11 January 2013


I am old enough to remember when plastic meant garbage.

I am also young enough to know that has not been true for a very long time.

I remember hearing about the Glock 17 for the first time and my response was "cool!" not "heresy!"

Making the frame out of plastic seemed the logical progression.  I'd read about how tool-steel and wood had been replaced with sheet metal and bakelite in World War 2 in some German guns and it seemed to me that as materials advanced so would they be used in firearms.

The M16 is missing a lot of steel compared to its contemporaries.

I find, though, I LIKE steel.  I LIKE leather.  I LIKE wood.  I find I am willing to accept the penalty in weight that my liking brings.  A 1911 with wood stocks in a leather holster just suits me better than a Glock in Kydex.

Not that I don't have a Glock.  I like my Glock.  I have a leather holster for it too (hee hee).

I am full on into advanced materials in my rifle choice.  But I enjoy the old WW2 warhorses more.

The Glock 21 and two magazines is 4 lbs.  An M1911A1 and two magazines is 3.8.

But I get 40 shots from the Glock and just 22 from the 1911.  And it's the same ammo.

Yet I carry the 1911.  It being much narrower makes it easier to conceal and that makes it more comfortable.

I eagerly await someone to finally make a 1911 form factor gun with fully modern design and materials.

Cue cricket...

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