15 January 2013

Join The NRA

As I told the solicitor on the phone in late 1997, when they called every three weeks hitting me up for money.

Stop calling.

When you repeal The Brady Act I will join back up.

You took my money to get people elected who would support my gun rights.  In 1996 there was a solid majority in both houses of Congress.

Cue crickets.

[whiny voice] But Clinton would have just vetoed anything we passed![/whiny voice]

So what, that puts it on his ass, firmly.

You fuckers have never understood the value of making the other guy own it.  You let Clinton have the plausible avenue of, "well congress never sent me anything so the voters must agree."

Make the other guy own it.

And I wait.  Still.

Want me to join short of that repeal?  Kick moderate Wayne to the curb.

Put someone to the right of Ted Nugent in there (except without the crazy uncle thing).


  1. "To the right of"?

    No thank you. If I wanted a gun rights organization that got messed up in all that left/right stuff like the queers and the 'bortion, I'd send more money to the GOA.

    Umbrella organizations tend to do equally poorly on everything. I'd rather have a gun rights organization that did really good on gun rights and a, say, internet First Amendment issues organization that did really good on internet First Amendment issues. (Even if it led to the occasional irony of my contribution dollars supporting opposing candidates.)

  2. Oh, drunk and angry hyperbole is not very good at making point.

    Don't let friends drink and blog.

    1. I've donated to SAF and Florida Carry of late. They seem to actually get the job done.

      As to other rights groups I don't want to donate to support or suppress religion. GOA and ACLU don't get money.


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