14 January 2013

Wal Mart

What if Wal Mart stops carrying guns?

So what?

I don't buy guns there and only rarely ammo.

I don't think of buying guns at department stores normally, like K-Mart and Sears, though they used to carry firearms.

I've always preferred to support the little local gun shop over the gigantic national chain where I could.  Where I can't, I trend towards the internet places like Brownells and Midway.

Be honest, has Wal Mart carried a gun you wanted to buy recently or has their rack been mostly populated with the bottomest of bottom end guns?  Did you notice that where it's not the entry level cheapo there's no price saving over the local shop too?

I hope they stand up to the government, but I don't expect their exiting the market to affect things much.

The local gun shop will be more than happy to pick up the slack and they generally offer better customer service as well.


  1. You know I used to work at a Wal-Mart. About the only gun-related thing I'd buy there would be generic supplies. Their "associates" often know little-to-nothing about what they're selling, and they're assigned to sections of the store on an as-needed basis, not on the basis of what they know (except for the auto-repair department.)

  2. Well if the ppl I see in the wallmarts around here are like the rest of the country, they shouldn't even sell butter knifes.......

  3. Yep, its a non-issue for me. I once went into a Dick's Sporting Goods to buy some ammo for a range trip. I waited at the gun counter for 20 minuets to be severed, and nobody showed up.

    So I drove up the street to a smaller sporting goods store and bought my ammo there. Still this was a sporting store, not a gun shop. Prices and selection at gun shops is even better in most cases.

  4. They serve a valuable role in the ecosystem as a source of 100rd bulk packs of WWB at stupid cheap prices and no shipping.


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