16 March 2011

What thrills me...


I am just so damn happy Ms Brown came all the way from Jolly Ol' to tell us how we should do things.

Ms Brown, the entire fucking point of the noise in the late 1700's was precisely so that we would no longer do what Jolly Ol' did.  We call it "The Revolution".  We set off fireworks on July 4th to commemorate it.  Maybe you've read about it?

Perhaps if the UK had no gun crime, we might consider looking at what y'all had done there.

But the core issue here, for me, is I am utterly fed up with foreigners coming here to tell me how it's gonna be from now on.  I don't like it when Mexicans do it.  I don't like it when Brits do it.  Heck, I don't even like it when people from other STATES and tell me how we should fix Florida.  I am originally from Iowa, I chose to settle here because I liked how Florida was.  People from messed up places like NYFC, New Jersey, Detroit, Philly and Boston who admit they ESCAPED also start yapping about how Florida needs to adopt laws that were part of why their home state is messed up.  I hear that Arizona has the same problem with Californians.

There's a term for moving someplace and changing it to be more like where you came from, colonization.

Our gun "problem" is certainly not a problem that's spilling over onto the shores of England.  The English would have some cause to complain were that the case.  Mexico has some cause to complain about it, because it's my very government causing the problem there.

I hope to get that problem fixed soon, but I am only one man...

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