19 April 2015


I'm happy with the sepia pic of the clip.

So happy I made it my desktop.

Camera Play

I got a little tripod so I'm experimenting with taking super-macro pics.

Using a pocket computer, that is also a phone, to take a picture of my camera...  The future is amazing!

The subject is a 5 round clip of 7.62x54mmR ammo.

The mode I normally use (Program).  f/2.7, ISO 80, 6.0mm focal length, shutter 1/6 sec.

Manual mode.  f/2.7, ISO 80, 6.0mm focal length, shutter 1/4 sec.
Color accent mode.  f/2.7, ISO 250, 6.0mm focal length, shutter 1/20 sec.
Program mode set to black and white.  f/2.7, ISO 80, 6.0mm focal length, shutter 1/5 sec.
Program mode set to sepia.  f/2.7, ISO 80, 6.0mm focal length, shutter 1/5 sec.

18 April 2015


I have a former neighbor who wanted to participate in BAG day by buying my B-Barrel Kiv/39.

That would make it Sell A Gun day for me.

We're off to a bad start.

She said she wanted to buy it based on pics I put on Facebook.

Because she'd agreed to buy it and we'd hammered out a price, I took down my Gunbroker auction.

That was way back on March 24th.

Today was the day that we'd agreed upon to come up and make the exchange of money for the rifle.

Well, she scheduled something else for today in the mean time, can we do it Sunday?

SIGH.  Sure.

If she don't show tomorrow she can't buy it from me.  There's not enough money in the world for her to pry it out of my hands after making me wait three weeks then changing the meeting time at the last minute.

Here's some pics.  For $400 (plus shipping and handling) you can own it because if someone pays me before she shows, too bad.

17 April 2015


I've done this pic almost before.

The difference is these are my M&P's.

I am continually fascinated and impressed with the advances of technology.

They're of similar weight and size but the M&P 9 carries three times the beans with a loaded chamber.

Does anyone have that expensive S&W book to tell us when the 5-screw was made?  Serial is S 835xxx

I Hate That!

I've got a large vocabulary, most of the time.

What's maddening is when you know you knew a word for something, the perfect word to use, and you can't remember the word itself, just that the word exists.

Today's word is Deodand.

Special thanks to Erin for knowing that word from my vague clue.

First Past The Post

The author of that condemnation of "first past the post" voting clearly wants to do away with it.

A practical impossibility, and I am pretty sure that there's constitutional barriers to changing the voting system to one of the alternatives he suggests.

But what it does show is how we ended up with a two party system and how nearly impossible it is to supplant them once we're down to two.

It takes a big issue to get a third party to supplant and replace one of the entrenched two.

Way back 150 years ago or so, that was slavery.  You might notice that the demise of the Whig Party and the rise of the Republican Party also harbingers The Civil War.  That's how big the issue at hand needs to be before a third party is anything but a spoiler.

Ross Perot was such a spoiler.  The Green Party is often a spoiler on the Democrat Party.

The Tea Party would be a spoiler on the Republicans if they went out on their own as a party in and of themselves, but they've so far been content with slowly infecting and taking over the Republicans much as the Socialist Party infiltrated and absorbed the Democrats.

It's a catch 22.  Vote your conscience, hand the election to the greater evil.  Vote to stop the greater evil, you're voting for the lesser evil and that's not much better.

One Little Word

I keep waiting for a candidate to use one word, particularly if they're a veteran.


I pledge my vote to the candidate who seriously states that they're going to unfuck the economy or foreign policy.

Can you imagine how the talking heads would explode at this small piece of vulgarity?

What You Gonna Do, Owl Voter?

16 April 2015

In GURPS Terms

Honesty is a disadvantage in GURPS.  In a nutshell, it means you're law abiding.

You will obey the local laws, and if there are no laws you will still follow the rules of your own society.

I often feel I have this disad and that I am out among the lawless and following the rules of my own more civilized culture.

My people's lives are not nasty brutish and short and my conscience won't let me stand by and do nothing.  Lords know I've tried to do nothing.

15 April 2015

Helping Out

One of my favorite YouTube channels is Smarter Every Day.

He's sponsored by Harry's.

I said, "what the heck" and ordered a starter set because I killed the edge on my straight razor and can't find someone to sharpen it.

The Truman.

OK, I'm sold.  This is a much better razor and blade than my old Gillette Fusion.

And that's just on the face, tomorrow we test on the pate.

17APR15 Update:

Shaves head as well as face.  I'm quite pleased with the purchase.  I guess I am going to have to get on a monthly plan with them now.

Two Things

Girls.  Don't drink until you pass out on the beach.  During spring break most especially.

Guys.  A passed out girl is not in any way a "come hither" pose.

I'd say savages here, but I'd be called a racist.  Race is incidental to the behavior.

The onus of blame is entirely on the guys.  A civilized man would have sought aid and protected the incapacitated girl.  The worst that girl should have experienced was an epic sunburn and crippling hangover from being so stupid to pass out on a sunny beach.

Focus George Focus

"George R. R. Martin has been in a semi-polite back-and-forth blog argument with the Larry Correia for days. That’s thousands and thousands of words that Mr. Martin has written about this that he could have spent, you know, finishing up the next Game of Thrones book. I think we can officially declare at this point that we have a national crisis."

Yeah, that's the money quote right there.

The Bravest Of All

British submariners are bravest.

Once a boat is submerged, everything is running on electricity.

Think about it...

Missed Greatness By Just A Wee Little Bit

Brian Johnson was apparently at the same car show I won my trophy.

Ever wish you'd taken a picture?  Me too.  I sometimes have trouble remembering my hand-comp is a camera in addition to being a phone.

Picture from http://www.carspottingsarasota.com/20120923/old-thunderguts-on-st-armands-circle/
Well, that's the car Marv and I were geeking on.

Mr Johnson was lounging behind the car.  Minding his own business.

It wasn't until hours later that Marv says, "wasn't that the car that was on Top Gear when they raced a Fisker at Bradenton?"

"Shit!" I replied, "then that guy behind the car was Brian Johnson!"

"Yeah that guy from that band..." Marv says.

"AC DC!"

It's funny, we were there as car people and we'd have happily nattered on about cars with him if we'd even considered talking to him.

14 April 2015

Just A Little Short

With FN's announcement that they're going to be selling the M249 in a civilian guise, I find myself just a little bit short on the MSRP.

Just a reminder that there is a paypal donation button over there that can be used to help me get past the mere $6,950 I find myself lacking at the moment...

Or should I hold out until they announce an M240GS?

...With The Whole Trailer Park

Hey, Taurus, think bloggers hated you before?


13 April 2015

Never Mind The Real World

Combat rifles and GURPS!  Weights and loadouts assume a loaded rifle; ammo weight is the spare ammo.

Let's start with the Civil War.

The M1861 Rifle Musket fires a .58 caliber minie ball round doing 3d+2 pi+; weighs 9.3 lb. and the basic load of 60 rounds added 5.2 lb.  Being a muzzle-loading caplock the RoF is a slow 1(20) giving us 3 shots per minute.  The average shot does 18 to the torso and a mere 54 per minute; 1,080 per loadout.

With the M1860 Spencer you sling a .56-56 rimfire round doing same damage from an 8.8 lb. gun.  With a 10 tube Blakeslee loader box you add 7.2 lb. for ammunition and get 70 rounds.  RoF is 1 and reloading with the Blakeslee loader takes 5 seconds so you can dump five magazines per minute, or 35 rounds.  Thats a minute average of 630!  Shooting all your ammo averages 1,386 points.

Now to The Indian Wars.

An M1873 trapdoor carbine firing .45-55 does 4d-1 pi+; the gun weighs 8 lb. and the 41 round basic load is 3.3 lb.  RoF is a typical for a single shot breechloader 1(3).  So you get 20 shots a minute.  A torso hit will, on average, do 19 points of damage; so 380 points per minute!  A basic load will do 798 points.

Heading up San Juan Kettle Hill...

...With our M1896 Krag-Jørgensen carbine firing .30-40 doing 5d+2 pi.  The gun is 7.8 lb. and 100 rounds are 6 lb.  RoF is 1 and the five round magazine takes 10 seconds to reload; so 20 shots a minute.  Average damage is 19 points to the torso and 380 per minute or 1,900 with what's on your belt.

To the trenches

The M1903 Springfield firing the .30-06 round does 7d+1 pi, weighs 8.8 lb. and the 105 rounds on five shot clips weigh 6.3 lbs.  RoF is still 1, but the five round magazine can be reloaded in 3 seconds so 37.5 shots can be fired per minute.  The average hit is 25 and the average minute deals 937 points of damage down-range.  Exhausting your ammo sends 2,750 points towards the Huns.

On D-Day.

The M1 Garand does the same damage as the M1903, because it's the same round.  The tubby M1 weighs 10.1 lb. and the basic load of 104 rounds is 6 lb.  RoF is 3 and the magazine can be loaded in 3 seconds: 80 shots per minute; 2,000 points of damage per minute for the average torso smack.  2,600 points of damage tends to spew out for the basic load.

An M1 Carbine fires .30 Carbine tritely enough doing a whopping 4d+1 pi.  The gun weighs 5.8 lb., a full load of ammo of just 75 rounds weighs an extra 2.4 lb.  RoF is 3 and the 15 round magazine can be replaced in just 3 seconds.  This load out doesn't support a minute's worth of shooting!  The whole loadout doing an average of 15 per shot does 1,125 points in 37 seconds.

Freezing at Chosin...

The Garand stays the same, but the M2 Carbine comes along.  Now the gun weighs 6.3 lb. and the 8 spare 30-round "banana clips" add 8.8 pounds.  If we fire semi-automatically we can send around 138 rounds (of 270 carried) towards the enemy in a minute for 2,070 points.  If we rock and roll we can can be rid of all the ammo in 51 seconds and do 4,050 points (assuming we hit with all of them which we won't)

Running through the jungle

The M14 firing 7.62x51mm from a 20 round detachable box magazine does 7d pi per bang.  The rifle is 10.9 pounds and four spare magazines are 6.4.  Semi-auto would send 120 rounds down-range, but we only have 100...  The average hit is 24 so 2,400 is what we get from a basic load and 50 seconds.  If we conned the armorer to leave the selector installed, we could be rid of all that ammo in a mere 22 seconds; and probably doing less damage because of more misses.

The M16A1 spits the 5.56x45mm M193 round from a 20 18 round magazine and does 5d pi per shot.  The gun is 7.2 lb. and 8 spare magazines are 5.6 lb.  With a RoF of 13 the entire 162 rounds carried can be discarded in 51 seconds.  Semi-automatically we run through 120 rounds in a minute.  A minute at RoF 3 does 2,040 points and the whole load does 2,754 from an average of 17 each.

Blood for oil.

The M16A2 fires a different 5.56x45mm round, M855, that does the same damage.  The magazines are now larger and hold 30 28 rounds.  A basic load of six spare magazines weighs 6 lb. and the weapon 8.9 lb.  Semi-automatically it's 129 rounds a minute for 2,193.  The RoF 9 bursts can dump the whole 196 rounds carried in 46 seconds for an average of 3,332.

Watch me while I endure this freedom!

The M4, being a shorter optic equipped M16A2 fires the same number of rounds, but only does 4d+2 pi for an average hit of 16 per shot.  It's lighter 7.3 pounds even adding the pound for the M68 CCO.  129 rounds in semi does 2,064 and tearing through the full load 3,136.

Spraying and praying with the RoF 15 M4A1 empties the pouches in 32 seconds and doesn't do even a pip more potential damage.

In the Zombie Apocalypse®.

An AR in 6.8x43mm SPC (like Dottie) does 6d pi.  It's 8.5 lb. plus 0.8 for the M4s optic and carrying 6 spare 25 round magazines for 7.8 lb. more (175 rounds total).  Semi-automatically it can shed 125 rounds a minute doing an average of 21 each for 2,625.  If it's really an apocalypse, then let's rock and roll baby!  RoF is 12 so the ammo only lasts 39 seconds but spits 3,675 points at the zombies.

The Grip Of Nostalgia

Willard is making a retro carbine similar to when he was in the Ragnars.

Baby pictures!

Obviously it's got a ways to go.  From nose to tail, what's left to buy:  A 16", carbine gas, pencil barrel assembly; delta ring assembly; bolt carrier group; charging handle; lower parts kit; mil-spec carbine receiver extension; H carbine buffer and spring.

The upper is a vintage Colt slick-side.

I changed the rear aperture over to the large ring style from an M16A2 because it's easier on older eyes.

11 April 2015

What I Did Today

I was a little stunned to hear my name called, actually.  The Precious is as stock as stock can be.  I guess it's a reward for taking good care of her.

Unless they really liked my bears...

It was not a small show, I was car 236 and they were trying to close registration when I pulled in.

Two cars down from me was this:  '41 Wiley's according to the placard.

09 April 2015


Willard's been dragged, kicking and screaming, into Black Rifle Disease.

That's a Spike's Tactical middy dissapator (16" 1:7 chrome-lined) upper with Anderson lower, Del Ton lower parts kit and UTG A2 stock and 5/14 rear sight.

Dissapator compared to an M16A2 clone:

The A2 clone comes in at 8 lb. 6.2 oz. loaded.  The Dissy is 8 lb. 6.0 oz.  While mass is lost by taking off 4" of heavy barrel, the dissy adds it back on with the under-handguard gas block and the Magpul MOE rifle handguards are heavier than USGI (12.3 oz. vs 8.7 oz.).

The reason that he's got BRD is AIM Surplus was selling Anderson lowers for $40 each.

Now we know why they were so cheap:

And this is with an 80% sized pistol grip that's so common in LPK nowadays.  It was worse with the properly sized mil-surp on I was going to give him.  Also note how the stock doesn't match the contour.

Here's how it's supposed to look.

It functions like it should hand-feeding and dry-firing, it just looks a little off and there might be some blisters in Willard's future from where it rubs wrong.

Try Again

While the law is carefully written to not create any special carve-outs for any particularly aggrieved party, I think we can be honest and admit that the application of that law is uneven at best.

I think we should admit that some aggrieved parties will receive free and sympathetic press regardless of how frivolous their claim and that other aggrieved parties will receive negative and hostile press regardless of how righteous and obvious their claim.

I believe that my right of freedom of association includes in its penumbra a right to refuse to do business with anyone for any reason.

A right.

It also seems a short trip from forcing me to sell to someone over my religious objections to forcing me to buy something over my religious objections.  A trip that, if it hasn't made its first steps with Obamacare, we're at least packed and ready to go.

Tuesday is bacon day and Friday is steak day.  Get to the restaurant and dig in!  Clean your plate, it's mandatory and for the good of the meat and food service industries!


Does the right to buy create a right to sell?

A lot of the present unpleasantness about refusing to sell to someone is because there were laws requiring them to sell to anyone who walks into the shop.

Does this create a reciprocal right to demand that anyone who walks in buy something?

Don't answer that, I'm being silly.  What's the fallacy for this?  Reductio ad absurdum?

Long Climb To Get Back On The Horse

I am not proud of the previous post.

Two someones poked sticks into my cage at Facebook and I reverted to an angry child.

Fucking stupid on my part.

The rage was really induced by the lead in to what they were berating me, "[Popular Blogger] says you're wrong, [insult]."

The hurt was really, "But [Popular Blogger] is my friend they wouldn't sic their flying monkeys on me like that.  <small voice> Would they?"

[Popular Blogger] didn't sic any flying monkeys on me, the uncivilized things took it upon themselves to confront my wrongness.  Then I responded like a spoiled three year old.

The shit spewing forth almost definitely splashed on [Popular Blogger] and I apologize for my behavior to them.

05 April 2015

Barney Style

Since The Heathers are dumb as fucking posts and need it explained more fully than the dog would to program a VCR.

So fucking what that there's a law.

The "Great Protected Classes™®" are the classes worthy of special mention by the media when something bad™ happens to one of them but nary a mention of when the same bit of discrimination occurs to someone outside that class.

But I really don't think I needed to explain that.  The Heathers deliberately mistook what I said so that they could gang up and bully on someone who disagreed with them about the reasons for a recent change to a law.

They're perfectly happy with the state forcing people to do business contrary to their morals and religion; when they claim to be full on wookie suited libertarians; they are lying.  They are frauds.

Not that my complaining about it here will have even the slightest effect.

The Heathers are the popular "in-crowd" and I had the temerity to speak as a peer, I had to be forcefully reminded that I wasn't actually a member, but a hanger on they tolerated as long as I was amusing.


Bullies rarely recognize that they are bullies.  They normally respond with variations of "I didn't do anything wrong" or "well they shouldn't have..."  If they respond at all, since it's always the person bullied who's somehow at fault and they don't deserve the dignity of a response.

04 April 2015


I swear that too many "conservative" and "libertarian" bloggers are far more interested in scoring own goals to make themselves look clever and smart than they are in fixing something.

The deliberate changing the subject being discussed at reply's notice is causing me whiplash.

It's always OK when they do it to their side, but it's never OK when it's done to them.  They're also always the special popular snowflake and the clique never calls them on it.

It's fucking high school.  Worse, it's Heathers.

Curse me for thinking that I'd find adults once I'd graduated.

Damn me for thinking people would leave that bullshit behind once they "grew up."

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

03 April 2015

It Is Wrong To Speak Ill Of The Dead

I don't wanna be right!

Toodles, Sarah!  I can't say you'll be missed by many people I know.

Wages Of Min

McDonalds operates on a 32% food cost model. What that means is a properly managed Mac Shack should see the price of the food be 32% of the gross receipts. If there were no other expenses, that'd be 212.5% profit. But that's not the only expense. Overhead is scheduled at 30% and labor at 35%. So every dollar taken in gives the owner of the location 3 cents. So about 3.1% profit. A super well run and operated MacHouse can get food costs down to 25% and overhead down to about 27%. Most franchise owners actually reward their employees with a bigger chunk of the pie at this point and keep their end at about 3%. They understand that the food costs and utilities savings are from diligent hard work from the minions.

Now, going from $8 an hour to $15 an hour...

There's a bunch of ways to do this.

Increasing wages, without changing anything else, makes labor 51.42% of costs, dropping food to 25% and overhead to 23.51%.  But it now costs 27.63 cents per dollar of income.  To keep that 3.1% margin the owner has to raise prices 31.58%.

That takes a $4.80 Big Mac to $6.32.

The problem is that it doesn't end there.  Food costs will go up by about the same percentage, for the same reasons.  It raises prices about 42% from before to keep the same margin.  With food now at 29.65%, overhead at 21.13% (because these rates change more slowly they're almost the same in absolute dollars) and labor is now 44%.

And a Big Mac is $6.82.

They could decide that 35% is what the percentage of labor should be.  Since the cost per employee hour has a bottom cap on it, the only way to reduce labor costs is to reduce employees.  A ten employee store will fall to a five employee store.  So five people make almost double and five people make nothing.

It's already happened!

When I was a kid the back of a MacDonalds had a freezer, a fridge, a griddle and a fryer.

Been in the back lately?

Where the griddle used to be are racks of steamer/heaters.  These take frozen items and reconstitute them into a semblance of something prepared fresh.  They don't buy eggs to make McMuffins, they have egg patties.

There's no reason a person has to take the patties out of the freezer and into the proper bin of the rack.  That can be automated.

The really sad thing is the McDonalds of my childhood had already gone through one round of this, the patties came frozen when I was kid.  When my dad was a teen those patties were made on site from locally sourced ground beef.  The first rounds of minimum wages caused the supplies to become centralized and increasing so until it became cheaper to make the reheatable pre-cooked patties we have now than to pay someone at the restaurant to make them from raw meat.

I don't know why nobody learns the lessons from history here, since it's happened in living memory.

Flashback Friday

I remember these videos.

Good Friday

Being an atheist, you'd think that I'd have no reason to celebrate Good Friday.

I am a Floridian atheist, and Good Friday marks the traditional return of snowbirds and damnyankees back to their spawning grounds.

02 April 2015

Gun Rights Harm The Rule Of Law


I hate to break it to The Atlantic, but we're the ones actually adhering to all of the laws about guns and all of the process to reverse years decades of infringement.

This is especially galling since we're really going way out of our way to do it all proper and legal when the tradition in the Western Hemisphere is to gun up and overthrow the local junta.

Perhaps its because we're also the only ones who grok to our cores that shooting our way to victory will not recover what we seek and the successor to the present situation would be as bad or worse.

Phyrrhus was an optimist.


I've noticed, again, that I seem to have some sort of miraculous ability to get a rifle zeroed.

Ten rounds each for two trips for Tabitha yesterday.  And it would have been nine each, but there's ten rounds on a clip...

Ten rounds each trip to confirm the zero.

40 rounds total.

I've watched people have to go back to the sales counter at the range and buy more ammo because they're not getting anywhere.  They flail at the knobs and never seem to move the group meaningfully in the direction they want to go.

I've asked if I could help a couple of times and gotten them straightened out in less than ten rounds too.

Is turning the dial in the direction of "UP" to make the group move up that hard?

I do know that many people don't grasp that 1/4" at 100 yards per click means that you're going to have to make 4x as many clicks if you zero at 25 yards.  Yes, 16 clicks to an inch seems like a lot, but those are fine clicks.

Everyone Should

Since there's surplus guns that every American should own...

If you're going to own an AR there's a variation that every AR owner should shoot.

A full-on retro 20" barrel 1:12 twist rifle shooting the original 55gr FMJ.

It shows the design as originally intended and how KISS it can get.

The 1:12 with XM193 (or most 55gr ammo) is accurate, sometimes more so than 1:9 or 1:7 with XM855.

It's impressive how light the gun can be without all of the add-on doohickies and geegaws; despite having four extra inches of barrel compared to the more common M4gery.

The ergonomics of the fixed stock and how gentle the recoil stroke gets from the rifle gas system and buffer really shine.

Every AR variation descended from THIS and you should know where you've been so that you can properly see where you ARE.

Bonus points if you select a Colt SP-1 or a pre-XM16E1 clone because they don't have the forward assist mucking up the works.

Shooting an earlier variation also gives an appreciation of everything old is new again with the three prong flash-hider.


Or should that be chuckle head.

I hadn't read anyone else's blog when I ranted below, I was just going off about what someone had said.

I can see that they were reading ahead and that there's a couple blogs on the same topic.

God Says Don't

That there are things which are forbidden to the followers of a religion seems lost on many commenters.

It's only that it's Christians speaking up and refusing to do something they feel is contraindicated by their religion and that refusal affects one of the Great Protected Classes™ that we're hearing about it.

I recall, not that long ago in fact, that it was WRONG for a minority to completely dominate politics and to deny and disparage the majority...

Where was that?

It was a whole nation...  Perhaps even more than one...


"But it's not like that here," you say?

Perhaps not, but if it's wrong for 15% of the population to call the shots about everything because of their skin color; it's just as wrong, if not more wrong, for 4% to have everything their way because of their sexual orientation.  This comparison is even more apt if homosexuality is a matter of birth not choice (science is still crunching on it, jury not in yet).

However, let's invert it and say that the minority SHOULD be in charge.  Suits me, I'm a man.  Women outnumber us 3 to 2...  Lemme guess, "that's different"?

Sure it is.  But only because you don't want to have things to be equal.  You only want to pay lip service to that freedom of religion, freedom of association, and created equal stuff.

The last thing you want is for people to actually be free.

Probably because liberty is ugly and disorganized.  You want things to be pretty and neat.


There's something kind of interesting in your local fire-codes.

You're basically required to compromise security to grant easy access to firemen and rescuers.

Your bedroom windows have to be larger a certain size, interior doors have to be x fragile...

The list goes on.

01 April 2015

Why Not AK?

Most of my reasons for not owning an AK are pretty darned ephemeral.

Foremost is it's not dirt simple to build one from a parts kit like an AR and it was assembling AR's from pieces that got me into them.

Most AK variations don't fit me well, which meant I'd have to have forced myself to get used to it or be very selective about what gun I bought.

I prefer aperture sights to open.

My choice has nothing to do with how inherently accurate an AK is, how reliable it can be when you deliberately abuse it, how hard hitting the round is or that it's of Soviet origin.

My choice doesn't make yours wrong, by the way since I'm stating a preference here.

I'd probably own one, but there's always something a little shinier to buy, like Finnish Mosins!

This is also why I don't have an SKS, but I'm closer to finally getting one of those than an AK at present.  They're both in line behind a Swiss Schmidt-Rubin of some kind.


Or should that be ACDOR?

The process of zeroing Tabitha put the rear sight all the way to the left.

A sure sign of a canted front sight; or in this case an over generous slot for the barrel indexing pin.  More than a full bubble off level with the rear sight ears level.

Pulled the barrel nut, held the barrel agains the nut's rotation as I retorqued it.  Now there's only a small difference in their levels.  But that means going back to the range...

Hey, they're open until nine!

The Boy is home and engrossed in his video games, bet I could sneak out...


Yes, I can sneak out.  Turns out once you've paid you can come and go all you want all day!  That's handy!

Un-canting the front sight base allowed me to reclaim seven clicks from the rear sight.


On the top is an N-Frame.  Highway Patrolman Model 28-2.  .357 Magnum, six shooter.

On the bottom is an I-Frame.  Terrier Model 32.  .38 S&W, five popper.

Quite a difference in scale, no?

The Highway Patrolman shoots quite well.  I forgot my phone so I don't have a picture of the target.

Also took Tabitha and Sabrina out to get reacquainted.  Willard says that I pass at this station, and that I may advance to the next one.  At the limited range we have at the local indoor, 25 yards, I can make a 3/8" with ten rounds of Federal XM193 from Tabitha and about an inch with ZQ1 SS109 from Sabrina.

Me Too

Read the "7 Military Surplus Guns Every American Should Own" and Tam's follow-up.

I actually have some of those!  I used to own the Garand and 1903.

The shine on the Garand and 1903 faded as I grokked them in their fullness.  Familiarity didn't breed contempt so much as eradicate romance.

They are illustrative of one of the problems with mil-surp.  The prices.  Sure, when a new batch of guns hits the market from the armories, the prices are cheap; but a decade or two of bubba will apply attrition, as will people not taking proper care of a cheapo rifle and pretty soon the $5 a barrel full becomes $700 each.

My $70 SMLE isn't worth $70 anymore; and it didn't depreciate.

We're seeing this on the still cheap Mosin 91/30 too.  It's been and gone for the Mosin 38 carbine.  Finns are climbing while you watch, so hurry to get #4 on the list!

SKS's used to be a lot cheaper as well.

The days of cheap milsurp is fast passing us by.  Since the days when 7.62 NATO was brand new, all the new infantry rifles have been select fire.  There once was a day when those surplus guns could be broken into a parts kit and then reconstructed into a semi-automatic clone, a day now gone.  Now the legal climate will have those guns completely destroyed or the parts be impossible to import.

Unless someone stumbles across a find like the one in Nepal, everything that can be brought to our shores is here.

Which is so very sad.  Especially since I've read about a couple of collectors in Italy who, because of their different laws, have genuine surplus, US issued, M16A1's... from Vietnam.

For the most part I agree with both Tam and Matt.

I'd add that everyone should get a Star B or Super B and a S&W M&P variation of some sort (especially a Victory model).


For those scoring at home...

The milspec CTR stock from Kaylee trips the scales at 9.1 oz.

Out of the box the milspec MOE Fixed Carbine with a QD socket is 10.0 oz.  Adding the PRS extended buttpad increases that to 11.1 oz.

Overall weight of the lower with the stock, buttpad and QD socket (with 3.5 oz. H buffer) installed is 2 lb. 6.2 oz.

Doing the complicated math...  Going with the too-short buttpad reduces that to 2 lb. 5.1 oz and changing back to the CTR would be 2 lb. 4.2 oz.

Contrast that with Dottie's MOE Rifle equipped lower at 2 lb. 10.1 oz. or an A2 lower at 2 lb. 9.5 oz.

However I've been told that I shouldn't count ounces because I can't do calisthenics in my aged crippled state.