16 March 2011


My little barrel project has me looking at why I have these parts laying around.

I have the barrel because I wanted a 6.8.  This barrel was in the parts bin because I had replaced it with a different one.  That replacement was panic coupled with cosmetics.  This barrel was giving some mild pressure signs.  A cure was recommended, but I bought a spare barrel just in case the cure failed.  Of course, the cure worked; but I liked the looks of the heavier profile of the new barrel with the 4-rail and such.

The spare 604 upper was bought to get vintage rear sight parts and a correct '68 ejection port cover.  The early slip ring came with this upper; I had to buy a weld ring and snap ring for it.

I am not sure where the barrel nut came from.  It could be from one of the guns I added a free-float tube to.  I just don't remember.

I think I bought the post-ban front sight base and taper pins for my XM177E2 (Sabrina) project.  I think that was a "just in case" I couldn't find a 0.625" at the gas port pencil barrel with a sight already mounted. I think.  I really feel like this was for Sabrina, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why I thought I would need a 0.75" at the gas port no-lug front sight base.

So, I ended up with a bare barrel and an undrilled front sight base...

Parts just BEGGING to be put together.

This is how spare AR parts turn into guns.

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