28 June 2016


On Texit... Texans do love to tout that they're the only state with an exit clause built into their admission documents to the Union. If it wasn't for the civil war and reconstruction and the subsequent rewriting of all of the former Confederate state's constitutions they might have a point.

But there was a Civil War, there was a reconstruction and their state constitution was rewritten before they were allowed resume being a pseudo-sovereign state and rejoin The Union.

The exit clause they cite and dream about was lost at the same time that it was determined by force of arms that, NO, no state can leave the union once admitted.

At times I am uncertain that balkanization of the US wouldn't be such a bad thing.  Except for the huge enclave of actual New Yorkers over on the SE coast, Florida doesn't have much in common with New York.  Yet New York's politics have great influence over Florida because of their large influence over Federal policy.

The same goes for California and Illinois.

 The area between the Rockies and The Mississippi river (except for Colorado) doesn't resemble the nation that lies both east and west of those boundaries (except, perhaps for Indiana).

Most of the states of the former Confederacy don't fit well into the CA, IL, NY mold at all.  I say most.  "The South" no longer encompasses Virginia and is losing North Carolina.

27 June 2016

I Agree

Unionized Federal workers feel that their wages should "catch up" with those of the private sector.

I wholeheartedly concur!

Except for them to make what the private sector makes, they have to take a pay cut.

But it's a sacrifice I am willing for them to make.


You're talking about ME aren't you!  Clearly you reference ME in your post!

"Who?  YOU?  No.  We're not talking about you.  We don't even know who you are.  Please, let the adults talk."

But but but...  I'm a blogger too!

"Of course you are, now run along."


I keep stressing to people about climate change that IPCC stands for InterGOVERNMENTAL Panel on Climate Change.

The reason I keep stressing this is examples like THIS ONE.

We found one government funded lab lying.  The incentives built into that funding almost guarantees there's more out there undiscovered.

26 June 2016

Whose Voice

A Few Good Stormtroopers

Whose voice do you read that in?

James Earl Jones?
Peter Cushing?
Jack Nicholson?

Get A Blog!

You idiots!

If you're going to spout off at length about something you know nothing about, don't do it on Facebook; get a blog like everyone else!

Kids these days!

Due Process Matters Now Does It?

Charlie Rangel now thinks that due process is important.

Just a few days ago, that fiddly Constitution stuff didn't matter to him... 

I guess he just discovered that he's a man of conviction after all.

Not This Shit Again

Huge convoys of UN marked APC's seen moving south, always south...

What does the National Guard do for two weeks every year?

Before you spread the panic of "huge troop movements"...

First off, packed onto a train is not a convoy.

Lots of the same kind of vehicle loaded on trucks is not a convoy of the loaded vehicles.

Every vehicle in a convoy will have a number stenciled on the bumper.  Record that thing!

If you notice more than two different unit designations, you are not looking at a convoy.

Every road march will have a number scrawled on the sides of the vehicles in chalk.  Get that number too.

Now you have enough information to at least call a public affairs officer and ask, "what's up?"

APC painted like the UN is not a very good description, especially if you think the Army is violating posse comitatus and readying an attack on the populace.  That information is useless.

Track Spotting is fun!  Learn up on it!

Is that a Grizzly on a transporter?  A LAV-25?  A StrykerMRAP?

What do you mean by "UN type markings"?  White with a big black "UN" on the side?  Or very light sand?

It's very important to be able to positively ID the exact kind of vehicle.

It's also important to not panic, every year...  Every election year especially around summer when the Guard does their two week annual training.

Bitter And Acidic

Ten years since we lost Acidman.

Dammit all to Hell.

25 June 2016


One of these things is a firearm.  One of them isn't.

Can you tell which?


Singer David Byrne, a known dancing monkey, claims that "we are at war" over gun violence.

Actually, David, if we were at war, you'd know it.

The gun owners in the US aren't at war with anyone.

If we cried "havoc" there would actually be blood in the streets and the carnage would be unimaginable.

Fortunately for everyone we're actually a fairly rational and realistic bunch of people.

I agree with you David, there's something wrong with America.  I disagree that it's gun owners.

We might start looking really, really hard at how far past the limits of the foundational documents we've allowed our government to stray.

We might look hard and notice that nearly all of the gun crime is done by one group and nearly all of the mass shootings by another.  If you remove gang crime and Islamic terrorism, you aren't left with a lot of shootings.

9/11 and Boston prove that you don't need a gun to be an Islamic terrorist.  Stabbings, beatings and bludgeonings prove you can have gang violence without guns as well.

Which both show that it's not the guns even without the millions and millions of people you think are war with you who've never fired a shot in anger.  Ever.

However, David, I will say (once again)...

We want to be let alone.  We are not hurting anyone doing what we do.  If we were, it'd be news, I assure you.

Never, EVER, make me choose between me and mine and you and yours.  I choose me and mine every single time.

I also say again, I do not want a war.  But of the two of us, who's actually been to one?

Update to add one other thing:  Something Americans just LOVE, David, is foreigners telling us how to run our country.  You came over here how many decades ago and are just now applying to join?  Fuck you, David, go back to Scotland.

24 June 2016

My Name

My name is Angus McThag, you may call me bubba.

Willard's coach gun now has sling swivels too!

It's pretty simple.  Drill a #44 hole, tap for 4-48 and done!

23 June 2016

The Missing Winchester

I've kind of set my sights on a Model 70 in .270 Win.  A Model 54 would also suffice.

Pre-64 would be fun because they're all C&R now.

Prices are rather eye-watering on some.

.270 would be fun for me because it's the same .277 bore as my 6.8x43SPC.

It also has the added fun of choosing "the other" round in the debate that ruined at least two Thanksgivings.

The two step-uncles would get a couple of beers in them and start talking about hunting and sooner or later one of them would say, "If you'd been using X you'd have gotten the one that got away."

The calibers in question were .30-06 and .280 Remington.  .270 being the other .30-06 based round they both held in equal scorn.

The funny thing is, and FuzzyGeff noticed it first, there's not a whisper of real difference in performance between them.  They're close enough that the GURPS number came out identical in 3e terms.

In 4e they're somewhat differentiated.

.30-06 is 7d+1 pi with 1,100/4,500 range.
.280 Remington is 7d pi with 1,060/4,400 range.
.270 Winchester is 7d+2 pi with 1,050/4,400 range.

22 June 2016

Funding Disparity

I read headlines that were either gloating over or bemoaning that Trump is way behind Clinton in fundraising.

It hits me that actually means that Trump is less beholden to the people handing him money should he win.

It also occurs that the taps to Clinton might be more widely open because it's well established she can be bought.

Damn, times be interesting, don't they?

Stopped Loving It

Ever have a show you really, really enjoyed then one day realized that you weren't having fun watching it?

Noticed that while you had it on, you were occupied with something else while it was running?

CBS' The Big Bang Theory was like that for me.

I just stopped giving a shit about it and stopped bothering to turn on the TV.

I've got season 1 on iTunes so I put it in and found I still enjoyed the show... The first season of the show...



It's not ME.  It's the show that shifted out from under me.

This is not the first time this has happened to me.  But it is the first time I stopped watching a show I once loved before it was canceled.  Inertia was enough to keep me rolling on so many others past the point where I was still enjoying the content.

A huge part of the problem for CBS is they can't seem to run the whole first run of the season without huge gaps and interruptions.  It's as bad as shifting it around the schedule.  While I still know what night it's on, I'm never sure if it's a new episode.


In the ever so tiny world of gun bloggers...

Does anyone know why www.cruffler.com stopped updating in 2002, but keeps paying for the website?

There was no warning, just one week they failed to update the page.

A Hole

I do not own a Winchester.

Seems somewhat un-American to not own a Winchester rifle of some kind.

21 June 2016


Willard's fully accessorized M1 Carbine.

John Moses Browning Forgive Me

Today I drilled the stock of a pre-64 Winchester Model 94 for a sling swivel.

And a Rossi M92 and a Ruger Model 44.

Willard wanted his rifles to have slings.  He paid for the drill press that made certain this was not a hack-job, so he gets what he wants.

I prefer my rifles to have slings as well.  A rifle without a sling is a bit like a pistol without a holster if you're trying to tote it very far or use your hands.

Of note, the wood that came out of the Winchester's drilling stayed the same color as the stock.  The Rossi was white.

Negative Emphasis

A friend of The Lovely Harvey once tried to tell me about all the great things that Bill Clinton did as president.

I told him it did not matter because of the AWB and Brady.

At the time I was unable to articulate why the bad outweighed the good.

I've thought of an analogy.

If I cook you the best dinner you've ever had, but at the end of the meal, shit on your plate...

What are you going to remember?


We had a minor disaster when drilling out the selector hole for Andrea.

The jig slipped the vise and the work went spinning!

What we ended up with was a 0.386" hole instead of the desired 0.375".

This does not affect function or even cosmetics.

The selector still works in SAFE and FIRE SEMI.  Actually it works in BURST too, but that's because I have a SAFE-SEMI-SEMI selector made by grinding down the cams on a real M16A2 selector, thus neutering it (an ATF approved method no less!)

But when on safe, the back of the trigger will push the selector up that extra 0.011" and you can see it move.  Plus the feel is off.

So I made a bushing.

Out of a beer can.

The wall of a beer can is 0.005", so wrapping it around the ID of the selector hole makes that ID 0.376".

So a strip of beer can, with a little flare on it to keep it in the hole, trapped by the selector on the other side, and viola!

Feel is back on and the wobble is deleted.

We learn from our mistakes.

What Then

What will happen if it turns out that the murderers following Islam are the ones following Islam correctly and it's the peaceable, moderate Moslems whom are following a "perversion of Islamic faith"?

I sometimes think that the founders just figured that there'd never be any non-Euro citizens so there was no need to account for religions like Islam when drafting the 1st Amendment.

I've read the supporting materials for the Constitution, the founders left extensive notes and citations.  It's clear when they said religious freedom, they meant it.

It's just as clear that they did not intend for what they'd built to be used as a suicide pact.

20 June 2016

Kiki 'Quip'd

Bought Kiki's stuff.

GURPS (4e): Traveller: Interstellar Wars indicated that we should just use Ultratech from now on for equipment.

GURPS: Traveller "Powered by GURPS" is a 3eR level game, and it has (as is typical) customized equipment listings, that don't really match OG Traveller...

Since I am using 4e I decided to stick with Ultratech.

Because I'm familiar with the setting, it's easy to not take stuff that's inappropriate, but I can see where I'd have to print out a sheet of a few off-limits items.

Still, wading through an unfamiliar book reminded me that robots are supposed to be fairly common in Traveller, but most Traveller GM's forget about them.  A single book published late in the OG series just before MegaTraveller hit didn't really give GM's time to absorb them into their (by this time) up to 10 year old campaigns or retrofit bots into places where they should fit in older adventures.

Granted, robots had been featured in some published adventures, but they just didn't get any  prominence.

With all this in mind, I bought Kiki a TL10 Techbot!  What a great tool for the ship's engineer to have!

Also new with the 4e version of Ultratech are Gauss shotguns!  BWAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!  Gauss Combat Assault Weapon, please!

Firing Condition

Until I can get the lower properly anodized, in the interim I've installed much of the lower parts kit.

It can now shoot!

Trigger Comparo

Marv got a Rise RA-140 Super Sporting drop in trigger.

We dropped it into FuzzyGeff's Olga and gave it a test run dry-fire.

It's a crisp break, no movement until it goes.

Compared to the La Rue MBT-2S which has a near effortless take-up then a light crisp break, the Rise feels heavier.

I think I prefer the feel of the Rise, but not enough to throw away the LaRue.

The downside is the Rise slaps the finger on reset.  That bugs me on AKs to the point of not owning one.

19 June 2016

Now It's A Gun

Did the carving with a Modulus Arms jig on loan from Mr Skeezer of (clap clap clapclap) Texas.

Marv soothed nerves and read the instructions in the proper order.

Being extra careful, it took us about three hours.

When you do this yourself, remember the shop vacc!


You either need a drill press with at least 2.626" travel or a means to measure your depth when you reset the table.  My press has 2" despite being advertised as 2.375".  I drilled 1.750" then moved up the table 1.750" then did the remaining 0.876.  The drill stop is my friend!

The huge problem is the price on a benchtop model with more spindle travel costs a lot more.  Almost three times as much.

18 June 2016

The Lovely Harvey Rants

Here it is. I don't expect everyone to agree, I do expect manners or you will not be on my page. You don't like what I say then go away.

Growing up, I as most people I know, had guns in the house. We didn't have gun safes, trigger-locks or guards and on and on and on. We had the gun in one place and the bullets in another and yes we all knew where they were and none of use shot our friends in the face. You know why?

EDUCATION -DISCIPLINE- RESPECT. We knew if we had questions we could ask. We also knew not to touch it without permission or we got our hides tanned. One of the main reasons, in my opinion, the children shooting children has grown is (you guessed it) education, discipline and respect. It has been decided that we don't dare teach children how to handle and take care of weapons, hence they think they are toys and even though they were told don't touch they do because they are curious and have no idea what it is or what it can truly do. I know lets educate them. My son with all his issues has been raised around guns his entire life. The guns have never shot anyone or killed anyone or accidentally gone off. Amazing right.

Since the attack in Orlando, (Oh I had friends that were there earlier in the evening but left before the attack) there are many many people screaming we need to ban guns or once you are on the FBI watch list you can never own a gun again. Stop! lets talk about this. Now you can give me all internet pages with the the stats you want to prove you point, I can give just as many so lets not play that.
You are the ones that will say our forefathers didn't mean these types of guns. We were not there to know what conversations actually took place. We have to go with the written word.

We can however look at a few things regarding banning guns:

1- Prisoners don't have guns and they kill each other all the time with weapons they make out of daily items. We have actually,banned nearly everything they could conceivably make a weapon out of, and they still manage to make more!

Isn't that what we are doing by trying to ban guns? And why are they treating us like prisoners?

2- Chicago, New York, California... do we need to say more? They have very strict gun laws.

3- “It's the guns fault!” No, it is not, it is the person that used the gun that is at fault. We aren't suing Alcohol companies for making as alcoholics. Fast food places make us fat. People do sue fast food places, it's just that in those cases it's obvious that they didn't force anyone to eat there, so they are not being won. Inanimate objects don't do things on their own or make people do things. People choose to do things with objects.

4-Being placed on the FBI list and never being able to own a gun again? Who is going on decide?. Then all the government would have to do is put everyone on a watch list that currently has a legal gun and by claiming “terrorist” they have banned guns from everyone but the criminals. Maybe we should have something regarding the terrorist watch list.

Due process is what the government has to do BEFORE taking life, liberty or property from us; not something we have access to after we've been deprived of life, liberty or property. People are not aware that they are on this list until they try to do what they are banned from.

5-There are those that are saying, “if citizens have guns for protection, then why are the mass shootings taking place and no citizen is shooting back?” I have the answer--- Where are these shooting taking place? Bars, schools, colleges, places where I, as a average citizen, am not allowed to carry my gun. Don't use this argument if I am in a place I am not allowed to shoot back.

There has been a lot of talk about the family whose son was snatched by the alligator. I feel bad for the parents but I do blame them. Letting your 2 year old wade swim or whatever in a pond, at night, when there are signs that say, “No Swimming,” sorry that is your fault. Hey this can go back to discipline just because it is what the kid wanted doesn't mean he should have been allowed to do it. I heard the family is blaming Disney because there was no fence or no "gator" sign. Really? Do you need a sign next to water that says, "this is wet"? I mean this is Florida for flip's sake. I also heard they want to sue as well, let me guess it is not about the money.

-- The Lovely Harvey

17 June 2016

The Voices Said To Stay Home And Clean ALL The Guns

If it shoots 5.56x45mm it got cleaned today.

Not one gun was even filthy.

The cleaning process is kind of a Zen moment.  It's very soothing, really.

The gun might not have needed cleaned, but I needed to clean the gun.

An Equally Stupid Proposal

George Takei, a known dancing monkey, thinks we should ban guns permanently.

For his first amendment right to feel safe while he peaceably assembles.

Tell you what, George, let's just permanently ban homosexuals instead.

If there were no LGBT people, then none could have been killed while peaceably assembled no matter what kind of weapon was employed!
See? Everyone is safer now!

Here's your sign...

George, this is not a LGBT problem.  This is not a gun problem.

This is a religious nut-bag problem.

I notice you don't call for Moslem's 1st Amendment right to murder homosexuals in accordance with their religion be curtailed.

Isn't that odd?

Like you didn't learn civics getting your Theater degrees, huh?


British Minister of Parliment shot and stabbed to death.

In a nation with both knife and gun control.

Gee, that sure worked out, didn't it?


I have a modest proposal.

Seal the damn border.

While we're doing that...

The longest non-immigrant visa you can have is 30 days.


It occurs to me that a gigantic problem with our present way of doing things is we're letting in people who don't want to be Americans, and wish to remain nationals of whatever place they originated from.

While they might be hard-working salt-of-the-earth type, far too often their kids are a real calamity.

Orlando is such a case.  Dad is from Afghanistan, and isn't interested in being an American, just being in America.  Because Dad isn't interested in joining, he didn't instill any Americanism in his son, and look how that turned out.

A decent hunk of the Latino gang problem is recruited from the children of illegals.  They're not American children, they're Mexican (Guatamalan, San Salvadorian, Chilean...) children who happen to be born extranationally in America and have absolutely zero stake in the place they reside.

We simply have to find the will to say "No" to people who don't want to be Americans.

If you want to be a Mexican, you're in luck!  There's this place, a nation if you will, that's called "Mexico" and you'll fit right in!

Wanna be an Afghani?  Same thing!  They even speak your native language!

Wanna be Indian?  There's a call center hiring back home, find it.

Notice my plan also cures the whole importing foreigners to work on the cheap problem we have with tech and amusement parks?

It also solves a problem I noticed a long time ago.  Why on God's Green Earth ® are we educating foreigners in STEM?  You might notice that they go home and start businesses that compete with our domestic ones?  Would it not be better to hoard that education and sell them things they can't make because we're stingy with the knowledge?

Stripper Clips

In an ongoing attempt to go completely broke...

Willard bought some accessories for his carbine.

I'd never even heard of a stripper clip for an M1 carbine!

But wait, you say, an M1 Carbine doesn't have a stripper clip bridge?

The stripper spoon is built into the clip!

Then you slide it onto a magazine...

Then shove the rounds into it...


The spoon is part of the clip and is retained by two little wings on the clip portion.

Pretty darn neat!

M1 vs M4 Carbine.

Ever notice that the M1 isn't actually a carbine?  Carbines were shortened versions of the full sized service rifle, often firing a reduced power version of the service cartridge.  (Yes, I know that definition is incomplete, but go with the joke!)


Took Tabitha to the range because Willard took his M1 Carbine.

That's after just 40 rounds.  It doesn't take much to get the oils smoking.

16 June 2016

I Have A Dream

To be judged by the content of my character, not the contents of my gun safe.

15 June 2016

Wasn't There Didn't Do It

Once again the Fuckweasils in Congress turn to gun control.

I remember 21 years ago when we got the so-called Assault Weapons Ban.

The impetus for that law was crimes I did not commit.

The impetus for a new restriction of gun purchases is likewise because of a crime I did not commit.

My guns weren't in Orlando that fateful day.

I wasn't in Orlando that day.

I did not walk into any kind of bar or club and begin shooting the patrons.

I did not choose any particular club or bar because of the sexual orientation of the patrons.

I am not a member of a religion that requires that I murder anyone for any reason.

Wasn't me, didn't do it.

So stop trying to fucking punish me!

I think the reason for the massacre is obvious and no gun law on earth will stop attacks coming from this particular source.

Happiness Is Power Tools

My happy little work bench just got a little happier!  Thanks Willard!


I decided that I wanted it oriented differently.  The head just sits on the shaft so you can rotate it vs the base any way you'd like.  Just to be safe, I ran some carriage bolts down through the bench to make it more secure. 

Quote Of The Day

"He doesn't have any balls, could he at least man up enough to grow a vagina?"

-- The Lovely Harvey concerning the performance of Gersh Kuntsman firing an AR-15.