14 January 2013


I don't want to kill you.

You don't want to die.

I don't want to die either.

But if I kill you, I will die.

I have to.

The option to let the courts figure it out has been removed with the addition of indefinite internment.

That you are here means that there's no 2nd, 4th, 5th or 6th amendment protection.

But it's all about numbers.

Including the military there's about 4 million of you.

There's about 80 million of us.


The mythical three percent is still 2.4 million.  Just 1: 1.66667.

If just the threepers fight back they only have to take two of you with them to win completely.

There's another percentage I'd like to give you.  40%.  That's when you become combat ineffective.  When you've taken 1.6 million casualties you are out of the fight.  The numbers are back to 1.5:1

We don't go combat ineffective because we're fighting against eradication.

What if more than 3% fight back?  Parity is very likely once resistance to the arrests begin.  With a 1:1 exchange we win.

It gets worse for you.

The numbers favor the defender.  Better than parity is likely.  Don't forget, nobody at Waco thought a massacre was even a possibility.  Those were people who had stopped fighting.  The first day is a better example of how it can go for you.  1.2:1  Not even good enough to win agains the threepers.

And we just need one out of every 20 arrests to result in a fatality to make no more of you and we win.

And that assumes you all join in the effort.  That some (many?) of you aren't really part of us.

What happens if one of you is really one of us and pretends he's still one of you?  What if he spies?  What if that creates a situation where it's a lot better than parity for us?

It's all numbers and not many of us need to resist to win.

Still, WE don't want to die.  There's still time.  We need the thin lines to start talking back up their chains of command to explain the bloodbath that's likely to result from this.  Especially tell your union leadership (if any).

If we don't die, we both win.

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