free Irishman in Boston?)

That includes slavery.  Bigotry.  Ghettos.  Violence.  All of it.

The difference is there's nobody nursing a grievance generations after the offense if you're white.

Blacks came ever so close to putting it behind them just like all sorts of European immigrants.  You may thank LBJ for fucking that up for them, and he predicted they'd be grateful for the fucking as well.  He even used the dread n-word to describe his prediction.

What Mr Rollins doesn't seem to know is that every ethnic group dealt with what blacks deal with today.  He doesn't seem to know that this is at least the second time that blacks have been going through it.

This is how America treats people who claim to be American, but haven't wholeheartedly joined the culture.

What changed is too many blacks don't want to be part of the culture, but wish to have full access to the benefits that membership affords.  They want all the pluses and none of the negatives.

15 July 2016

Awwww Shucky Darn

Missed the Day of Rage on the Hillsborough County Courthouse steps.

Seems a shame to miss the chance to be called a racist by racists, don't it?

Wait, it's Anonymous doing the rage and not the Bureau of Land Management Black Lives Matter?

I suspect that the racists will show up and despite Anonymous asking for a peaceful demonstration of rage... yes that's what they say... that Bureau of Land Management Black Lives Matter is likely to be counter protesting and being counter peaceful.

Coup In Turkey

I guess the military has had enough Sharia.

Still Not Interested

Alien 5 with Sigourney Weaver?  Don't care.  She's held the story back since Alien 3.

I'd like to see that universe advance, and it can't as long as we keep revisiting Ellen Ripley.

Nor will it work to keep making a movie about the evil scientists.

Dark Horse Comics had a couple of promising story lines for Aliens and Predator, including an excellent Alien vs Predator (some vestiges of this ended up in AvP).

Maybe I could get excited by a reboot replacing Ripley with a male lead, just like I was excited by gender-swapping Ghostbusters... oh, wait.

Oh Wait

We should require anyone who owns a truck to register that truck before they take it out on the road.

We should only let people who pass a driving test and obtain a license drive trucks.

Oh wait...

I guess all we can do is ban trucks.

Because we damn sure aren't going to crack down on the common denominator of these attacks.

14 July 2016


I think that in April we're going to file our taxes with $0 reported income.

Although Harvey has a job, I think we identify as unemployed and therefore should not only not have to pay taxes, we should also receive full welfare.

Not Mutually Exclusive

You most certainly can be a reprehensible human being and also be a hero.

The two things overlap a lot more often than most people want to believe.

However, there's a long standing tradition that your sins are washed clean and forgiven if you die a heroic death.  This makes it unseemly to drag said hero's name through the mud with accusations posthumously.  Even if the accusations are true.

Where was your investigatory prowess before he died?

13 July 2016

Pretty Light Show

For about a week we've watched some pretty impressive thunderstorms get almost to us or go right past us.

The lightning is pretty though.


There's gunborker seller in Colorado who's got two SKS's listed.

One's a Norinco, the other is a beat to shit Yugo. (Links will be dead after a few months).

Both them are:

You must provide LE/Military Credentials at time of purchase.
You must be one of the following:
Sworn LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) State, County, or Local
Federal LEO - F.B.I, US Marshal, DEA, DHS, et cetera
Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation Officers
Retired LEO with “retired” credentials including Federal, State, County and Local
State Licensed Security Companies and State/City Licensed Security Officers
Federal Flight Deck Officers
Court Judges, District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys
First responders including firefighters and rescue personnel with appropriate I.D. and letterhead with verification of duty purpose
Military: Active, Retired, Active-Reserve. Active - Nat’l Guard

There's not a whit of explanation as to WHY they're not for sale to those untainted by government employment.

They sell AR's to the unwashed, so it's baffling.

Sometimes Things Connect

The husband of a friend came very close to making a complete donation via donorcycle several times.

Notably these attempted donations have the same mechanism in common: he slammed on the brakes and went over the handlebars.

In our litigious society it was baffling to me that Yamaha would make a bike that could do that when just anyone can buy one and attempt a panic stop.

Turns out that the bike was no longer stock.

The click moment happened when watching the film, "Hitting The Apex".

There's a scene where a very small contact is made between two bikes and the outside cycle careens out of control.  The contact severed a small wire and that disconnected the rear wheel speed sensor, which made the engine management computer unable to detect wheelspin and retard throttle input.

What my friend's husband, and his crotch-rocket buddies were doing was buying race-spec tires, brakes, and engines, but not adding the race-spec sensors and controllers; so when he grabbed a handful of front brake, the stock Yamaha ABS basically said, "nope, that can't be" because the change in wheel speed was too far out of its parameters to deal with and let him lock up the front because the BACK was stopped too (being in the air and all).  Add in the reaction speed of the system being matched to much smaller brakes slippier tires and you've got some disaster looming.

I'm led to believe that the race ready ABS and traction system has a wheel speed rate change system that would detect that the wheels had simple slowed down way too fast for it to be a legitimate stop and pulse the brakes.

Extreme Restraint

I only ordered a 200 pack of earplugs from Amazon's Prime Day.

Most of the deals weren't anything I wanted anyways, luckily.

Day One Of 41Fpocalypse

The old rules are dead, long live the new rules.

Which if NFA had an NRA would be overturned because BATFE broke the rules promulgation rules several times.

I'm finding that I have an urge to submit under the new rules just to show that it didn't stop me.  That I am not dissuaded from getting new NFA stuff.

The problem is what to do?

A suppressor in 6.8?

Saw off a Winchester Model 12?

Win the lottery and get an MG?

Go back to building the STEN SBR semi?