19 July 2018

Ignorant Of History

The people demanding that gun owners disarm are demanding disarmament in the wrong order.

The average citizen is, by far, the most trustworthy person to own a gun.

A government, by far, is the least trustworthy entity to own guns.

This is why I always say that someone advocating gun control, no matter what they say, is actually advocating for tyrannical government because they never EVER disarm the police or military.

They never mention the proliferation of firearms among government agencies whom don't have much law enforcement power.

They want the tyranny, they just don't think it's going to be what we're warning them it will be.

OCD Alert

Zombies is so different...

How Much Now?

At one of the local pawn shops we discovered that a bog standard Mosin-Nagant Model 91/30 with a hex receiver and laminated stock is $400.

The shocker was that a fairly nice Rifle Number 4 Mark 1 was $900!

Have surplus prices really gotten this out of hand?

Sticking Pigs

I bought a Romanian Type I AKM bayonet because the handle was close to the plum color I put on my PSAKM.

Sadly, the rivet for the retainer strap on the frog was broken.

Today I saw an AK bayonet at a pawn shop that had a leather Romanian frog that was fully intact.

The bayonet and scabbard turned out to be a Yugoslavian Type II AKM model, appropriate for a Zastava M70!

Now I have a spare East German Type I AKM bayonet, scabbard and hanger without a rifle to claim them.

The Polish 6H4 bayonet I bought is paired with Tonya the Kbk. wz.88.

Where'd all these Commie guns come from?

18 July 2018

All The IR

Using an IR850 filter I got this with my SX20IS!

Naked eye that looks orange-red through the filter.

It's A Masterpiece

Combat Masterpiece, that is!

I've been wanting to play with one of these since I did the playtest for GURPS: SEALs in Vietnam!

This particular revolver is a Model 15-3 and appears to have seen a lot of handling and just a bit of shooting.

A tale about how the SEALs came to have Model 15's in .38 Special instead of Model 19's in .357 Magnum is because some procurement officer loaded a Model 19 with .38 and since he couldn't tell the difference between the 15 and 19, there was no need to get the more expensive magnum guns.

The trigger is buttery.  And is it WIDE!

As is the hammer spur.

I can't wait to see how Willard's new toy shoots!

Got Wood

The stocks for the Challenger arrived today.

You can see from the half-moon cut-out on the passenger side that these grips are really for a Woodsman.

The driver's side needed some minor fitting to clear a screw on the gun and to clearance for the magazine follower button.  I have a good sharp chisel and files, no problem!

It's handsome wood, if a trifle dry.  The ziplock they came in was yellowed from age!  Who knows how long they've been sitting on them?

Yes, Mr Rollins (A Known Dancing Monkey), You Are Correct

The strong DON'T need a gun.

That's why muscle bound thugs prefer disarmed victims.

Using the same projection as Mr Rollins, that means that he intends to do harm to someone because of his muscles.

Thanks to my injuries, I am not fleet of foot and that keeps me from being very strong.

Happily, I'm armed.  So, bring it, HR!

I agree with you, yet you're the one who's wrong.

Ironic, don't you think?

17 July 2018

Shit Going On

Posting has been light because I've been dealing with personal shit.

When you're the stay-at-home Dad your life is unconventional, at best.

When the unconventional hits the conventional...

Parts fly off.

Bear with me, I'll be back in the swing soon.

RIAT 2018

Watching the footage from the Royal International Air Tattoo roll in on YouTube.

I think the naysayers of the F-35A need to offer some apologies.

The only other planes that came close to its display were the Eurofighter and a Finn F/A-18C.

The Sukhoi positively lumbered into the air by comparison.

That, by the way, is the plane to beat.

The sensor-fusion stuff is real.  Dismissing it is a mistake.

Being a C-DAT I might see this more clearly than aviation wonks.

The Abrams, in 1988, is another such leap in technology.  I remember crewing the thing and watching all manner of people saying what a boat-anchor the thing was.

Except I was CREWING one.

I knew what it could do and saw, personally, what happened to the OPFOR who'd not accepted the new paradigm of the thermal sighting system.

Them SAS guys was pissed at being lit up by a platoon of tanks on a moonless night.

That sensor shit the F-35 is bringing is more advanced than that F-22A's and I've been talking to fighter pilots who talk in terms of caveat about setting up a fight with one.

When you have to specify the distance, altitude, and airspeed of the start of the fight to win, you've lost.

I think that eventually we're going to be proud of the Lightning and happy to have them.

I also think that the Navy is going to have to go back and rearrange things to mount a gun internally on both the F-35B and F-35C.  It's just too useful a thing to have when you need to do air to ground on an ad-hoc basis.

I Can Quit Whenever I Want!

Besides, I needed that 125 ft-lb capacity 1/4 drive digital torque wrench!

16 July 2018

Sight Unseen

There's a company in Carol Stream, Illinois, who claims to make stocks for the Colt Challenger.

I made a couple of inquiries about them and got to a point where they needed information about my specific gun to decide if they actually stocked the stocks.

The Challenger is a variation of the Woodsman 2nd Series.

In theory, any grip stock that fits a 2nd Series Woodsman fits a Challenger.  That's the theory, but nobody who makes the damn things seems to know for sure.

One of the main differences between the grips stocks appears to be if there's a cut for the magazine release and if there's a thumb rest.  The Challenger had neither.

It's been months since I sent the requested information to the company in Illinois.  No response.

I've even fired off a couple of emails asking if they got the information they requested.  No response.

I guess they don't want my business.

Gunbroker to the rescue!

They're not going to be correct.  They're walnut.

The correct stocks for the gun are these hideous dark brown plastic monstrosities.  They genuinely look like something that the cheap Chinese knock-off company would sell when they farmed out the job to someone who doesn't care as much as they do about QC.

After all, you bought the Challenger instead of the Woodsman, you cheap bastard, what did you want, burled maple?

So, soon the Challenger will be sporting better grips than it ever had and the black plastic things what make the OEM stocks look good will be tossed into a hole which will be limed and salted and sealed for a 1,000 generations with eldritch enchantments to prevent them from being used again.

Hurray I'm Helping!

Someone on Arfcom is trying to restore their old Model 70.

I happened to have some of the parts they're missing.

Going in the mail today after I drop off The Boy at school.

I'm not gonna name-drop whom is doing the restoration, but I'd heard of them before.

All The T'rrible T'ings

Oh my Gods the things I've contemplated as a GM for various games.

When the players are the good guys, I am the bad guy, and oft' that means I must be evil.

VERY evil when running some of my settings.

Modred being a fine example where I had the gates of Hell being opened by the massive human sacrifice by Hitler's minions.  I even have notes why this didn't happen for Stalin earlier.

Gotta concentrate the murders, Joe.

I.  Have.  Notes.  On.  Why.  One.  Mass.  Murder.  Opens.  The.  Gates.  Of.  Hell.  And.  Another.  Doesn't.

There's times I think I've gazed too deep into the abyss.

There's time when I realize that I've only skimmed the depths of depravity.

But there's others... like making a comfortable chair a mandatory part of the enchantment for making a soul-burner engine.

I have had players go pale at some of the things I've presented to them.

14 July 2018

Thag Lurn Two Day!

One of the fuses on the water heater pops every once and a while.

JT suggested that sediment had accumulated and that I needed to flush it.

He agreed to show me how.  Which I needed because I had the wrong end of the hose...

Hose hooked up, I opened the valve and started the flow.

I opened it some more, and the flow increased.

So I turned it some more.

And unscrewed the valve all the way out of the drain!

A 1" diameter column of sediment and water fired across the entire garage!

I was COVERED in flakes of sediment when it splashed off the valve I was no longer holding.

Luckily Harvey was standing on the other side of the column and outside the garage near the shut off valve.

"Welp," says I, "that's one way to do it."

I should do it more often too.  Without screwing the valve all the way out.

Here's A Blast From My Past

12 July 2018

It Shouldn't Be This Hard

Lost the keys to a set of padlocks.

Cut them off, go to get new locks.

Cannot find a decent lock in that teeny size for love or money at any brick and mortar store.

Tru-Value at least had an explanation.

The small lock I seek was commonly used on luggage.  TSA doesn't approve of good locks on luggage, so they've become rather scarce now.

Happily, they're still available from Amazon!

11 July 2018

Aim Low

Did you know that the sights on your gun assume firing at 1 g and in 1 atmosphere of pressure of an oxygen-nitrogen mix and in a temperature you can live in?

What if you fired outside this standard temperature and pressure environment?

You shots are going to go high in zero g.  They're going to go high in vacuum.

They're going to go low in higher gravity.  They're going to go low in higher pressure.

It could get very complex.

The sights of a spacefaring military are going to have adjustments for gravity and atmosphere.

AR Fatigue

A Podcast I didn't listen to, but whose title triggered this post.

It has been over two years since I assembled my last AR, an M16A2 clone named Andrea.

Before that was the, incomplete, purple plastic AR.

Then a four year gap...


The AR thing has slowed down.

I don't have the $300 or so to complete Lavender Linda Lovelace and I don't really have a desire for a new AR.

If money were no object, I'd snag the modernized AR-10 from Willard when his BRN-10 arrives.  Then (to his horror) modernize it.

I Cannot Speak For Anyone Else

Sarah Hoyt Asks!

Because if I didn't vent the pressure here; people would die.

No shit.  Murders.

But since I have this release, I can continue being a law abiding member of society who's just a bit grumpy rather than being someone who's depicted on the news as... well there will be lies.

I'd have this release even if it wasn't a blog, per se.  It was Weer'd who challenged me to bring it to Blogger.  I was venting pressure quite nicely at LiveJournal where it was just he, RavenclawEric and FuzzyGeff reading it.

If Google kills Blogger, I will vent on another platform.

Now That The Trap Is Baited

I keep circling back to a setting that's fascinated me since I first bought the GURPS book.

GURPS: Ice Age.


I can GM this.  I just need players.

I got JT snagged with Traveller.  FuzzyGeff is, doubtlessly, game.

I think I can put them together for a short campaign next time Becky heads North.

10 July 2018

Just A Pinch

Fusion power from late TL8 on in GURPS: Traveller uses the premature development of gravitics (normally TL11) to squish the hydrogen down to fusing.

The control of gravity allows the management of neutrons and all their problems.

Fusion plants in this technology are also breeder plants which start with primary Hydrogen fusion and ends with Boron fusion before "running out" of fuel.

You can press it farther, but once you get to iron, your plant will consume power rather than produce it.  Between boron and iron you get increasingly diminished output.

Nearly Everyone Seems To Misunderstand "Rights"

Ladies, if you didn't have reproductive rights then rape would be legal.

Additionally, you couldn't legally buy any form of contraceptive.

Since it's a crime to force you to become pregnant, you have reproductive rights.

Since you're the sole decider about whether you carry a child to term, you have more rights than the other genetic contributor.

It Will Be A Day Long Remembered

"Significantly, the government expressly acknowledges that non-automatic firearms up to .50-caliber – including modern semi-auto sporting rifles such as the popular AR-15 and similar firearms – are not inherently military."

That's big news indeed.

I join in speculating that the move to settle is to prevent it from having a chance at being granted certiorari with The Supreme Court.

Almost as if something has them nervous.

Speaking Of That Gender Thing

The vast majority of people's gender matches their sex which is apparent from birth.

I don't think that gets pointed out as often as it should.

A bit too often LBGT issues are expressed in ways that make it seem like everyone struggles with it like they do when most people don't.

The size of the group where the sex and gender don't align is not large at all.

Both sides of the issue think it's a much bigger deal than it really is.  Remember what I say about compassion?

It's not 1950 any more.

It's not even 1980 any more.

It's past time we started acting like it, because 1980 isn't coming back, let alone 1950.

I know too many well adjusted, happy, homosexuals to say that they're suffering from their condition.  But they do worry about the maladjusted, unhappy, heterosexuals... and they're outnumbered and surrounded and they know it.

We straights can make it easier for them.

If I Had A Magic Wand

I wonder what someone with gender dysphoria would choose.

To be the gender their genetics say or to become the gender they perceive themselves to be.

When you have a magic wand, you can offer that choice.

I wonder how many would refuse the wand.  I know of at least one person who's so vested in his identity as a transman that I doubt he would choose to become fully the woman he was born as or the man he sees himself as.

At least it would be a choice...

1st Amendment Objection Too

The First Amendment also comes into play when talking about abortion.

A great many, and I suspect the vast majority, of pro-life people have come to their position because of religious reasons.

To ban abortions on religious grounds is a violation of the 1st Amendment's prohibition on state religion and such.

Again, there's a lot of law that's in violation so it's understandable that religious folks think they can ban something they don't like or think is immoral.

I am constantly surprised to have to point this out on abortion to people who otherwise Grok The Constitution in its Fullness.  Especially about guns and the war on some drugs.


...in the summer sun!

I will repeat it so that everyone can hear.

Roe v Wade is correctly wrong.

The Supreme Court pulled an emanation from a penumbra and created a right to privacy that somehow makes abortion legal.

The emanating penumbra is the wrong part.

I am going to say that, yes, abortions should be legal under the US Constitution.

Why?  Don't I find the practice abhorrent?

I find I'm remarkably neutral on the topic and find abortions far better than its predecessor, abandonment and exposure.  Do the pro-life people think that before abortions every mother just gritted her teeth and raised an unwanted child?

But back to The Constitution.

Show me where the power to regulate such things is granted.

The Ninth and Tenth Amendments clearly state that if it's not specifically granted, then the feds can't do anything.  There's lots of law that violates the 9th and 10th, so the pro-life side can, somewhat, be forgiven in thinking that abortions can be banned.

It's really a state matter, not a Federal one.

PS: I also find I have much the same attitude towards many pro-life people as I do towards open-border people.  When YOU have taken the results of your position into YOUR home to care for, then maybe you've got some moral footing.

While I am sure that there are pro-life people who've adopted unwanted children, I've yet to meet one.  Yet I know three pro-choice couples who've adopted...  Figure that one out.

Could Have Saved Money

The SCOTUS nominee protestors could have saved some money by just printing,


posters and calling it good.

Instead, they printed signs for each of the likely candidates.

Come to think of it, that might pay off down the line if Ruth Bader-Ginsberg keels over in the next two years (or six).


YouTube has an algorithm which can detect the mere mention of guns and shut down the channel, but they can't master a means that puts the ad at a natural stopping point in a video?

A Theory

Willard is known to be somewhat skeptical about the AR in general.

I wonder if it's because the M16 originates from the same company that produced his "favorite" aircraft, the C-123J.

The love he expresses for the Provider is expansive enough to envelope Armalite by default.

Non Stop Fun And Games

A recurring "joy" of being The Boy's father is "Hulk Mode".

It's violent and abusive and I'm the target.

09 July 2018

Can't Tell A Knight's From A Fairchild Without A Program

Spot the differences between Brownell's new BRN-10 and the originals!

With a bonus of tormenting Mr Fleetwood.

08 July 2018

Stop That Leak

Use an emergency membrane gas barrier!

Remove the EMGB from its pouch.

Extend the frame to conform to the area to be sealed.

Activate the seal to adhere it to the surface to be sealed.

The EMGB can passed through, with some difficulty, with minimal loss of atmosphere.

Shut That Hatch

There's no iris valves in Interstellar Wars!

So there's hatches.

How does a swinging door hatch work?

It's not a simple hinged door.

There's gears.  And a motor.

Normally, you hit the button and the motor cranks the hatch open or closed.

Should there be a power failure, there's a hand crank.

Should there be a pressure loss, there's a diaphragm that disengages the gears in the transmission and a spring slams the hatch shut!  Even against the roaring of 3 atmospheres of pressure differential!

The diaphragm moves a plunger to extend into the vacuum side that gives a tactile and visual indication of pressure loss.  The movement of the plunger also breaks a chem-light giving some light even if there's a power failure.

If the pressure on both sides of the bulkhead equalizes, the diaphragm returns to center and reengages the transmission.

But what if the pressure isn't equalized and you NEED to open that hatch?

Press (or pull) the plunger back to the center position, rotate 90˚ and the transmission will be reengaged and the auto-matic close feature disabled.  A tell-tale in engineering and the bridge will light showing the disablement.  Once you have the transmission reengaged you can use the power buttons or the hand-wheel to open the hatch.


The word that a good many people on the LGBT spectrum are searching for is compassion.

I don't like that abnormal has grown synonymous with derogatory words to refer to their situation.

Rather than change the root meaning of abnormal, I think we'd be better served by delinking it as a synonym for sick, broken and unnatural.

We're only here because the medical profession wanted to sound officious and created "clinical" phrases as a barrier of entry to them hayseed practitioners.

We're also in some situations of the LGBT spectrum because there's things that cannot be fixed without mortally wounding the patient.

It literally cannot be fixed completely.

Want to know something else which is abnormal?  Being short a limb.  It cannot be cured, it must be endured and the things that let the person suffering from it mitigate their abnormality aren't full cures.

Do we look down on people who're missing an arm or leg?

Do we show compassion to their plight and do what we can to let them BE human?

Allowing them to be the human beings they are would go miles towards fixing many of the problems.

There's also things that the LGBT side could do to make it easier for the mundanes to cope.  That's a different topic.

Happy Wife Happy Life

The Lovely Harvey is loving the 'Nox.


I am thinking that the sale of Flossie will go towards making the Biscayne roadworthy again.

Tires being the lion's share of that.

Missing Person

A long-time friend of mine, Ray, has gone missing.

A few years ago, he did not take the loss of his job at all well.

That led to him losing his house and a divorce.

A very bitter divorce.

Self destructive depression and drinking.

Last I'd spoken to him, things appeared to be leveling off and getting better.

Then a long silence.

I left many messages and sent texts, even going so far as to contact his ex to make sure I had a good number.

He finally replied and seemed OK on June 24.

That was, apparently, the last anyone has heard from him.

His ex even went so far as to contact me because his two daughters are going frantic.

If you know where Ray is... lemme know if he's safe or not.

07 July 2018

Five Points

In my games, making a Minifig version of your character is worth 5 extra character points.

Don't forget your hex-stand!

The Crew Of The Northern Lights

The crew, so far of the UNMS Northern Lights, a 400 dTon Lightning class free-trader.

L-R  4th Officer (Cargo) William "Willie" Longbottom, 3rd Officer (Engineering) Jake Heke, 3rd Officer (Navigation) Musush Dahveeie, and Captain Matt Baker.

06 July 2018

Sign Here. No, Use The Blood.

The Lovely Harvey's new ride.

Special thanks to Marv for securing the loan.

For Sale!  2002 Civic EX sedan.  Catastrophic cooling system failure repaired thanks to generous contribution by FuzzyGeff!  She runs, but we just don't trust her old bones any more.

05 July 2018

McJob Again

The Civic grenaded today.

I'm officially in "fuck my life" territory.