08 January 2013

Who Won The Game

I don't fucking care.

As far as I am concerned it only matters to mouth breathing idiots.

I can see football as something that might be entertaining.

What's ruined football as entertainment for me is the fucking fans.

Did I see the game last night?  No, I didn't.  You can stop with the play by play recap, I CHOSE to not see the game.

blink blink

Stop telling me about the game.  I did not see it because I didn't want to and don't care one way or the other who won.  The constant chatter about the sport du jour when I know that we have something in common to talk about pisses me off.

I don't watch:

Football (except for the Super Bowl and then only for the commercials which have been going downhill for a while)
Hockey (despite playing in High School)
THE ENTIRE OLYMPICS (even the shooting portion if it's even televised)

I just do not care about sports.  I never really have and I never will.

I am a fan of motorsports but I don't go out of my way to watch it or plan around when it's scheduled.

I've decided to start talking about something that I know they don't care about but that I know down to minutiae.  Like the graduation of airspeed indicators in WW2 fighter aircraft and is using knots superior to using miles per hour...


  1. Hot damn. I know what you mean about these mouth breathing sports fans. We have several at work. Every night if there is a game on, they have it on the radio. I just tune them out. Like you, I just don't care. I think money is what ruined football. All of their special rules so the overpaid primadonnas don't get hurt.

    I do watch a little baseball. The tigers were in the world series and watching or listening to them brings back a lot of memories of Sundays, under the big oak out in the yard with my Dad. And the occasional NASCAR race.

    Other than that, yep, I could give a fuck.

  2. You might be on to something. Maybe I should start talking ballistics, bullet drom and minute of angle at work. Might be fun.


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