25 January 2013


I've been observing.

Hate is alive and well.

Unreasoning and irrational hate for the most part.

And it's surprising to find it in some of the circles where it is.

I'm not even talking about traditional hatreds of race or religion.

It's shocking the level of hatred engendered by some over another's liking of a television show.

I am talking about Bronies.

Once again I am confronted with watching someone hate someone else who is not hurting them in any way.  So, why the hate?

I am thinking that because the normal racial and ethnic hatreds are not allowed and are unstylish that those who would hate, hate that which is allowed.

In 1960's south, they'd be hating blacks.
In 1930's Germany, they'd be hating Jews.

Today, they're hating Bronies.

It's a cancer on their souls and it's all about them and very little to do with the Brony.

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