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06 January 2013


There is not a single round of twenty-two long rifle to be had at any Tampa area Walmart.   Looks like Marv is S.O.L. For testing his new Ruger Mark I I.


  1. Nothing around here either. Lots of 22 Magnum. While I was wallflowering at my LGS yesterday, a guy came in looking for the Tactical 22LR loads his drum fed rifle liked. They said they have no clue when orders will be filled. I believe them, they sounded pretty nervous.

    Sadly, I have more real rifle ammo than 22LR right now.

  2. JD, You might try that farm store just north of Indianola next to Noble Ford. The last time I was in there they had a ton of 22's. Of course that may not be the case now. I'll check with my distributor and see if I can order some. With a gun show coming, I bet I could sell a bunch.


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