18 January 2013

Rant Chorus

Rev JD preaches.

I'm in the choir.

If we really do have a real conversation and do a full review of all the laws.

A small addendum I want to see added to the NFA.

Only firearms in their present form which violate the rules are grounds for violation.

Chuck the readily convertible.  Chuck the requirement that we silver solder on flash-hiders.

Count something screwed onto the end of the barrel as part of the barrel because it's increasing the actual length.

If it doesn't go bang more than once per pull, then it doesn't matter that there's a hole drilled right above the selector.  Or that there's a little tongue on the disconnector or a little hook on the hammer...

Or that there's a second sear on an FAL... (or a place to put it cut into the receiver.)

Let's talk about why licenses from the numerous states aren't given full faith and credit when talking about firearms.

Let's talk about how Federal laws trump local and state for everything but NFA items...

1 comment:

  1. Silencers off the NFA list. They are a needful accessory and a boon shooters in all states as urban/suburban development encroaches outdoor shooting ranges and traditional (public forests) shooting areas.


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