08 December 2010

Hey, Andy!

If [semi-auto AK and M16 clones] are, "so difficult to control, their bullets often get sprayed beyond the intended targets, striking innocent victims even when they’re in their own homes."  Then the last group of people who should have them are the police!

The vast majority of cops are mediocre marksmen.  No slam intended, shooting is a teeny part of the whole job; and it shows at the range.  If an AR is really that clumsy and random, then only a real expert should have them.  Like teenagers straight out of high school wearing baggy clothes with bad hair-cuts (like a recruit in basic training).

But wait; the AR is not inaccurate.  The AR is not difficult to shoot.  The AR is not difficult to shoot well.  Spraying beyond the intended target is a shooter problem, not a gun problem.  The .223 round is also not good a penetrating houses, that's why it's a good home defense round, one sheet of drywall tends to stop it. My house has cinder blocks and then drywall for the exterior wall.

The AK is not renowned for its accuracy, but it's accurate enough that it's still a shooter problem.

But the ATF is all about things and rarely about actual criminals.  Do something about the people breaking the laws with these guns and the problem with the guns themselves evaporates.

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