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13 January 2013

Shut Up RINO

MISTER Powell.

That's all the honorific you're going to get from me you ass kissing prick.

You are deluded.

I don't want to pay higher taxes because I think the money will be wasted.  Not because I am racist.

Edit: I also don't want to pay higher taxes because far too many "citizens" in this country pay zero to negative taxes in addition to receiving subsidies.

But, please, keep punishing me like I am a racist.  When the race war you and people like you are trying so hard to foment finally does start I will not have single pang of guilt about what will have to be done.

What have I to lose by actually becoming a racist?

Well, other than my self respect, which is something you're completely unfamiliar with, aren't you Mr Powell?

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