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20 January 2013

Sunday Gunday

It's a 1957 Ruger Standard, also known as the Mark I.

The stocks are genuine plastic, Franzite brand.  I'd never heard of the brand, but they fit well and feel good.  With a spare magazine that came in that original box.

Check the price on the box!

I get the impression that the previous owner was the original owner and he bought the magazine with the gun.  Brand new in 1957 a Ruger Standard was $37.50.  Wow.

It's a fine shooter and was utterly clogged with gunk and still functioned.  Cleaned up now!

A .22 pistol is on my list of "guns everyone should own one of".  I made that list decades ago when I first started shooting and I only just now got around to buying one.

Other items on that list.

Pump shotgun.
Scoped bolt action centerfire rifle.
Rimfire rifle.
Semi-auto rifle with a detachable magazine in a military caliber.
Service sized pistol.

That's the minimum.  I note that I still don't have a scoped bolt-gun.  I keep getting distracted.


  1. Nice Gun.

    The Rugers have nicer triggers, but i still enjoy the Buckmark.

    Often times the only items I take to shoot are a pair of .22 pistols, several steel plates and a brick of ammo.

  2. I've been eyeing .22 pistols for several years now and despairing at the prices.

    I was oscillating between a 22/45 or a Buckmark and favoring the Buckmark with the 1/2-28 threaded muzzle when I stumbled across this one.

    $200 plus taxes and fees on consignment. I figured, since Florida is God's waiting room, that it was found in someone's dad's dresser drawer and the out-of-state children put it up for sale just to avoid the headache.

    With a 15% consignment fee, it's sad to think the owner let it go for $170.

  3. Yeah, treat it well; the original owner would appreciate that.

    I have a threaded 22/45 and a stainless Buck. Like I said, Ruger has a better trigger, but my Buck has some really fine factory grips. Feels excellent in my hands.

    You can shoot all day and spend $20, so it will pay for itself quickly. Plus I really like the option of using steel plates. I'm iffy about pistol shooting with centerfire on steel. .22 doesn't scare me though. When I have been close (10 yards) shooting rapid fire, I've occasionally had a tiny sliver of lead land on my arm, but nothing at greater distances.


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