11 January 2013

Another Interesting Tidbit

One place that feudalism does us one better (at least for the landed non-commoner) is that someone is not bound by their parent's oath of fealty.  They had to swear themselves before they were bound vassal.

We, on the other hand, are bound by the agreements our grandparents and parents made.  Involuntarily ceding our sovereignty and liberties before we were born or when we were still children.

It seems akin to being chattel, like a serf.

I've read the documents detailing the debate preceding the passage and ratification of the US Constitution and this was not agreed.

At this point I doubt there will be a reconciliation between what is law and what the constitution says.  If we get anywhere near it again, there will be literal rivers of blood and I doubt most seriously we shall attain the exception twice.

Although, we nearly did in 1865...

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