06 January 2013

Shooty Sunday

Marv did not fire a Ruger Standard Mk 2 today.

The pistol he bought turns out to be a 1968 vintage Mark 1!

And we forgot to take a picture...

I had two plus bricks hiding at the bottom of an ammo can, so we did get to go shooting.

I don't shoot much .22 because I only have the one gun.  A Remington 341A.

Geraldine still shoots quite well.  Not bad for someone born in 1938, huh?

25 yards, off hand, standing.

While there I was tempted by a Ruger Mk1 on consignment.  Almost literally for a song.  I sold a SIG to Marv for the funding.  Because it's on consignment, the dealer has to wait two weeks for "pawn" clearance to end before it can be released to me.  It's a real nice 1957 model and shoots pretty damn good.  Even came with a spare magazine, which was marked $3.00 on the end of the original Ruger box.  Talk about vintage!

All in all I'm pretty happy with how things worked out.  The P232 was bought to be a daily carry gun that's been replaced by a P238.  It's been languishing in the safe ever since.  Marv likes that size .380 and really liked the 232 over his Bersa, so...

Horse trading is a blast and a major part of the enjoyment I get from both guns and cars as a hobby.

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